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Spiritual Cleansing Bath To Protect Your Aura

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A spiritual bath is the perfect way to push the reset button when you feel you need cleansing and clarity. Whether it is every week or every month, incorporate spiritual bathing in your life as a way of clearing and balancing your energy field. The benefits also include raising your energy vibration which in return allows you to manifest your desires easily and effortlessly.

Below is a cleansing and protection spiritual bath that I use often to cleanse my aura of all negativity and murky energy. This bath is simple yet highly effective. As with all spiritual baths, your physical body should be cleansed before entering the tub. Therefore showering before is highly recommended. If you will would like more information on what a spiritual bath is and why it is beneficial, check out Spiritual Baths for the Divine Feminine Goddess: What Are They And Why You Need One.

Best Times To Perform Bath:

  • On a Sunday

  • During the Full Moon or Dark Moon Phase

  • During a thunderstorm

Things You Will Need:


  • Add all your ingredients one by one to into the tub while saying Psalms 23. Keep repeating the psalm until all ingredients has been added. Use your intuition to tell you how much of each ingredient to use. There is no right or wrong amount.

  • Once ingredients has been added, hold the white candle in your left hand and the black candle in your right hand while standing in front of tub. Set your intention by saying:

"My intention for this spiritual bath is to completely remove bad vibes, hexes, curses, and negative energies off my physical space and out of my auric field. I request that this bath will break all curses and hexes, generational and karmic, in all directions of time. I request that all blocks be removed and in return freedom, abundance, blessings, and love will flow to me easily, effortlessly, and from all directions. As I step into this water, and these candles burn down, I will be baptized, reborn, and anew.

  • Place candles on side of tub and light each one. Enter tub and relax.

  • Say Psalms 23 THREE TIMES

  • Say Psalms 91 THREE TIMES

  • Take a breath in, hold for 9 seconds and release. Do this THREE times.

  • Call in spirit of the highest light and vibration. Say the below statement THREE times:

"I call in spirit of the highest light and vibration to come in to protect me and shield me from all harm and negative influences."

  • Call in Arch Angel Micheal. Say the below statement THREE times :

"Archangel Micheal I call upon you now to please come in and free me from all negative influences and attachments that are not for my highest good."

  • Call back your power. Say the below statement THREE times:

"I call back any lost soul fragments , power, or light now. Any vows, soul contracts, hexes, or programs from the past or present, from this life or others that are not in the highest good of all. I relinquish now. Any power or light that I have willingly or unwillingly given away to others or had taken away from me.. I call back now. Any cords or attachment from this life or others I release now for the highest good of all involved, And so it is!"

  • Take a breath in, hold for 9 seconds and release. Do this THREE times.

Once you are done follow up by cleaning out tub immediately and saging the bathroom. Leave candle until they burn all the way down. Go into meditation to strengthen the protection around you.

Try incorporating this bath into your life at least once a month to help cleanse your energy field.

Until next time!

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