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"A woman holds so much power within herself that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little guidance, a little support, a nudge in the right direction." -Ruth Skyy

Offered Readings for...
The Divine Feminine Goddess

Before booking your reading...   Read the Terms and Conditions

Hot Mess To Spiritual Goddess Tarotpy Session $180

In this Spiritual Tarotpy Counseling Session, we will dive deep into your past to heal anything that is preventing you from living your best life. I will use tarot and astrology to help you identify and release blocks surrounding money, love, and peace. We will do an energy reading to determine your core and temporary vibration. We will then look into your shadow, tap into your inner child, and do energy healing work based on what we discover.

This session is done via ZOOM. 

"Check My Vibe" Energy Reading (30 Min) $115

Curious to know what your vibration is? As we all know, your vibration determines what you attract into your life. This energy check reading will help you determine if your vibration is low or high. I will also give you recommendations based on the reading to help you get into alignment with what you are trying to manifest.  NO PERSONAL QUESTIONS! Select "Ask Personal Questions" Add On when booking reading.

Ancestor Reading and Mediumship Session (60 Min) $220

This reading will help you discover more about your ancestors and also any ancestral karma, trauma, and curses that may be affecting your life. I will use astrology, tarot, and mediumship to help you connect to your ancestors. I will also give you a plan on how to heal any ancestral patterns that may be keeping you stuck and blocked. This session is done via ZOOM. 


Messages From Your Shadow (45 Min) $180

Are triggers controlling your life? Do you feel stuck but do not know why? this reading is designed to identify what is trying to come to the surface to be released. I will use tarot and astrology to help you identify your triggers, as well as give you work to do to release and heal these triggers. Please know that you may be triggered by this reading! This session is done via ZOOM.


Astrology Natal Chart Reading (60 Min) $180

Get help understanding the blueprint of your souls course in this lifetime with an in depth Natal Chart Reading! Explore your karmic lessons and gifts that lie deep within you. See what career is best suited for you, what type of partner you attract, your money making potential and so much more!

This session is done via ZOOM. Recording available at additional price. See "Add Ons" at checkout. 

Astrology Solar Return Reading (60 min) $130

Your solar return chart changes every year of birth to highlight the upcoming energies, themes, and events you will be experiencing that year. Curious to see if you will meet that special someone? Will there be any new career opportunities being offered? Book this reading to get some insight. 

This session is done via ZOOM. 

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