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by ruth skyy

Red Flags When Dating Each Man Of The Zodiac: Part 2

*DISCLAIMER* This is my take on the DARK SIDED men of the zodiac. This information only relates to those men operating on the lower frequency of the sign. Not all men will fall under this category. However if you meet a man with these traits, RUN!

The Dark Sided Virgo Man

This guy may have caught your attention with his charm and charisma. When you first started dating he won you over with his intelligence and AMAZING gifts. However, after the honeymoon phase ended things changed. You started to notice certain things he tried to hide in the beginning. Here is a little insight on what to be cautious of.

The dark sided Virgo man believes he knows everything. If you are dating this man be careful when showing you have a mind of your own. He does not like others knowing more than him. You will notice he can take it very personally if you second guess him or display knowledge in something he knows nothing about. This is due to his extreme insecure nature and always needing to feel his thoughts are needed, but even more so RIGHT. If you are not strong minded, this man can easily get you to bend to his way of thinking, causing you to lose yourself to the point you may wake up and question who you really are.

He can also be very OCD and particular. Often criticizing when things are not up to par based on HIS standards. Speaking of criticizing, the dark sided Virgo man will tend to criticize his partner often and at times can be quite hypocritical. He will expect you partner to live up to such high standards, ones they rarely lives up to himself. If you display confidence in an area he is not confident in, or if you point out his weaknesses, he will often use criticism as his weapon of choice to make you second guess yourself.

He may often use what he deems to be your “flaws” against you. When dating this man you should be very secure in yourself or he will cause you to question your appearance and/or decisions. This is usually due to his own low self esteem. The dark sided Virgo man tends to find and focus on the faults in others in order to avoid looking at his own. Do not let this guy screw with your mind. He is usually very good at it and will have you overthinking everything about yourself and your relationship with him.

The dark sided Virgo man is typically the mommas boy of the zodiac. If he has a great relationship with his moms, he will usually put her thoughts and opinions above anyone else’s including yours. You maybe his partner but mama will usually always be the main woman in his life. Even if the relationship is not good with his mother, this will usually bother him at great lengths causing emotional unavailability in his other relationships. This may cause him to not express his feelings to you easily or at all.

Virgo is a sign that needs routine, familiarity, and structure. A Virgo man operating on the dark side will usually lack these qualities. This will usually cause some mental imbalances. As a result, the dark sided Virgo man may turn to drugs, alcohol, or both. Its been stated plenty of times that Virgo men are one of the best lovers in the zodiac. Great right? Well not so much. For the dark sided Virgo man this can cause him to be a sex addict as well as a lover of porn. If he is not confident in himself, he will use sex to boost his self esteem. This can make him prone to cheating.

Last but not least, if your Virgo guy is one who runs the streets or has turned to a life of crime, get your bail money ready! He will more than likely have a history of being in and out of jail. Partaking in such activities goes against his true nature and karma will 9 times out of 10 find him. This is due Virgo being a sign that is to serve. Unlike Scorpio's, Virgo’s naturally are not good at doing things underhanded. This usually never works out for them and eventually they will get caught. Because of this, your dark sided Virgo man probably lacks street smarts (even though he may not think so) and can easily get caught up or hurt.

The Dark Sided Libra Man

The most charming player. This man is very flirtatious and can easily make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. In the beginning he will shower you with praises and compliments. The thing is, the dark sided Libra has an arsenal of pick up lines and compliments in his mental database that he usually recycles for each woman he pursues. He has a very trustworthy vibe, that makes it easy to open up to him. He just knows exactly what to say and do to make you feel very comfortable letting your guard down. This can be very dangerous. Out of all the dark sided men of the zodiac, the dark sided Libra is not only the biggest player, but the best to play the game. When they cheat they very rarely get caught.

Libra men want love and they hate to be alone. A single dark sided Libra will usually have multiple women he is sleeping with but can very easily make each one believe they are the only one. During the dating phase, he will eventually choose a woman on his roster that he feels looks the best by his side. This will be the woman he chooses to "commit" to. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. A dark sided Libra man is known to choose a woman for her looks over her brains. They are very concerned about how others view the woman they are with, and therefore they look for the ultimate trophy wife. His woman must be well put together at all times or he will start to question why he is with her.

As for commitment, the dark sided Libra man is soooooo indecisive. It will usually take him longer than most to actually choose who he feels is the best fit for him. If you happen to be the woman this man picks to be on his arm, don't jump for joy just yet. Once he is with you, that is when things start to shift. For one, this man is very insecure especially once in a relationship. Whenever things get rough between the two of you or there is an argument, he will start to think the grass is greener on the other side. This will usually lead to him stepping outside of the relationship. His fear is to be left all alone, and therefore he will usually have a backup plan... or two. Yes, the dark sided Libra is the man you hear about with one or two side chicks. Due to his charm, he can usually get a women who is not as secure in herself to play her role on the side quite well.

Another thing to know when dealing with this dark sided man is that he is the biggest OPPORTUNIST. He is not the type to get his hands dirty and do the grunt work, but is is the type to want and need nice things surrounding him. If he is with you he will use his charm to get you to provide the lavish lifestyle he feels he deserves. All on your dime. This can mean putting a car in your name FOR HIM, talking indirectly about the new Gucci belt that he just has to have, or asking you for money so that he does not have to spend his own. You see before settling down with you, he not only judged you on your looks, but also by what you can do for him. Therefore, he knows that the opportunity is there to get something from the relationship that can support his need to live quite nicely.

The Dark Sided Scorpio Man

The Masters of Disguise, these dark sided men have a poker face that is unreadable. They have a way of engaging you and getting you to share everything about yourself, not even realizing that he is revealing very little if any information about himself. To him, the less you know about his past, present, and weaknesses the better. This is because his most attractive quality is his mysterious vibe and he knows this. He has captivated and captured many women this way and uses it to his advantage. Trying to get this man to open up and uncover the mystery that lies deep within him, will keep you drawn to him and craving his attention.

Don't get it wrong the dark sided Scorpio can definitely lust and crave over a woman he finds attractive and intriguing. However, she will never know he has these thoughts. He will ALWAYS play it cool, at least in the beginning. His goal will be to get you to notice him and start to move towards him. He will do this by acting like you don't exist after showing initial interest. He is king at being hot then going cold, coming forward and then taking two steps back. This is to keep you guessing what his true intentions are. He will get so deep in your head just with his inconsistencies and will barely have to use many words. Some may call it manipulation but to this dark sided man it is all apart of his game. He can smell weakness. If you are insecure, his behavior will trigger those insecurities and have you asking yourself "Is there something wrong with me?" Be careful, the next step will be you doing things out of character just to regain his attention and approval. At that point he has conquered your mind and has you in his grasp.

Speaking of intentions, Scorpio energy is pretty much cut and dry. Black and white with little to no gray area. That is with everything they do, including how they will handle you. This man is not the type to sit on the phone and have casual conversations just for no reason at all. If he is giving you any type of attention, just know it is because he has an end objective in mind. This will almost always be to have sex with you or to get in a relationship with you. That's it. No friendship or anything superficial. He will know his objective usually after the first conversation he has with you. You on the other hand will find out after his goal has been reached. If he feels like you are playing games or it is no longer worth his time, he will disappear without any explanation.

If you do find yourself in a relationship with this man, be prepared for the most emotionally charged roller coaster ride of your life. Dating a dark sided Scorpio will change the way you look at yourself, relationships, men, and the world in general and I do not mean in a positive way. His controlling nature and manipulative ways will be like no one you have ever encountered. Once a dark sided Scorpio commits to you, he will view that as he owns you. He will get extremely jealous if he feels another man is showing you interest or even thinks for a second that you are interested in another. He can be extremely passionate and possessive to the point he becomes angry and sometimes even violent. Scorpio is the ruler of sex, and usually these men are very well endowed lovers. The makeup sex after the emotionally draining arguments or physical altercations may cause you to stay and forgive him for all his wrong doings.

In conclusion, pay attention to the red flags when dealing with this man. Do not think you are strong enough to handle this dark sided energy because it will overtake you and break you down to the point where you no longer recognize who you are. Once he has you mentally and sexually, you will be stuck and it will be very hard to break free of this Scorpions claws.

The Dark Sided Sagittarius Man

In the beginning this man will win you over with great sense of humor and optimistic free spirit. He will always have you laughing, and you will tend to feel very comfortable with him due to his unassuming personality. His funny, light, and breezy characteristics can easily fool you into believing that you have met the man of your dreams. He is very good at sowing seeds of hope. He will listen to your dreams and make you feel like you and him will take over the world, even if he really has no intentions on being there for the long term.

These men love freedom. They may commit to being exclusive but will have a very hard time staying faithful. Once he feels constricted within the relationship, he will have a dying need to break free. He may start to force his independence by becoming distant, standoffish, and hanging out with his friends. Anything to get him away from the constraints of the relationship. This is not the man to be with if you are a woman who loves to do everything with your partner. This is a surefire way to send the dark sided Sagittarius man running for the hills.

This is also the man who will prolong taking the relationship to the next level. With an “If it’s not broke why fix it” mentality, you may be well into 7 years of dating before he pops the question. Even when he does propose, its usually due to the pressure he is under from you, friends, family, or just society in general. Once you have that shiny rock on your finger, you have only won half the battle. The next obstacle is getting him down the aisle. The dark sided Saggy man is known to drag an engagement on for years! No date will be agreed upon, and there will always be an excuse as to why the timing just isn’t right.

The sign Sagittarius is represented as half beast half man. This man operates primarily from his beasty nature. This makes him prone to illicit love affairs and one-night stands. He loves the rush and the excitement of cheating and not getting caught. Unlike a mature Sag man, this guy has a moral compass that is a little screwed up. He will do things with the cockiness of knowing that he can get away with. When he does get caught, he will usually flee without taking responsibility for his actions or apologizing.

Also, known to be a little self-righteous, this man will usually feel he is highly intelligent (usually he is) and that his word is law. When debating with a dark sided Sagittarius be prepared for a hard fight. He may become overbearing and just plain out rude. His words will usually be blunt and there will be no sugar coating, because of this your feelings may get hurt. He will usually say things without thinking and will have no idea why you are being “so sensitive”. To sum things up, when dating a Sagittarius man living on the dark side, be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride. Get your energy levels up because you are going to need to have your eyes wide open with this one!

Dark Sided Capricorn Man

The dark sided Capricorn male will be one of the most negative people you will ever meet. This guy is usually very pessimistic with a dark cloud following him wherever he goes. Do not take this guy to a party or a social event if you want to have a good time. He will complain all night about the food, crowd, music, and anything else he can find. Hopefully you are a very positive person because this guy will definitely bring negativity into your space with his constant complaining. You will find yourself always having to give him pep talks to help him see the bright side of life. After spending time with him, you will usually find yourself tired and drained with maybe even a headache.

Capricorn is a sign all about structure, monetary gain, success, and status. With that being said, a dark sided Capricorn male will usually be ruled by money and obsessed with status. Possibly to his own detriment. It will usually be the number one priority in his life even above his children and his relationship. This is the guy who will cancel dates or family time to work late. He will always put his career before his family. Don’t be surprised if you come to realize your dark sided Capricorn guy is having a workplace affair. This guy is known for cheating with his secretary or another female co worker. As for status, he can be the ultimate brown noser. Sucking up to his boss or anyone else he holds in high regard. Basically, he will kiss the butts of those who are already where he wants to be in life. This guy loves authority and control. In the workplace an his relationship.

Even though he is very much about his coin, the dark sided Capricorn male will usually be a cheapskate and will very rarely spend his hard earned money on anyone he feels unworthy. He will usually buy cheap gifts (if any gifts at all) and will take you to a very price friendly restaurant on a first date. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to save money. However, very rarely is that the reason behind his actions. Usually he just can not bring himself to splurge on someone he just met without knowing if you meet up to his long list of standards. If you are not his cup of of tea expect to be ignored. Meaning no phone calls or second dates.

Just like his earth sign counterpart Virgo, the dark sided Capricorn