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Venus Retrograde 101: What To Expect and What To Avoid

As you may know after seeing the title of this post, Mercury is not the only planet that goes retrograde. Venus, the planet of love, money, and what we view as valuable,,, goes retrograde every 18 months for approximately 42 days. When Venus goes retrograde, all the things associated with Venus comes up to be reviewed. This includes past relationships that ended abruptly or without any closure.

During this time you will be called to face the shadows of your heart, and confront any poor habits you have surrounding money. Many people get nervous when the planet of love starts her retrograde motion because she tends to put relationships to the test.

Relationships Put To The Test

Try not to be fearful of your partner just up and leaving you out the blue or the relationship ending abruptly. This most likely will not happen. If it does, it will not be a surprise. Relationships that end during this time are usually relationships that have been on rocky foundations for a while. I always advise my clients to never make major decisions such as ending a long term relationship during a retrograde.

For those in relationships that are pretty solid, you can expect there to be a renewal in the relationship. Things may come up that feel like a disagreement, but instead of getting irate, take this time to talk through issues maturely and respectfully. This will bring healing and closeness that will last long after Venus retrograde is over.

Do Not Ignore The Red Flag

Well, that is if you even notice the red flags. If you are single and you meet someone new, tread lightly. Do not get caught up emotionally. You may be blind to the faults of others, making it very easy to miss the red flags. My advice during this time is to make sure everyone that enters your life is in alignment with your values. If they are not, do not entertain them. Also if a connection or person feels off, it usually is. Do not waste your energy.

Return Of The Exes

Just like with mercury retrograde, Venus will bring back people from your past. These are people who pulled at your heartstrings and who you had an emotional connection with at some point in time. You may have never got closure or got over this person, or vice versa.

This can also be a situation where timing played a major part in the two of you not being able to make things work. There could now be a sense of "better timing" surrounding the connection.

My advice is to not jump heart first into anything. If a toxic ex comes back around. Have a conversation for closure but keep it moving. If the relationship was toxic then it will probably be toxic now. If the person returning is someone who you had a strong positive connection with but the timing was just not right, take your time with it, Do not rush into anything, sex or a relationship. Talk, date, but wait until Venus goes direct before making any drastic moves or decisions.

Resolve Past Money Issues

If there have been some bills or debts that you have been avoiding, Venus may force you to look at them while she is in retrograde. You may receive an offer to settle a debt at a lower amount. If you can, do it. For some, this may come up in a more forceful and aggressive way.

This is a time to really take your finances seriously. Create a budget. Catch up on past due bills. Overall, make good sound financial decisions and resolve issues related to bad financial decisions done in the past. Check out How To Manifest Money on ways to attract more money into your life.

Do Not Over Spend

Yes, this is the retrograde that can potentially break the bank. Venus loves nice things, and during the retrograde, you may be more inclined to spend money that you really do not have on things that you really do not need. Try to be as practical and responsible as you can. Ask yourself, "Do I really need this?". Stop and think before making a purchase that is risky and may set you back financially.

Review Or Establish Your Values

Values are a set of standards that one lives their life by. It is the deciding factor when making any decision, entering into any relationship, taking any job, or making any major life changes. Venus energy is about what we value in our life, as well as the values we live our life by. What values do you have?

This retrograde, take some time to establish your top 5 values. If you already have values that you center your life around, review how you are living up to these values. We can not expect others to live up to something we are not living up to ourselves.

These are my tips on how to handle venus retrograde like the goddess you are. Remember, never be fearful. You are in control.

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