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Taurus Season: How To Use The Energy To Manifest Your Desires

When the sun transits a sign, it shines its light brings into focus all the things relevant to that sign. Being in alignment with the cosmic energy, allows you to manifest more abundantly and successfully. As women, following the cycles of the moon is powerful when it comes to setting our intentions and manifesting, but everything is about balance. Being in alignment with the solar energy of the sun and intentionally taking actions and setting goals in flow with the sign the sun is transiting helps us to continually progress forward with little to no obstacle. So let me offer this powerful manifesting tip. Intentionally plan your life and work your magic around the astrological energies. As they say…. “As above, so below”.

All About Taurus Energy

Taurus is one of the signs ruled by Venus, the planet of love, sensuality, and money. All three are common themes of Taurus. Looking deeper, Taurus is also about what and who we value, how we like to be loved, our capacity for patience, and how firm the foundations are that we have in life. It is the sign of stability and security, and since Taurus is an earth sign, it is about the stability and security we have created for ourselves financially. So let's look at how we can best use the energy of Taurus during the 28 days the sun will be transiting the sign of the bull.

Get Bullheaded

In astrology, Taurus is known as a fixed sign. With it also being the sign of the bull, Taurus' energy can be quite stubborn. When the sun is in Taurus I encourage you to get a little stubborn. Especially when it comes to your time and money. Both are valuable resources. Time is an energy that we never get back, and time is money. Get bullheaded about spending your time on those things that provide value to you. Say no to any demands of your time that provide little to no investment, pleasure, or monetary gain.

Manage Your Coins

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Being the earth sign that is about the money we earn and how we spend it, Taurus season is the perfect time to create a budget and start following it. Taurus wants us to buy nice things yes, but it also wants us to make sure we do not go broke doing so. Getting your financial house in order by making sure all bills are paid, and that the four financial pillars that provide security and stability (shelter, food, transportation, and utilities) are taken care of is a must.

If you have been thinking about dipping into stocks or mutual funds, Taurus season is the perfect time to do so. Since Taurus is all about slow progress, looking into conservative investing during this time is highly recommended.

Money Intentions and Rituals

Setting intentions surrounding finances and material items you wish to acquire will be highly beneficial at this time. Many people set intentions and create wishlists during the new moon, and the new moon in Taurus is no different. Setting intentions is great and I highly recommend doing so, however, faith without works is dead! Setting your intention and having faith that it will manifest is not enough. You must take action. Doing a ritual is one way to take action and get the energy moving in the direction of your desire. During Taurus season, setting the intention to manifest $5,000, then following up with a Spiritual Money Bath restating the same intention, is a perfect way to set your manifestation up for success.

Tap Into Your Sensuality

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Taurus rules sensuality. It is the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Another major part of manifesting is feeling. When you are tapped into your sensual side, you feel good and therefore are in a higher vibrational state. If you do nothing else during Taurus season do yourself a favor and really make an effort to focus on all things sensual, by regularly tapping into your five senses. Listen to good music, eat a good meal, wear some lingerie, have good sex, anything that makes you feel good and alive. As a woman, your sensuality is one of your superpowers, but I will discuss that in a later post.

Slow and Steady

Anything planted in the earth or in soil takes time to grow. This is true for the earthy sign of Taurus. Taurus energy is all about taking things slow and walking forward cautiously with one foot in front of the other. This season, do not take risks and do not jump without a safety net. You benefit the most with slow, thought out, and steady movement forward. Two questions to ask yourself before taking on a project or making any major moves in a new direction are, “Will doing this compromise my current security and stability?” If the answer is yes, wait for better timing.

Practice Self Care

Self Love is the best love. What do you do for the people you love? You care for them. During Taurus season pour all the love you have into yourself. Do something for you every day. Even if it is just eating your favorite candy bar, watching your favorite show, or taking a Self Love Bath. Use this time to get in the habit of loving on yourself and making yourself feel loved and cared for.

Get A Routine

If you are trying to become a woman who lives life intentionally, having routines in your life is a must. It helps you stay in alignment, focused, and productive. When you have routines you follow your energy is less scattered. Scattered energy is confused energy, and can create major blocks when it comes to trying to manifest all of your desires. Start by creating at least one routine during Taurus season. Once you have been consistent with that one, create more to help you stay in flow and watch life become a lot more manageable.

Okay goddess, now it is on you. Use these seven tips over the next few weeks to help you manifest during this Taurus season, and watch how things just seem to flow. Let me know how it goes!

Happy Manifesting!

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