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May 2020 Full Moon In Scorpio: Emotions Triggered and New Insights

full moon in scorpio
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The moon will be full in the sign of Scorpio on May 7th at 6:45 am EST. It will be intense energy that is probably already being felt by some. When the moon is full, it illuminates those things that we have buried deep down in our subconscious. There will be a lot of us who are being led by our fears and insecurities, disguising them as our intuition. Expect to be triggered at the time of the full moon and the days leading up to it. You may want to respond and act on the thoughts that are going through your mind, but just stay still and do not take any action.

Unfounded Fears

As I mentioned, this full moon will trigger a lot of different emotions within us. Fear is one of them. Whatever your mind is trying to convince you is going on or happening, do not give energy to it unless you have tangible proof and evidence. Over analyzing and overthinking can take over right now. It is important to deal with whatever comes up during this time ALONE. Go into reflection by journaling, meditating, doing yoga, or dancing. Anything that helps you to ground yourself and tap fully into your inner voice.

Breaking Free From Reoccurring Patterns

This energy can be very liberating if used correctly. It can help you free yourself from your own toxic behaviors and self-sabotaging tendencies. Scorpio wants us to bring death upon all those feelings of doubt, unworthiness, fear, confusion, bad habits, and all that no longer serves us. Once we do this, we free up energy blocks and create space for new energy and new beginnings. The old must be released so that the new can enter.

Focused Intention

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Usually, the full moon is focused on releasing. However, you can benefit a great deal by getting laser-focused and clear about what it is you want. There is a lot of emotion inside of us at the time of the full moon. Channeling this emotion and using it to manifest by setting intentions, visualizing, and then performing some type of movement (yoga or dance), can usher in your desires fairly quickly as long as you keep your vibration high and have faith that it is already yours.

New Ideas, Insights, and Epiphanies

For those who are grounded and clear-minded, prepare to be inspired. During this time you may receive important information through others or from spirit. Write down everything that comes to you. After the full moon energy has passed, take fearless action. It will lead you to new opportunities and for some, it is an answer to your prayers.

Have you been confused about a situation or waiting for communication from someone? There is a high probability that you will receive communication that gives you clarity. For some, you may have an epiphany about a person, job, situation, or even yourself. Take note but do not act or communicate your findings. Wait until the timing is right, now is not that time.

Action To Take This Full Moon

  1. Take A Spiritual Cleansing Bath

  2. Perform Your Full Moon Ritual

  3. Set Very Clear Intentions

  4. Visualize What Life Would Be Like Once You Receive These Things. Put You Emotion Into The Visualization

  5. Move Your Body. Dance to a song or two, or do some yoga. Squats are a great way to move your body and ground yourself at the same time.

  6. End With Gratitude. Write three things you are grateful for starting with, “I am so happy and so grateful for….”

Full Moon In Scorpio Affirmation

"I no longer honor any vow, intention, commitment, or vow said by me or about me that is based in fear or doubt. I choose to take time and space for myself to decide what is true for me. PERIOD!"

I would also advise for the next few days really focusing on the root chakra. For ways to open and balance the root chakra, check out Root Chakra 101.

Remember you are in control of your emotions and you are master of your thoughts. This full moon, do not let your mind and emotions control you.

Until next time….

Happy Manifesting!

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