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September 2020 Forecast: Ending Karmic Cycles and Preparing For New Beginnings

The month of September is the 9th month. The number 9 is the number of completion. It represents releasing all that no longer serves you and that can not come with you as you start your new chapter. Many are heading for the amazing life-changing new beginnings starting next month, as we end 2020 and throughout 2021. For this reason, use this month to really evaluate your past, present, and future to determine what you need to change, release, or do differently in order to live the life you want to live and be the person you are destined to become.

Important Dates

Full Moon In Pisces September 2nd

Mars Goes Retrograde September 9th

Sun Enters Libra September 23rd

Fall Equinox (start of fall) September 22nd

Sun Enters Libra September 23rd

As we prepare for these new beginnings, we are being asked to listen to our gut, follow our hearts, and trust that everything and everyone that is for us will be there when the smoke clears. Only do and accept what FEELS right to you emotionally. The things and people that make you feel really good, happy, and empowered. Everything and everyone else must go

Follow Your Heart

There is a chance this month to obtain inner and outer peace, love, and understanding, Relationships will be healed due to egos being put to the side, and people being guided to take action from the heart. Leaning too much on logic this month could have us mentally paralyzed or repeating the same cycles over and over again. Instead, taking actions that feel right with little to no logical reasoning will put you fully in alignment with your desires and will put you back on your true path.

AFFIRM: “I am choosing to operate out of 100% LOVE in everything I do. Jealousy, hate, envy, fear, and all other low vibe emotions cannot exist in a body that is filled with love, My heart chakra is open and is allowing me to see the God in myself and in others, and I am clearly able to see all the good in my life. Love is patient, kind, and understanding… and I will be that and so much more!”

Peace offerings will be made and long rivalries and misunderstandings can be fully put to rest this month if you choose to put in the work to balance these situations. Remember any problems or issues not faced or dealt with are karma being left unbalanced. When we leave karma unbalanced, eventually it will balance itself out in ways we have no control over.

This month, put the ego aside and resolve any issues you may have lingering. If you are approached by someone who wronged you, listen with an open heart and be ready and willing to forgive.

FALL Into Your Blessings

This month on the 22nd is the beginning of Fall. This is a time where we will start to see our manifestations come into our physical reality, Any seeds you have planted and intentions you have set will begin to make its way into your life starting this month and throughout the season, If you have been doing the work and nurturing your ideas and intentions with action, this month is the time to be in your feminine energy by practicing patience and making sure you are open to receive.

Heart Chakra

Earlier I mentioned being open to receiving. Our heart chakra is our receiving center. When it is blocked, we are not able to fully receive the blessings we are asking to come into our life.

In September, it will be highly beneficial to work on the heart chakra. Do forgiveness work, practice daily gratitude, get in nature, and saying affirmations will help you balance and maintain your heart chakra.

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