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Goddess Nightime Spiritual Shower Routine To Keep Your Energy In Check

Everyone who knows me, and if you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I LOVE a good spiritual bath. I take a spiritual bath regularly, but not every day. That is when the spiritual shower comes in. Due to me working with many people as a healer and reader, it is a must for me to cleanse regularly so that my vibration stays high and the blessings keep manifesting.

In this post, I am going to share my go-to, highly effective shower routine that I take every night to keep my energy in check. The intention of this shower is to clean your physical body and auric field of all the energies you have accumulated during the day. This includes all energy that does not serve you, negative energy, and the energy of others you have communicated with and have come into contact with.

Who Is It For?

This routine can be done by anyone. I highly highly recommend that those who are empaths, healers, readers, and spiritualists do this routine every night in addition to a spiritual bath at least twice a month with the full moon being one of those days. I talk all about spiritual baths in my post, Spiritual Bath for the Divine Feminine Goddess: What Are They and Why You Need One

The Shower Routine

This is a very thorough shower ritual that requires visualization and strong intentions. I guarantee after you finish this shower for the first time, you will be vibrating so high and you will be addicted to how it makes you feel.

What you will need:

  • A sea salt scrub (I make my own using all-natural sea salt, grapeseed oil, and a little florida water)

  • An unscented body wash (I use CeraVe)

  • A rose scented or jasmine scented body wash (this sweetens you up after your cleanse. I use JASON Rosewater Invigorating Body Wash or Method Body Wash Pure Peace)

  • Loofah or I prefer an African Sponge <--- thank me later ;)

  • Incense (Myrrh, Dragonsblood, or Patchouli)

  • Sage or Palo Santo

Shower Process

- First, light your incense and have it burning in your bathroom as you shower

When you step into the shower allow the water to hit you and set the intention:

“I set the intention that as I shower I am cleansing my body and my auric field of all negativity from myself and from others. I am cleansing myself of all energies that are not my own. I am cleansing myself of all energies of gossip, slander, and words of ill intent that were generated from myself or sent intentionally or unintentionally from others...known and unknown. And so it is!”

- Next, you want to stand away from the water so that is is not hitting your body. Use your hands and apply the sea salt scrub on your body in counter-clockwise circular motions. Set the intention:

“I set the intention that this sea salt scrub is loosening up all the dirt and negativity from my physical body and is purifying my auric field.”

Close your eyes and visualize the dirt and negativity lifting and loosening up. Open your eyes and rinse off the scrub while watching the water go down the drain.

- Next, you want to get your loofah and your unscented body wash. Wash your body while saying the intention:

“I set the intention for this body wash to cleanse away all of the remaining dirt, negativity, and energy that is not my own off of my body."

Keep repeating this with your eyes close all while visualizing the dirt leaving your body and going down the drain. Continue to do this until you intuitively or through visualization see that your body and aura is cleansed thoroughly.

- Next, step away from the water and take your rose body wash in your hands. Slowly apply the body wash all over your body with your hands setting the intention:

“I set the intention that this rose body wash is helping me to attract love, money, happiness, and peace as I sleep.”

Really feel the body wash going on your skin and smell the fragrance. This is you tapping into your sensuality.

- Then, Rinse off the rose body wash while saying three things you are grateful for that happened that day. Start each with, “I am so happy and so grateful…”

- Lastly, when you exit the shower, dry off, or air dry. Sage your auric field while saying:

“I set the intention for this sage to cleanse my auric field of all negativity from myself and from others.”

Follow up by moisturizing per usual. I also like to drink my Rose and Hibiscus Attraction Glamour Tea every night after my shower.

So there it is! The go-to nighttime shower routine that helps me stay in alignment by keeping my energy and vibration high. Let me know how you felt afterward!

Check out my Goddess Toolkit to see other things I use to keep my energy aligned and vibrating high :)

Until Next time...

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