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Mars Retrograde 2020: What Is It and What To Expect

So this post is an astrological retrograde update. Yes, there is another planet going retrograde!

I speak a lot on Venus and the Divine Feminine energy. Today, I want to touch base on the masculine energy of the planet Mars. Mars the God of war will be going retrograde in the sign of Aries where it is strong and exalted. The last time Mars was retrograde in Aries was in 1941 and 1988.

What Does Mars Represent

Mars is the planet of ego, identity, energy, passion, sexual desire, action, and drive. It is the planet the pushes us to accomplish our goals and go after our dreams. Where Mars is located in your chart (house and sign) will determine your energy levels, as well as if you are lazy or a go-getter.

Mars thrives in Aries. He is courageous, strong, fearless, trailblazing, and highly energetic. When he is retrograde, he can tend to be scared to take action, procrastinate, loss of energy, and lack of sexual desire.

Roadblocks and Restrictions

Mars entered into the fiery sign of Aries on June 27th where it has been stirring up trouble. At the beginning of August, Mars started fighting with Saturn. Pluto, and Jupiter who all are transiting the sign of Capricorn. We have been seeing the combative energy in our personal lives as well as in the world. Needless to say if you are an Aries, Capricorns may not have been your favorite people lately, and vice versa.

Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, represents restraints and restrictions. Aries which is ruled by Mars represents impulsive and fast action. During this time, we may get frustrated by the restrictions and setbacks this transit will bring. There may also be a lack of confidence in taking action or believing you can accomplish or achieve.a desire or goal.

This is not the time to take action on new plans or charge forward into uncharted territory to do something that requires a lot of work and effort. Instead, use this time while Mars is retrograde to review all your actions, choices, and decisions made since late winter 2019. What can you improve, what could you have done better, where can you enhance your skills, and how can you recalibrate your energy levels?

An Intense Fall Season

This fall we can expect the energies to get very intense. There will be a lot of anger that comes to the surface. Remember you can not control the anger around you that comes from others, but you can control how you respond. You can also control how you handle and deal with our anger.

Do constructive things to channel this energy. Do physical things to release your anger such as working out and having sex. Recommit and focus on the things that make you happy and bring out positive emotions in you,.Anger cannot reside and linger in a body that is positive and happy.

There is also a strong need this fall to protect your energy and your vibration. Find ways to raise your vibration, take care of your vitality, and be as productive as you can without burning yourself out. Doing the Fiery Wall Of Protection Ritual will help put an energetic shield around you. I also highly recommend taking a Goddess Cleansing Shower regularly while Mars is retrograde. Doing a Self-Love Bath weekly to balance out the intense masculine energy of Mars this fall.

Needless to say, this fall will be a little challenging with Mars retrograde, but if you are doing what you can to keep your anger at bay and energy levels high, you will be just fine.

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