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by ruth skyy

Spiritual Bath To Increase Self Love and Attract Romance

Spiritual Bath
Artwork by Alexis Rakun @alexisrakun

A spiritual bath is the perfect way to push the reset button when you feel you need cleansing and clarity. Whether it is every week or every month, incorporate spiritual bathing in your life as a way of clearing and balancing your energy field. The benefits also include raising your energy vibration which in return allows you to manifest your desires easily and effortlessly. Below is a simple and easy self love spiritual bath that will put you in alignment and help you attract love into your life easily and effortlessly.

Things you will need:

-Pink Himalayan Salt and/or Sea Salt

-Rose Petals (dried or fresh)

-Crystals (Rose Quartz AND any other crystals that support your intentions and wishes)

-Essential Oils (Rose and Lavender AND any other oils desired)

-White or Pink Candle


Take A Quick Moment...


-Take a shower before performing spiritual bath

-After Showering fill tub. Add the dried rose petal, crystals, 1/3 cup sea salt, and 2-3 drops of each essential oil.

-Light your candle (use same candle you used when performing your intentions if doing the bath as part of a moon ritual.

-Get in tub. Relax. Take a few minutes to meditate and visualize all that it is you desire. Imagine how you will feel when you receive those things. Once done, say some affirmations that make you feel good and powerful. An affirmation I like to say is:

"I operate out of 100% love in everything I do. I am in love with my life and everything in it. I am extraordinary, I am valuable, and I have no competition. There will forever and always be only one me!"

-Follow up by saying Proverb 31:25 in the first person THREE times:

"I am clothed in strength and dignity and I laugh without fear of the future. When I speak. my words are wise, and I give instructions with kindness. I carefully watch everything in my household and suffer nothing from laziness. My children stand and bless me. My husband praises me. There are many virtuous and capable women in the world but I surpass them all."

If you are not married or do not have any children, you can still repeat to help you manifest them into your life if you choose.

-Next, Look over your intentions. Spend at least 20 minutes but no longer than 30.

-If performing during a New Moon, close out saying the New Moon Prayer found HERE. Otherwise, close out saying a prayer of your choice.


Make Your Spiritual Journey A FUN Experience!

Skyy Tribe

Skyy Tribe is an online group coaching program filled with like minded women who are healing themselves and manifesting a life they love, all while breaking generational cycles.

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