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by ruth skyy

Protect Your Vibe: How To Cleanse and Protect Your Home

Spiritual Protection is important when it comes to protecting your space and energy. Your home is suppose to be a safe haven. It is where you go to get peace of mind and shut out the outside world. I want to emphasize the word "suppose". Many people find that their homes are no where near being peaceful or safe. Some live in homes filled with chaos and disruption. This may have been the norm their entire lives. Many times this is due to the energy of a past or current resident. Many do not take into account that when you move into an apartment, house, or any place where you lay your head, you become vulnerable. You are absorbing the energies of that space.

Every resident carries its own energy. A home will carry the energy of all its previous owners until it is PROPERLY cleansed. If the previous owners were violent and abusive that energy will linger. If the owners were happy and positive that energy will also linger. So what happens if there were five different owners with totally different energies in the home you currently reside? Not only will this home hold all of those energies and experiences, it will feel very confusing and unbalanced.

I always tell people to be mindful of where you lay your head. We are in the most vulnerable state when we are sleeping. All of our defenses are down and our subconscious (most powerful) part of our brain is more open and influenced. Your home is the one place you will nap and sleep majority of the time. It is also the one place that can influence your thoughts, energy, and vibration. This also goes for your spouse and children. You want to make sure you are protecting yourself and your family by cleansing and protecting your home regularly, but most importantly when you first occupy it. Removing energy of all those who lived there before you is a way to hit the reset button and walk into a new space. If you have been living in your home for years and never properly cleansed or protected, no worries. Better late than never. You will be surprised how much the energy will shift. You can go from being confused and hating your home to finding clarity and growing to love it. You and your spouse my go from arguing in the home all the time to being each others peace.

When you move or leave a resident, help the next person by cleansing your energy from the home. Not only will this create good karma, but you never want to leave your energy just "laying around". So lets get into how you can cleanse and protect your space.

You will need (all items can be found on amazon):


Distilled Water

Florida Water

Sea Salt

Garlic Bulb

Garlic Powder

Cayenne Pepper

Charcoal Discs

4 Black Tourmaline Crystals

4 Selenite Crystals

Lighter or Matches

White 7 Day Candle (can be found at Dollar Tree for $1)

Use All Five Elements

Every mystic or spiritualist has their own rituals for protecting themselves and their space. Some techniques are universal and others not so much. Usually people will use one or two of the techniques I am about to mention below, however my Virgo Rising loves to be detailed and efficient. I use all of the elements when protecting and cleansing my home. To me it only seems right and it is the most powerful. After all this is the home where you will spend most of your most vulnerable moments and also where you may be raising your family. Why not go the extra mile?

This ritual will incorporate all five elements which are water, fire, air, earth and spirit. Water will be used to wipe down walls, baseboards, and mopping your floors. Fire will be used by performing a candle protection ritual. Air will be used by smoking out the home as well as saying your intentions and prayer. Earth will be used by creating a crystal grid of protection. Spirit will be used by calling in God/the Universe, your ancestors, guides, and the Archangels. Lets get started!

Step 1: WATER

The first thing you want to do is OPEN ALL WINDOWS.

How To Make Cleansing Wash:

Distilled Water 3 cups

Ammonia 1/2 cup

Florida Water 1/2 cup

Sea Salt 1/2 cup

Garlic 3 whole cloves

After adding each ingredient say Psalm 23. After all ingredients have been added say the following: "I set the intention with this wash to spiritually clean my home located at (say address). I ask that all energies, past and current, be removed now and forever. And So It Is!"

Next, pour half the wash in a spray bottle. Spray and wipe down all walls, doorways, base boards, and window sills with the cleansing wash. If you are moving into a space that is freshly painted you do not have to wipe down the walls. However, still make sure you wipe down ALL doorways, baseboards, and window sills. Door and windows are portals and energy loves to linger there. Baseboards, especially the corners are also common spaces energy tends to linger.

After you have thoroughly wiped down the doorways, baseboards, and window sills, you want to shift your attention to any areas in the home that have tile, wood, or any washable surface. Start with the room furthest to the back of the home. And work your way towards the front of the home (coming towards the front door). Moping each room with the cleansing wash. You may need to make another batch of the wash.

After you finish moping the rooms with tile and wood floors, you want to lightly spray all rooms with carpet and then vacuum immediately. Starting with the carpeted room furthest to back of home.

Step 2: AIR

Moving on to the next element of air, it is now time to smoke out the house. Open all windows, doors, and cabinets. When cleansing your home for the first time, you do not want to use sage. Sage is good for daily or weekly maintenance, but for the first time you want to use something stronger. I use Charcoal topped with garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Take a piece of charcoal and sprinkle garlic and cayenne pepper on the tip that will be burned. Before burning hold the piece of charcoal in your right hand and say "" I set the intention for this charcoal to spiritually clean my home located at (say address). I ask that as it burns all energies, past and current, be removed now and forever. And So It Is!"

Starting with the room furthest to the back of the house, light the charcoal and walk the room in a circle. Starting in the middle of the floor and working your way around until all areas of the room has been smoked. Pay special attention to the four corners of the room. While smoking the room, recite Psalm 23 THREE times. Repeat this for EVERY room in the home.

Step 3: EARTH

Now that we have cleansed the house with water and smoke (air), the next steps will be to protect your home from any harm and negativity that may try to enter or is directed towards you or anyone residing in the home, starting with earth. There are several ways to use the earth element for protection, but my absolute favorite is by using crystals. Using the crystals we are going to create a crystal grid. I like to use black tourmaline to protect against negative energies and spirits, and selenite which is also protective but adds a calm, peaceful, and angelic vibe to the home. You will should have 4 of each crystal (medium sized).

Start by cleansing your crystals. You can use sage or charcoal to do this. Next hold each crystal in in the palm of your right hand one by one. Set your intention for each crystal.

For the black tourmaline say: "I set the intention for this crystal to protect my home located at (say address) from all negative energies, spirits, toxins, and smog, now and forever. And So It Is!"

For the selenite say: "I set the intention for this crystal to protect my home from all negative energies, and to fill my home located at (say address) with peace. Creating a calm and angelic atmosphere and space. And So It Is!"

Next you want to place one black tourmaline and one selenite at each corner of the house on the level closest to the ground. Each room that corners the home should have one of each crystal. If you have a basement this will be done there. If you do not have a basement this will be done on the level closest to the ground. If you live in an apartment stay withing your unit. See below for example on a sample floor plan. The areas circled in pink would be where the crystals should be placed.



After placing your crystals you must now activate the grid. Go the the center of your home on the level where the crystals were place and sit on the floor. Close your eyes and visualize a white light connecting each set of crystals. Once done there should be a square of white light.

Next imagine this box (square of white light moving up through each floor, through the roof, and going straight up into the sky. Say "This crystal grid is now activated. This home and everyone in it is divinely protected at all times. AND so it is!"