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by ruth skyy

New Moon Ritual For Manifestation: Manifest Your Best Life!

new moon ritual

Incorporating a new moon ritual in your life can help you to manifest the life of your dreams. Any ritual using moon energy is extremely powerful. The moon has the power to move tides and oceans. Over half of the human body consists of water. Therefore, the energy of the planets and the luminaries (sun and moon) have a profound effect on us. Since the moon represents the goddess/yin energy, women are even more so effected by the phases of the moon.

The New Moon represents new beginnings. It should be a time of happiness and excitement for all things to come. It is also a time to write out the things we wish to manifest and most importantly, celebrate our feminine nature by practicing self care and self love. The new moon occurs every month in the sign the sun is currently transiting. If it is Scorpio season, the new moon will be in Scorpio. Every zodiac sign carries an energy. Focusing your intentions on the energy of the sign the new moon will be transiting will amplify your manifestations.

Things to wish for during each new moon include but are not limited to:

Aries New Moon- new beginnings, self-focus, authenticity, self discovery, independence, courage, honesty, leadership, self-sufficiency, strength, and boldness.

Taurus New Moon- money, sensual pleasure, contentment, perseverance, patience, self-worth, ownership, physical comfort, massages, dependability, and solid foundations.

Gemini New Moon- automobiles, short trips, transportation, writing, speaking, tact, wittiness, roommates, and neighbors.

Cancer New Moon- emotional security, financial security, protection, increased intuition, growth, family, new beginnings, intimacy, and vulnerability.

Leo New Moon- children, romance, dating, love, creativity, passion, loyalty, generosity, kindness, self confidence, self esteem, fun, joy, play, recognition, stamina, and leadership

Virgo New Moon- health, exercise, healing, jobs, work projects, routines, punctuality, order, focus, critical thinking, and purity

Libra New Moon- partnerships, marriage, interdependence, balance, equality, counseling, peace, beauty, art, teamwork, tact, elegance, luxury, diplomacy, grace, and good taste.

Scorpio New Moon- charisma, change, transformation, awareness of others motives, strength, depth, sex, mutual validation, bonding, loans, grants, child support, and inheritances.

Sagittarius New Moon- peace of mind, travel, connection to nature, higher education, spontaneity, adventure, freedom, positive expectation, lawyers, faith, good luck, mentors, and ethics.

Capricorn New Moon- time, maturity, retirement, self-discipline, keeping commitments, public image, competency, ambition, hard work, recognition, social status, respect, fathers, reputation, and tradition.

Aquarius New Moon- humanitarianism, innovative ideas, brilliance, eccentricity, technology, excitement, unexpected results, surprises, humor, objectivity, friends, networking, and social media followers.

Pisces New Moon- sleep, imagination, intuition, love, bliss, internal happiness, spiritual power, trust, surrender, yoga, purification, inner peace, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and compassion.

Below is a simple new moon ritual you can perform every new moon. Perform the ritual and watch how magical life becomes as you see your desires manifesting right before your eyes.

Take A Quick Moment...

New Moon Ritual

Part I

The day of the full moon make it a priority to focus on self and do things that make you happy and bring joy. Take yourself out to dinner; get a manicure and pedicure; take off of work for the day; give yourself a facial.

Part II

1. Anytime after the time the new moon takes place, write out 5-10 intentions. Intentions are those things which you desire to manifest. These intentions must be HANDWRITTEN and worded correctly. Start each intention off using the words "I choose to ........"

(Ex: I choose to release 20 lbs of body weight; I choose to receive a loving relationship that is for my highest good.)

2. Once you have handwritten your intentions, light your candle. Read each intention aloud three times with power and belief. Once done, fold the paper and place candle on top of paper (or if written in a journal place candle on top of the journal). Candle should still be lit.

3. Next stand in front of the candle and read this New Moon Prayer:

"Under this New Moon I am grateful for a new start. As I heal and cleanse myself of the past, I grow by a new light that shines upon me. I will stay on this path of growth until I reach my maximum potential. I am certain in my heart space that I will get there. I am one with the moon, so I trust, as above so below."

Part III

Sometime that day, after completing part 2, perform your spiritual bath. Check Out

"Spiritual Bath To Increase Self Love and Attract Romance" for a simple yet effective self love spiritual bath ritual.

Happy Manifesting!


Make Your Spiritual Journey A FUN Experience!

Skyy Tribe

Skyy Tribe is an online group coaching program filled with like minded women who are healing themselves and manifesting a life they love, all while breaking generational cycles.

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