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May 2020 Goddess Horoscope: Spiritual Connections and Career Changes

Welcome to May!

It is officially May y’all! This year so far has definitely been one for the books. Thankfully, this month the energy seems to usher in new beginnings that are necessary. May is the fifth month of the year. The number five carries the energy of change and adventure, and this is definitely what can be expected.

We start the month off with Taurus season. Taurus energy is slow, steady, and stable. The month tends to start off this way. However, many will feel that something is coming… a change. For some, these changes could have already happened in April, and this will be a month of adjusting and settling into your new reality.

So let's see what we can expect for this month.

Important Dates In May

  • May 7th at 6:45am est Full Moon In Scorpio

  • May 11th Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius

  • May 13th Venus goes retrograde in Gemini

  • May 21st the Sun goes into Gemini

  • May 22nd at 1:38pm est New Moon In Gemini

Spiritual Connections

This month, there is strong energy around manifesting soulful relationships. You may find that you meet people that you instantly vibe and connect with on a deep level. This could come in the form of a friend or lover. Some are calling in or receiving communication from a twin flame.

A deepening and healing is also occurring in connections already in your life. For those dealing with a friend, familial, or romantic partnership that has been a little intense over the last few weeks or months, this month is a time where things can begin to get back on track. With Venus going retrograde on the 13th, the key is getting to the root of all the issues in order to heal them.

Speaking of Venus retrograde, this retrograde is one known for bringing back people from our past that we once (or still do) had an emotional connection with. These are usually connections with unfinished business. Between May 13th and June 25th, tie up any loose ends by forgiving and moving on.

Career Changes

The main area of change for many will be in the area of work and career. For some, these changes are minor changes, and for others, these changes may be life-altering. Regardless, it is very important to know that everything is happening for you and not to you. If you have lost a job or get news of a layoff, the energy surrounding this is one of “better things on the horizon”.

For a select few of you, life has taken you off path when it comes to how you should be spending your time and energy. You are not using your talents and skills due to being overworked and depleted. This month will be a wake-up call to start earning money through your own creative abilities and to start walking in your purpose.

Patience Please

Even though this month is going to push many of us out of our comfort zone, this is definitely not the time to jump blindly without a safety net. The energy is more of flow with the changes, not force them. Maintain your same routine and lifestyle, unless things outside of your control cause you to take another course of action. Impulsive decisions will cause more harm than good and will be a huge mistake right now.

If you have been working tirelessly towards a goal or to manifest something into your reality, remember this is the season of slow and steady. You may not see immediate results or any results this month, but know that delays are not denials. What you have been working on is about to produce tangible results. Keep going and do not quit. Check out Taurus Season: How To Use The Energy To Manifest Your Desires for ways you can use this season to bring into fruition the things you desire.

Protect Your Energy

This month is a time where those around you may not be in the best place. There will be people who are sad, frustrated, angry, scared, and just down emotionally. Unfortunately, some may take this out on you. Stay clear of anyone trying to project their fears and insecurities in your direction. Do not engage in the energy, and do not allow others' opinions or words to affect your overall energy and happiness. Focus on you. Work on healing any personal issues you have going on within yourself, and let others deal with their own mess.

If you need any personal guidance or would like to learn how to master your goddess energy, I am now accepting 1:1 Goddess Coaching clients.

Until Next Time…

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