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The Capricorn Woman: The Classy and Bossed Up Goddess

CAPRICORN: Dec 21 - Jan 19

SYMBOL: Sea-Goat

PLANET: Saturn


PHRASE: “I use”

DESCRIPTION: Patience and Ambitions

Keywords For The EVOLVED Capricorn Woman: Practical, Traditional, Old Soul, Wise Beyond Her Years, Tough On The Outside, Delicate On The Inside, Go-Getter, Strong and Dignified, Reliable, Creature of Habit, Legacy Builder, Ambitious, Loyal, Loner, Patient, Structured and Stable, Poised, Respected, Honorable, Successful, Boss, Goddess

In Her Power

The Capricorn woman who is evolved and in her power is a powerful force indeed. She is the wise soul who has learned a lot from the harsh realities she has faced. Instead of her letting her past traumas and hurts turn her bitter and cold, she uses these experiences to navigate life from a more grounded space, helping her to spot "BS" and stay focused on what is truly important.

This woman is the responsible, goal oriented, and ambitious goddess who knows how to secure the bag. She has a work ethic that is undeniable and many times brings her recognition and accolades. The Capricorn woman is the ultimate girl boss. Running her own business or the CEO of a major corporation. She worked hard for everything she has achieved and will make sure that you know it. With her ruling planet being Saturn, she knows how to set goals, plan out her future, and stay the course until her dreams and aspirations become a reality. This in return creates the structure, stability, and status that she desires but also needs. For many Capricorn women their drive comes from the lack of security and stability in their childhood or from the desire to prove their worth to the family from which they were born, particularly a father figure.

The Capricorn woman has a quiet power and strength to her that is felt without her having to say too much. The way she walks, talks, and carries herself makes those who come in contact with her respect her. Usually a loner, she keeps to herself and stays out of the drama. She does not come off of her throne to stoop down to the level of gossiping or partaking in activities she feels is a waste of time and will not bring any value or money her way.

She is very practical and realistic and likes to deal with facts. She will need to see the proof of the return in the thing or person she invests her time and energy into. If she doesn’t feel the return of her investment (time and energy) is paying off or benefiting her, she will cut it off and keep it moving. She will not associate with people who view as liabilities, but will be loyal to those who she deems are an asset to her and she will also be an asset to them.

In Love

"A Capricorn woman in love will love you until the end. She is very observant and will spot your bullsh** from a mile away. Very seducing and captivating without trying and usually gets what she wants out of her partner."

In love the evolved Capricorn woman is very loyal. Her dream is to find a partner who is just as ambitious as she is and become a power couple. Starting businesses that will bring generational wealth and leave a legacy. She is very supportive of her partner and is an asset to any man who is a prominent figure in his community or company. Even though she is supportive, she must see that her partner is worthy of her support as well as her energy and time. One thing a Capricorn hates is for their time to be wasted. In partnership, this woman is also very traditional and will want her man to be a MAN. He must provide, be respectful, and know how to lead his family.

As A Parent

These women may have children later in life due to them focusing on their career in their earlier years. If she does have children at a younger age, her children will be her driving force and motivation. Usually this woman will have at least one hard pregnancy, delivery, or hard time conceiving. She is the parent that establishes rules and structure early on and teaches her children valuable lessons in life that will stick with them over the years. She will usually always lead by example and show her children the meaning of hard work by her actions. Her children are usually viewed as well kept and well put together, with a high level of confidence that she embedded in them.

Affirmation For The Capricorn Woman:

“I am a graceful, classy, and powerful woman. The way I walk, talk, move and dress is a direct reflection of the woman that I am. When I walk into a room people pay attention because I exude confidence and a strong sense of self worth that demands respect.”


Women born with strong Capricorn energy are just as conservative in her style as she is in her relationships. She loves a good fly pant suit rocked with heels as high as her standards. Very classy and clean looks paired with earthy tones that emulate her grounded nature. You may also see her rocking black often, and tailored pieces or blazers are staples in her wardrobe. Manicured nails topped with white polish is often her go to. These women dress in a way that demands respect.

Life Path

Even though most Capricorn women share similar traits, Not all Capricorn women are the same. The life path and add certain traits and characteristics to the overall energy of this woman. To find the life path, add all the numbers in the birth date together to get the life path number.

For example, a person born on 12/21/1985:

1+2+2+1+1+9+8+6= 30

Next reduce to single digit


This person will be a life path number 3

Capricorn woman with a 1 life path is aggressive about finding her place in life. Very ambitious, direct, and a leader. She wants to be in first place in everything and will not play second best to anything or anyone.

Capricorn woman with a 2 life path is sensitive and nurturing. She is motherly and loves to bridge others together and create unity. Her goals are more centered around success and achievement in order to take care of her family and the people she cares about. She may start a non profit to help a cause she is passionate about.

Capricorn woman with a 3 life path is very creative and energetic. She is authentic and resourceful. She may be a little scattered due to getting bored very easier. She may find it hard to communicate in her earlier years due to shyness or not knowing the right words to say, As she gets older her words are very effective and her communication skills can open doors to success. These women are very good motivational speakers and great writers. ‘

Capricorn woman with a 4 life path are very practical hard workers. They can be workaholics and are constantly striving to move up the ladder of success. They fear loss of stability which causes them to work very hard. It is very hard to outwork this woman so good luck trying.

Capricorn woman with a 5 life path usually find stability later in life due to sudden and unexpected changes in their earlier lives. They may be prone to escapist tendencies and should avoid falling into destructive habits such as over eating, drugs, and alcohol. These women are telepathic and can usually pick up on the thoughts of others. They are very diverse and usually have friends that are unique and from various backgrounds. They do well in sales and should travel often.

Capricorn woman with the 6 life path will be very identified with the material world and material gain. She strives for the perfect partner, the fanciest car, and the biggest house. She is the socialite who loves to throw events and surround herself with beautiful things and people. This woman is very community oriented. She is the woman on social media who announces her achievements but who is also comparing herself to others and their accomplishments.

Capricorn woman with the 7 life path is the truth seeker. She is the observer who is constantly looking for the deeper meaning of things. Far from superficial, she is deep in thought and is usually grounded in her religion or spirituality.

Capricorn woman with the 8 life path is the ultimate leader and CEO. She is the student for life and is constantly adding value to herself through education. She is a multiple degree holder. She is a delegator and overseer who likes to have power and control over others. She may be a police chief, judge, or lawyer.

Capricorn woman with the 9 life path is the chameleon who does not like to rock the boat. She is the selfless humanitarian and philanthropist. She will be the ultimate giver. Donating her time and money to charities. You will find this woman active in her community. She is constantly rediscovering herself, especially after relationships in her life have ended.


Certain crystals resonate very well with the Capricorn energy. Carrying these crystals or wearing them will keep you connected and grounded in the Capricorn energy.


Garnet Fully Supports the Capricorn energy. It promotes loyalty and helps you to stay committed to your goals.


Fluorite is a great crystal for cleansing and protection. With Capricorn the zodiac sign that ends a yearly cycle, using this crystal during Capricorn season can help you release all that no longer serves you before beginning the new year. This crystal also promotes healing.

Red Tigers Eye

Red Tigers Eye amplifies the energy of the Capricorn woman. Giving her vitality, confidence, and helping her to stand in her power. Use this crystal when you are feeling down and pessimistic, or when you just need a boost in confidence.


Malachite is the perfect crystal to use when setting intentions and goal planning. This crystal will aid the goal oriented Capricorn woman in bringing her vision into reality.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz keeps the earthy Capricorn grounded and rooted. It is the perfect crystal to use when you are feeling depressed, anxious, or overthinking.

Celebrity Capricorn Women

Michelle Obama, Betty White, Mary J Blige, Dolly Parton, Aaliyah, Issa Rae, Kate Moss, Zooey Deschanel

Self Development For The Capricorn Woman

Attributes To Develop

  • Self-Control

  • "Adulting"

  • Self-Respect

  • Staying Goal Oriented

  • Sensible Approaches To Problem Solving

  • Keeping Commitments and Promises

  • Letting Go Of The Past

  • Self-Care

  • Accepting Responsibilty For Success and Failures

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