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Mars In The Signs: How You Should Take Action

When I want to know how someone can be the most productive and get the best results from the actions they take, I look at the planet Mars. Mars is our action planet. Depending on the sign Mars is in and the aspects it makes to other planets, I can tell how a person will choose to handle situations, their work ethic, their warrior spirit and so much more.

My mars is in Capricorn. I must take grounded, thought out action, and know that I must have patience and be willing to WORK in order to get the best results possible. However, my Aries sun (squaring my mars) wants things now! Before I learned how to balance these energies within me, my actions never produced the results I wanted. Now I use my Aries sun energy to add fire and passion to my goals, but allow my Capricorn Mars to help me be patient, remain grounded, and persevere.

You see everyone is different and will take action differently. For me partnering up with a Gemini Mars in business may really frustrate my Capricorn Mars. Knowing your mars sign and the mars sign of those around you will really help you understand the decisions and the course of action others take. Below I have listed how each Mars sign can take the most effective action and get the best results.

Mars In Each Sign

Aries, you take the most effective action when you are enthusiastic and courageous. You do the best when you are following your own lead and not the lead of others.

Taurus you take the most effective action when you make a plan and stay the course no matter how long it takes.

Gemini oddly enough you take the best action and get the most done when you are doing many things at once. Multi-tasking is your strong suit and keeps you interested at obtaining your goals.

Cancer you take the most effective action when you are cautious and make moves that do not threaten your sense of security in any way (financial, family, job, relationship). Remember to always think about what makes you secure and how those things will be affected in the long run by your actions.

Leo, you take the most effective action when you use your strength and willpower to get things done. If you are in the spotlight, that is extra motivation for you to succeed.

Virgo, you take the most effective action when you are organized and have a plan. Having a to-do list and crossing off things you have completed motivates you to keep going.

Libra you take the most effective action when you are being DECISIVE and making sure your actions maintain the balance in your life that desperately you need.

Scorpio you take the most effective action when you have set a definitive goal and focus all your obsessive energy into obtaining it.

Sagittarius you take the most effective action when you are not scattered and find exciting and adventurous ways to accomplish your goals.

Capricorn you take the most effective action when our are level headed, focused, and are properly prepared. Mars is the strongest in Capricorn so you definitely have the drive to get things done.

Aquarius you take the most effective action when you find unconventional ways to get things done. Thinking out of the box gets you far.

Pisces you take the most effective action when you let your intuition lead, avoid procrastination, and find creative ways to accomplish your goals.

Now that you know how to take the most effective action, start implementing your mars sign energy into your life and see how much more productive you are. Let me know how it goes!

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