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How To Manifest Money And Abundance Easily and Effortlessly

Have you been trying to manifest money into your life but keep hitting roadblocks? 

Money is one of the main things people want to manifest into their reality. However, it is usually the area where they have the most blocks and resistance. In order to manifest money and abundance, you must first take simple yet effective steps to get your mind right and raise your vibration. 

In the video posted below, I discuss exactly how to remove your money blocks, as well as some rituals that you do to enhance your money manifestations and get money flowing to you easily and effortlessly. I got you!

I have also included below a 30 Day Money Challenge to get you started.

30 Day Money Challenge

Getting disciplined with your finances and learning how to use the universal laws to manifest the financial abundance you deserve is POWERFUL. Below I share a 30 day money challenge to help you start manifesting abundance into your life.

For this challenge you will be asked to do the following to receive the best results possible:

  • No excessive spending!

  • No sugar, fast food, processed foods, alcohol, sodas, gossiping, or negative thinking and talk

  • Drink 62oz of water a day

  • Follow the money diet 

Before beginning, set your intentions for this money challenge by writing out three things you wish to manifest during this challenge. Write these intentions down in ink. Start each intention with "I choose to receive...". I suggest keeping your intentions in a journal or notebook since you will be referring back to this list often.

Every Morning

  • Wake up and before browsing social media or looking at your phone, Say the below affirmation 3 times:

"I am God's beloved child. I give the light of God permission to bless me financially in an infinite number of ways, through an infinite number of channels. I release any current that would withhold me from that which I desire. I release any forcing current that would thwart the creation of my desires."

Money Tea Recipe: Let steep for 5 min. After steeping, take a spoon and stir in clockwise motion while saying:

"I set the intention for this tea to open me to the current of the divine, heal me, expand me, love me, and envelope me so that I may draw to me every aspect of abundance I desire."

Next add the ginger root and lemon and repeat step 3. Next add honey to taste and repeat step 3. You should have said your intention at least 3 times while preparing you tea. Consume the tea slowly while thinking of all the things you would like to attract.

  • Read the money intentions you set during the new moon aloud and with belief.

Every Afternoon

Drink your water and eat one green apple with your lunch. Remember you should not be consuming any fast food or processed food during this challenge. Try to stick with eating clean. Eating a salad for lunch with some added protein and your apple is the perfect high vibration meal.

Use your headphones and listen to the following mantra video found below. If you can not listen to the mantra in the afternoon. Try to listen to it whenever you can. In the car, shower, etc.

Read the money intentions you set during the new moon aloud and with belief. 

Every Night

After dinner (which should include no fast food or processed food), find an hour of quiet time. Make your money tea, read intentions aloud with belief

At bedtime, put in your earphones and listen to the playlist found here. This is most effective when you listen to it while you sleep. That is when the subconscious is most open to be reprogrammed. 

I will be posting How To Make An Abundance and Money Jar for my next post. Make sure you are subscribed and plugged in!

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