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by ruth skyy

The BIG Controversy: The Bible, Religion, and Spirituality

The bible is a very magical tool. There are a lot of gems and knowledge to be absorbed and applied,and I strongly believe that everyone should read this book at least once in their lifetime. Everything was created with intention, and nothing has meaning but the meaning we give it. With that being said, even though the bible is known to be a book of religious text, that is not how it is viewed by everyone. Those who are not religious, as well as those in the spiritual community also hold the bible in high regard.

Religion vs Spirituality

If you are reading this then at one point in your life you may have heard someone say, "I'm not religious, I am spiritual." You may have even been the one to utter these words to people trying to explain how you connect to the creator of all things. But what exactly does these words actually mean?


Religion is much like an organization. It is something people join to fellowship, connect, and to hear the interpretation of the word of God spoken to them through a third party. Like everything, this has its pros and cons. As we all know some churches do not operate with the most integrity, and there are many rules that come along with attending and joining. Much like an organization. This is why many have left the church and are turning to spirituality. However, above all, the biggest disadvantage of being apart of this organization is that people, some who have never completed 25% of the bible, sit and listen to someone else's interpretation of what was written.

This is the BIGGEST disservice. The bible is such a POWERFUL book that as you read, you receive messages designed just for you. Your interpretation of what a specific verse reads, can mean something so much more when you read it yourself and meditate on it. It is also one of the main ways to open your third eye and enhance your intuition. I always say religion is not bad, it just is not for everyone. I say the same for spirituality. What I will suggest though, is that if you are a church goer, hear the sermon that is preached but always revisit it on your own to see what messages spirit has for you directly.


The biggest misconception people have towards those who are spiritual is that spiritual people do not believe in God. Truth is, most spiritual people believe and have a very strong relationship with God. You may have heard me use the phrase "spiritually plugged in". This phrase refers to when someone is connected to source (God) so strongly that they are guided daily by his knowledge, which comes to them by way of their intuition or through meditation. The difference between religion and spirituality is, those who are spiritual know that they have a direct line to God. They know that to be connected to God they must go within.

"Be still and know that I am God."

There is a well known bible verse which reads, "Be still and know that I am God." When we break this simple yet oh so deep verse down, we are being told to be still (meditate) and go within. Anyone who has transcended past the first stage of meditation knows that after consistently meditating you will see and hear images and voices clearly. Know that that is God. When you are still and silent, you can also hear your intuition very clearly. Know that that is God. Those gut feelings you get when something seems off. Know that that is God. God is within you and always around you. You just have to tune in and not be distracted to here, see, and feel him.

Just like with religion there are pros and cons to spirituality.When a person develops their spiritual gifts by staying consistent with spiritual practices they become very knowledgeable and powerful. They can use this knowledge to create or destroy. To heal or to harm. This is where you hear the terms black magick and white magick. Society focuses a lot on black magic which is bad, but there is so much good being done with white magic that often gets overlooked.

Spiritual people use tools to help them connect stronger to God, the angels, and spirits. Some of these tools are, tarot cards, runes, astrology, the bible, the Quran, crystals, meditation, and yoga. These tools are available to help anyone connect with God and their higher self, but for generations many have been led to believe that these tools are evil. This dates back to the days of the Emperor Constantine. Who forbid tools of divination to be used to limit the amount of people who received messages straight from source. This made people turn to religion to get the knowledge that they could have received on their own with the proper tools. Constantine was also responsible for removing the Gospel of Thomas from the bible which talks about the law of attraction. This Gospel has been a staple in the spiritiual community and has been rewritten, renamed and titled "The Secret". Constantine did this to get power for himself and also the Catholic church. His actions shaped and birthed the society we live in now.

Before Constantine's time, ancient civilizations were directly connected to God and in touch with their own divine power. Ancient Egypt, the Samarians, the Annunaki, and so many more that came before us. Today, things are shifting and people are starting to awaken to this energy. Many are turning to spirituality and leaving religion behind. There has been more talk than ever on meditation. Yoga is becoming the new hottest thing. Everywhere you turn people are wearing crystals and saying Namaste. Psychics, tarot readers, and astrologers are healing and guiding so many to the light. Things are not becoming as taboo as they were before, and people like you are learning how to stand in their power and stay spiritually plugged in to God and their inner Goddess.

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