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November 2019 Forecast: The Glow Up, Partnership, and Money Moves!

Countdown to the new year! At the time I am posting this, we have 56 days left in 2019!

As we enter the month of November many of us will be leaving the hermit phase behind us. Over the past few weeks or months, you may have secluded yourself and took a moment to really focus on YOU, and where you want to go in life moving forward. In the month of November, many are now reemerging back into society, friendship circles, and relationships.... but as a different person. The energy is mutable this month, meaning that the results you get will be dependent not only on your perception of the things and people who enter and leave your life, but also on the actions you take. Let's see how you can make this month your best month.

Honor The Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on Halloween and will stay retrograde until November 20th. The official shadow period will not be over until December 2nd which means the month of November will be strongly influenced by this energy. This is major when making decisions this month. Remember this is a time to review and evaluate. Past partners, employers, experiences, hurts, and memories will resurface. Old friends, lovers, and family members who never got closure may resurface to make peace. Stay grounded and handle these things gracefully. Check out "How To Survive Mercury Retrograde" for more tips.

New Partnerships

Relationships for many have been feeling stuck. There may have been distance between you and your partner due to an argument, misunderstanding, or just unrelated life issues. If your are single, over the last few weeks you may have been feeling a sense of loneliness and longing to for your special person. This month things start to get better. This is the perfect time to heal any issues that have been lingering and put an end to any conflict once and for all. By forgiving others you heal yourself and open doors that have been blocked by bitterness and resentment. On the other side of the door is a new beginning in your current relationship or with someone new.

For those who are single there are new partnerships coming in over the next two months. Some of you may meet this partner in the month of November. I am getting a lot of fire (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) and air energy (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). You may be one of these signs or you may be meeting someone who has this energy strong in their birth charts. This relationship will ignite passion in you that has been missing for sometime.

The Glow Up

By taking the time to focus on yourself the last few months, your light is shining bright going into November! Many has been healing and stepping into their power and the results are about to show. Have you been feeling like things are not moving forward in love, career, or finances? Have friends been acting shady causing you to question their loyalty and friendship? These are all signs that your vibration is raising and your light is shining. Like attracts like, and whenever we raise our vibration, the things or people who do not match that vibration may start to become distant or funny acting. You may notice some people are gravitating towards you more and others may be pulling away. Try not to take it personally. You shining your light and standing in your Empress energy may make others feel uncomfortable, envious, or jealous. So be it. Shine bright! Never dim your light for anyone.

Money Moves

This month, particularly during Sagittarius season, many will start to reap the fruits of seeds that were planted earlier this year. Prosperity and abundance is coming through strongly. Some of you may be seeing stagnation and blocks when it comes to your career or business. The key to removing these blocks and causing things to move forward is to get moving. Remember everything in life is relative and connected. If you are not creating any movement in your life by moving your body, taking action on goals, initiating projects and activities... you will create blocks in other areas of your life such as your finances. The advice is to start moving. Dancing is a great way to start creating movement and flow. Put on your favorite song and just start moving your body. Do this for 15 minutes a day and see how your money starts to increase.

Let me know some of the goals you have for November. Until next time....

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