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Red Flags When Dating Each Man Of The Zodiac: Part 1

*DISCLAIMER* This is my take on the DARK SIDED men of the zodiac. This information only relates to those men operating on the lower frequency of the sign. Not all men will fall under this category. However if you meet a man with these traits, RUN!

The Dark Sided Aries Man

Aries is the baby of the zodiac. With that being said dating a dark sided Aries man will feel more like you are dating a child. A spoiled one at that. He will expect to have his way and if denied he will usually throw a tantrum and show his fiery nature. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. In astrology mars is the warrior planet always ready for war and combat. When this guy gets upset he can become very combative and maybe even dangerous. Even if the issue is his fault, he will turn it around on you so that he will not have to take responsibility for his actions.

Aries is a sign that needs to be engaged in sports or other physical activities. They tend to build up lots of yang energy in the body. This energy needs to be released regularly. A positive way to release this energy would be to work out or put the energy towards accomplishing goals. However, A dark sided Aries man is usually to lazy to go to the gym or do anything physical (besides sex). So what happens to all that yang energy? He finds unhealthy ways for releasing it. He may start arguments for no reason at all. I have seen many abusive men have lots of Aries energy in their chart. Aggression is definitely one of the unhealthy ways yang energy is released. The other is sex. Lots and lots of sex.

This man is usually very sexual due to all the excess energy he has stored. This combined with his natural compulsive nature makes him the ultimate womanizer and cheat. He will need to have his ego boosted constantly by different women. With his sexual style being very selfish, he will let a woman please him in every way with no intentions on doing the same. The dark sided Aries man views women as sexual objects. It is very easy for him to be intimate with you and then disrespect you soon after. He tends to lack respect for women who cater to his childish ways and give into his ridiculous demands.

Besides being childish, this guy is also considered to be the bad boy of the zodiac. Bold, daring, and a risk taker always ready for action. Being with him will have you saying, 'If its not one thing its another". If you are someone who needs stability and consistency this is not the guy for you. However, he usually seeks out a woman who is stable and secure only to turn her life upside down. He will be the guy who borrows your car and always returns it on empty due to his vehicle being crashed or repossessed. You will rarely find him “attaching” to a woman who is just as unstable as him. That is due to him needing someone to help him stay afloat and this usually includes financially.

This is the guy that will leave your head spinning and have you willing to go against your morals and lower your standards because the sex is so good. Next thing you know your life is nothing like how you remembered it and this is not in a good way. By the end of this relationship your credit score would have most likely dropped and your savings almost depleted. You will be behind on accomplishing your goals due to your thoughts being focused on him and if he is cheating. Even though you know he is since he does a very poor job at hiding it. It will get to a point where your family and friends will wonder what the hell has gotten into you.

In conclusion, out of all the dark sided men of the zodiac the Aries man is one who will leave you broken on every level. Physically you will be drained and probably will lose weight due to stress or gain weight from emotional eating. Financially your bank accounts as well as credit score will take a big hit. Emotionally you will leave this relationship with baggage and trust issues. Mentally you will now find yourself questioning and over analyzing yourself which in return will effect your self esteem. Bottom line is when you encounter the dark sided Aries man run as fast as you can!

The Dark Sided Taurus Man

We all want that one guy who is into us right? Well you will get that with this guy. At least in the beginning that is. Initially this charmer will sweep you off your feet. He will make you feel as though he is the one you have been waiting for all your life. He will shower you with all the attention and gifts your heart desires. Before you know it, you two have been spending so much time together that he starts to feel like he owns you. He will start to get very possessive. For a Taurus man operating on a higher level, spending money on gifts or helping you out financially will be his way of showing his affection. Not so much for the dark sided Taurus guy. When this guy starts to spend his money it is his way of claiming his territory…YOU!

Even though he is usually VERY slow to commit, that will not stop him from being very clingy and controlling. He will want to know all of your whereabouts and to have a say in all your decisions. If you refuse to bend, he will use all of these “financial tabs” he has been tallying up against you by throwing all he has done for you in your face. When letting this man pay a car note or help with your rent, you may feel like you finally got some help and much needed financial relief. However, all you are doing is letting him buy you and take away your independence. He now has his ammunition and will now use this against you in every argument to kill your self esteem. Never let a dark sided Taurus help you financially! It is a trap. He will create new bills for you that he will promise to pay (such as that car you always wanted) and when you don’t let him control you, he will threaten to leave and take his bill money with him.

If this guy has EVER been hurt by a woman in the past just know he will most likely never trust another woman 100% again. He will question you hundreds of times on something he feels does not add up in order to see if your story changes. You will find yourself explaining yourself more than necessary for absolutely no reason. More than likely this guy has low self esteem and hates when you go out with your friends or family. He will think you are cheating when you are out with anyone except him. When he is not thinking you are cheating, he will question why are you even with him in the first place. In his brain he will come to the conclusion you are using him for his money. Even though he is the one who uses his money as a means to control you.

If he is not using his money to control you he is using silence. Yes this man LOVES the silent treatment! If you do something he does not like or agree with expect to not hear from him for awhile. This dark sided man has the willpower to go a very long time with no contact. He will be overly stubborn and not answer phone calls, texts, or the door when you show up to his house after a week of him being MIA. This emotional pull back is to teach you a lesson. He knows eventually you will start to question your worth and where you stand with him. He knows you are the more emotional one. and his objective is to create the fear of loss. If he succeeds, in the the future you will bend to his demands to avoid feeling his emotional rejection. It is all part of his game.

If he is not getting quiet when he is upset watch out! Taurus is a sign that can hold back their anger very well. If the dark sided Taurus man gets extremely angry he will turn into the BULL. All he will see is red and all you will see is rage in his eyes. He will attack you verbally damaging your self esteem in 0 point 5 seconds. Like the bull, he may also get overly aggressive and attack you physically depending on how mad he becomes. A couple of days after the altercation he will feel terrible about all that has transpired. He will usually show up apologizing with flowers or a gift. This is not so much because he feels he was wrong, but more so out of embarrassment that he allowed himself to get out of character.

To sum it up when you have a dark sided Taurus man always protect your emotions and never let him make you financially dependent on him. Before you know it you will have lost your self esteem, your independence, and his respect.

The Dark Sided Gemini Man

The most charming player. This man is very flirtatious and can easily make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. In the beginning he will shower you with praises and compliments. The thing is, the dark sided Libra has an arsenal of pick up lines and compliments in his mental database that he usually recycles for each woman he pursues. He has a very trustworthy vibe, that makes it easy to open up to him. He just knows exactly what to say and do to make you feel very comfortable letting your guard down. This can be very dangerous. Out of all the dark sided men of the zodiac, the dark sided Libra is not only the biggest player, but the best to play the game. When they cheat they very rarely get caught.

Libra men want love and they hate to be alone. A single dark sided Libra will usually have multiple women he is sleeping with but can very easily make each one believe they are the only one. During the dating phase, he will eventually choose a woman on his roster that he feels looks the best by his side. This will be the woman he chooses to "commit" to. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. A dark sided Libra man is known to choose a woman for her looks over her brains. They are very concerned about how others view the woman they are with, and therefore they look for the ultimate trophy wife. His woman must be well put together at all times or he will start to question why he is with her.

As for commitment, the dark sided Libra man is soooooo indecisive. It will usually take him longer than most to actually choose who he feels is the best fit for him. If you happen to be the woman this man picks to be on his arm, don't jump for joy just yet. Once he is with you, that is when things start to shift. For one, this man is very insecure especially once in a relationship. Whenever things get rough between the two of you or there is an argument, he will start to think the grass is greener on the other side. This will usually lead to him stepping outside of the relationship. His fear is to be left all alone, and therefore he will usually have a backup plan... or two. Yes, the dark sided Libra is the man you hear about with one or two side chicks. Due to his charm, he can usually get a women who is not as secure in herself to play her role on the side quite well.

Another thing to know when dealing with this dark sided man is that he is the biggest OPPORTUNIST. He is not the type to get his hands dirty and do the grunt work, but is is the type to want and need nice things surrounding him. If he is with you he will use his charm to get you to provide the lavish lifestyle he feels he deserves. All on your dime. This can mean putting a car in your name FOR HIM, talking indirectly about the new Gucci belt that he just has to have, or asking you for money so that he does not have to spend his own. You see before settling down with you, he not only judged you on your looks, but also by what you can do for him. Therefore, he knows that the opportunity is there to get something from the relationship that can support his need to live quite nicely.

The Dark Sided Cancer Man

Cancer men LOVE women. No seriously, they LOVE women. I don’t know a Cancer man who feels complete without a woman by his side. Their emotional nature is tied to other women (Moon = women, feminine energy). They hope to find a woman who is open to forming an emotional bond with him so he can create his own family unit. Cancers are tenacious, so they are determined in finding a woman that he feels is best for him. Cancer’s are the crabs of the zodiac, so once his little crabby claws are around a woman that he really likes, he won’t let her go.

This brings me to my first point. Cancer men have a hard time letting things go, even if it destroys them, breaks their heart, leads to emotional instability, you name it. They are moody and sensitive, so dating a Cancer man means dealing with their tumultuous emotions. At times they don’t even know what they’re feeling, they just know that they’re feeling something. One day the Cancer man can be feeling you and the next day he’s not feeling you. It all depends on the mood he’s in.

Cancer men are also very guarded and have a need to protect themselves. if you haven’t heard their crazy childhood stories already, get ready. Be prepared to use his childhood problems as an excuse for his immature ways. Cancer men are usually on the defensive as he believes women are out to get him and that women do not understand him even though he expresses and shows his emotions with no problem (Go ahead & roll your eyes). Cancer men are also passive-aggressive, so while they say that they express and show their emotion, they are known to retreat in their little crabby shell at the slightest offense and NOT EVEN COMMUNICATE to you about something you did (whether you have knowledge about what you did or not).

He’s known for giving partners the silent treatment and purposely ignoring text messages/phone calls (you know he enabled read receipts) to annoy you even more. All of this is to emotionally manipulate you into giving him something he’s not clear on himself. Cancer men can be sooooo petty and vengeful. He’ll snap his crabby claws if he interprets you or your actions as a threat.

Cancer men are the classic criers and whiners. He can also be thin-skinned and gets upset at the smallest things. At times he’s crabby for no reason at all. Well… it’s for a reason. He wants to be babied and nurtured and he’ll pretend to be mad just to get your attention, just like an infant would.

Cancer men can be more protective over his feelings so this is why he seems as if he’s selfish. (Cancer has Aries in the 10th so Cancers are known to think about themselves first a lot of times).

Cancer men can also be these types who believe women are supposed to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. This is as a result of:

- the lack of masculine energy in his life

- men around him enabling and babying him

- men teaching him NOT to view and treat women

- expecting women to assume the responsibility instead of getting off his crabby patty butt up and being a man

Yes, Cancer men are known to talk on the phone allllll day with you and still not make the next step. He fear emotional abandonment. And if the relationship with his mother is nonexistent or toxic, look at that as a preview of how he will treat you (unless he’s trying to deal and heal with that).

He’s also clingy in relationships. Once you begin to fill his cup, he will keep you around to make sure his cup is filled. If you’re dealing with a Crabby man, make sure he WANTS you and he’s not just waiting on YOU to fulfill all his needs while you feel drained and depleted.

Dark Sided Leo Man

Get ready to stroke some egos. When dating this dark sided man you will have to offer up more than your fair share of compliments. Out of all twelve zodiac signs, the dark sided Leo man is by far the most ego driven. Leo is ruled by the sun, and these men love to SHINE! They find ways to be in the spotlight. Most are very materialistic, and will go broke buying clothes, shoes, and cars. They are the men wearing well over $700 dollar outfits and jewelry with overdrawn bank accounts. Do not be fooled. Looks can definitely be deceiving with this one.

If this man is indeed dark sided, he surely suffers from insecurity. He will do just about anything to get attention- even if that means telling a lie or three. These men are excellent liars. They will tell small lies as well as big lies and not think twice about it. His main goal will be to impress you by any means necessary, and he will say just about anything to paint himself in the best light possible. When asked his profession he will claim to be self employed. This usually translates to unemployed. If he is employed, he will over exaggerate his position, duties, as well as his pay. If what he says seems to good to be true, it usually is.

These men have a hard time handling and expressing their emotions. When they become emotionally charged about something it will usually be expressed through anger. They refuse to be viewed as weak in anyway. If they are embarrassed or called out, they will always find a way to flip the script. This usually involves acting out aggressively. These lions have fiery tempers and will not back down from a fight or argument. If you are a reserved and calm woman, they can very easily back you into a corner by being manipulative and intimidating. In this case, being silent is your greatest weapon. If it's one thing a Leo hates, it is being ignored.

Child like behavior and immaturity are two other qualities that can be added to the list of dark sided traits. These men love to play games of all kind. Whether its video games or mind games, the dark sided Leo is one of the best to ever do it. They have a way of making you feel special and adored. However, it is in your best interest know who you are and be secure in yourself. As soon as they do not get their way, or you go against them, they will hold back attention and affection until you feel so fearful and insecure you give in to their demands. Strong boundaries are a must!These men are one of the biggest players in the game. They love ego strokes, and will entertain several women at one time because they so desperately crave the attention.

Whatever you do, do not try to outshine this lion in any way. When out and about, he needs to feel like the center of attention. He is in competition with everyone for the spotlight- including you! Instead of being your biggest supporter, he will be quick to knock you down if he feels like your accomplishments and personality outshines his. He will be envious and feel threatened if you are the more successful one in the relationship. This will be a bruise to his ego- and when his ego is bruised and his confidence is low, that is when the cheating begins. He will find another woman, usually of lower quality, to stoke his ego. If you have been cheated on by a Leo man with a woman on a lower level than you, this is usually why. Just know this dark-sided man just could not handle how bright your star was shining!

Check out part 2 of "Red Flags When Dating Each Man Of The Zodiac"

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