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October 2019 Forecast: Karma, Blessings, and Being Open To Receive

Artwork by Sheeba Maya

There is only 90 days or so left in 2019!

As we enter the month of October many of us have been feeling a shift in our energy and the energy around us. Just know that you are not alone. There is definitely a shift taking place and for many this shift is a very positive thing and in your highest good!

When I look at the energy for October, I notice that the same energy repeated numerous of times during readings I have been giving to various of people as well as myself. October is definitely a month of stillness, forgiveness, and tying up lose ends so that we can start new chapters. These new chapters that will be beginning will bring in MAJOR change. Totally transforming the lives of many but in a good way. Change can be scary but there is nothing to fear. Even though the process that happens before you physically see this change may be confusing and uncomfortable, these changes have blessings and dream fulfillment written all over it.

Be Open To Receive

The first message is "be open to receiving". We are in the fall season as well as Libra season at this moment. Fall is all about reaping and Libra season is all about the scales and karma being balanced. This means that many of us will be reaping all the good from all the good seeds we have sown, and all the good karma we put out into the universe. These blessings and rewards can come through people and situations that look like burdens or punishments but are actually blessings in disguise. If we are not open to receiving, we can easily miss these blessings. Do not let your fears stop you from receiving something that God sent to you as a reward. Be open to talking to the people you run into. You never know where they can lead you. Be open to going through that door that opened even if you are not sure how your life will be effected in the process. Trust that God and the Universe has your back.


The second message that came through was "light". The word light for the month of October holds an importance. Many will be filled with joy and light and some will have an aura of light around them that is so bright others can not ignore it. This light is drawing positive and abundant experiences to you, and it is also causing others to notice you. You may hear people say you are glowing, or find people just staring at you for no reason. Take it as a compliment. On the flip side, this light around you can also make some feel uncomfortable and can lead to discord or conflict. Try to not let these people lower your vibration. Instead show compassion for them. They are not on the same vibration as you at the moment and that is okay. Protect your space and your energy and love from a distance.

Be Still

The last message that came through was "stillness". Right now you may notice that things may seem slower than usual. Like you are not moving and no progress or change is happening. However, this is just a temporary pause helping you to reflect on everything that has occurred thus far. Use this time of stillness to forgive those who have hurt you and caused you pain. This is also a time to think of any changes you have been thinking of making and any new goals you wish to put in place. Create a game plan on how you will get this done. For many, this is a time to do nothing. Look back over the past months and see just how far you have come. Often we focus so much on what we don't have or what we have not yet accomplished. It is easy to not give ourselves credit for everything we did right. Pat yourself on the back and show gratitude for all that you have been blessed with!

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