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May 2020 New Moon In Gemini: Self Discovery, Passion, and Purpose

Artist Liam Cartoon

The May New Moon will take place Friday, May 22nd at 1:38 pm EST in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. The planet of our thinking, mind, and how we communicate.

The new moon phase is a time to plant seeds in the form of intentions. Performing a New Moon Ritual and intentionally choosing to set intentions that are associated with Gemini energy, adds strength to all your wishes and goals you wish to see manifest into your reality.

When the new moon is in Gemini, it is a great time to focus on manifesting things such as:

  • New Ways Of Communicating

  • New Things To Learn

  • Cars

  • Short Distance Travel

  • Communication From Others

Since Gemini also rules the hands, lungs, and breathing system, this is also an ideal time to do healing rituals for these areas. Throat chakra work is also ideal at this time.

Self Discovery, Passion, and Purpose

At this time many are rediscovering themselves. There is this sense of finally knowing what it is you need to do after a long time of being confused about what direction to take. You are coming into balance with yourself.

Even though partnership is coming up, I see it taking a backseat to your dreams Many will be setting intentions that are rightfully selfish. The focus will be on self-discovery, passion, and purpose, and stepping into your destiny. Between now and the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 5th, you will be divinely guided towards people, opportunities, and experiences that can point you towards your true north.

The energy is very positive, uplifting, and exciting. It always is when we find pieces of ourselves we lost or never knew existed. Your job is to receive all the goodness that is being sent your way that may be disguised as small milestones. Celebrate the small things and the small improvements in yourself and in your life. Most importantly, show gratitude to spirit for showing up for you.

When things are going right, there is usually someone or something that comes in to distract or test us. This time is no different. This is your forewarning that something or someone may try to intentionally or unintentionally try to deter you by making you feel down or incapable of being the person you are trying to become. This can even be your own inner critic. Regardless of how this energy shows up, it only has the power you give it. Be the goddess you are and stand firm in what you know is true for yourself. You got this!

Sample Gemini New Moon Intentions:

“I choose to receive a vehicle that I love and feel like a goddess driving. This vehicle is reliable and safe and allows me to physically get from one destination to the next.

“I choose to receive a mind that is peaceful and calm. I can think clearly and make clear and sound decisions.”

“I choose to easily express my wants, needs, and desires to the universe and others. Speaking my truth comes naturally to me and others receive my words and respect them.”

"I choose to receive the ability to connect socially with others in an uplifting way. Speaking life into those who come into contact with me and receiving the same in return."

“I choose to easily find myself thinking on my feet and giving accurate and intelligent responses.”

New Moon Advice

Below you will find the new moon advice for each life path number. To find your life path, add all the numbers in the birth date together to get the life path number.

For example, a person born on 12/21/1985:

1+2+2+1+1+9+8+6= 30

Next, reduce to a single-digit


This person will be a life path number 3

Life Path 1

This New Moon is about going after your dreams. It is time! If you have been procrastinating on taking action on a passion due to fear or uncertainty, this new moon is your call to action. Also, do something at this time that expands your horizons and makes you feel alive. This is also a time to tap into your creativity.

“I embrace my optimistic, energetic, and creative energy. I will use this energy to motivate me to go after the things that fill me up with passion and bring me purpose.”

Life Path 2

This New Moon you are feeling very happy and positive. Things seem to be working out fro your highest good, and things are starting to fall into place. Try not to question the good things that are in your life or that may happen during this time. No need to pinch yourself, it is real! Most importantly… You Deserve It!

“I welcome all good things and all my wishes and dreams in with open arms and gratitude.”

Life Path 3

This New Moon you are advised to make long term plans that in alignment with things you wish to see happen in your life within the next six months. For those of you who have already made plans and started taking action already, have patience. You will soon see the results of your work.

"I make plans and take actions on my intentions and have patience while waiting for them to appear in my physical reality"

Life Path 4

This New Moon do not get deterred by any challenges that may come to you. Stay focused on the brilliant ideas that have been gifted to you to come through you. Also, be sure to set boundaries and communicate them clearly during this time.

“I am acting on all my ideas with focus and determination. Nothing or no one will get in the way of greatness being birthed through me.”

Life Path 5

This New Moon your perspective is changing. You are viewing things through a new lens and things that were once cloudy and confusing are now clear. You feel free and more like your true self. Take time out to really notice how much you have grown and how far you have come.

“I see things clearly for what they are and not for what I wish them to be, that includes myself.”

Life Path 6

This New Moon you may feel a sense of boredom that distracts you from noticing the beauty and blessings around you. Life may not be perfect, but things are also not the worst they can be. Focus on all the good that is happening and take your attention away from the bad. You are blessed… take time to notice the blessings.

“I am so blessed and favored and I show gratitude for those people and things in my life that reflect those blessings back to me every day.”

Life Path 7

This New Moon you are being called to connect with others who are of like minds and who are headed in the same direction as you. Whether it is by joining a class, seminar, group, or a new friendship circle. Get around people who motivate you to keep pushing and going in the direction you are being called to go in.

“I am surrounded by people who get me, support me, motivate me, and inspire me to be the best authentic version of myself.”

Life Path 8

This New Moon things are starting to pick up the pace and move forward. This is communication coming in from connections you thought had fallen by the wayside. This communication brings up some curiosity as well as some nervousness. Do not rush to respond. Instead, take a day or two to reflect and get your mind right first.

“I act in wisdom by taking time to reflect on my feelings and thoughts before responding in an emotional or impulsive way."

Life Path 9

This New Moon you are being asked to listen to your intuition when it comes to how you give of your time, energy, space, and heart. Evaluate how you show up in relationships and how the other person shows up for you. Use the insight you gather and act by making well thought out plans about how to adjust any feelings and signs of codependency.

“I shift my focus back to me and making myself complete. It is time to love on myself… mind, body, and soul.”

Life Path 11

This New Moon you are feeling some emotional highs. For some, these are good feelings, and for others not so much. Regardless, there is a need to get grounded and keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. This will help avoid burnout and false realities taking over.

"I am grounded in my truth and in reality. I control my emotions and I do not let them control me."

Life Path 22

This New Moon, blocks are lifted. You are or have successfully balanced a situation that you felt was out of your control. There is a sense of relief and a newfound peace accompanied with more confidence that you feel. Good job on not giving up!

"I am at peace and free from all worry, stress, and anxiety. Due to this, things in my life work out for my highest good.”

Life Path 33

This New Moon you are putting in work to build something profound. This is something that will create long-lasting stability and security for you, allowing you to live out dreams you never knew you had. This is work you enjoy doing and you are learning so much in the process. Especially about yourself.

“I put in the work, time, and energy now so that later I can work less and have more time and energy to enjoy life to the fullest."

Do not forget to do your New Moon Ritual for this New Moon in Taurus. New Moon Ritual For Manifesting Your Best Life is an easy yet effective ritual that will help you manifest your dreams into your reality.

Want to take things a step further? Take a Spiritual Self Love Bath or Spiritual Money Bath after you perform your New Moon Ritual.

Happy Manifesting :)

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