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Manifesting Love Using Your Divine Feminine Energy

Having trouble manifesting love?

Have you ever wondered why you are so successful in all areas of your life but find it hard to attract and keep a man? Or what about.... why is it that someone you may feel is "not on your level" has no problem obtaining all the things you wish you had? If you answered yes to any of these questions you probably are not connected to your divine feminine energy, also know as yin energy.

Follow me here. Most women in today’s world have no idea who they are. They have no idea of their power and what they are capable of. In ancient times, men took entire countries to war over a woman. Back then women were very much in tune with their goddess energy. With the hustle and bustle of society today, women are not in touch with their true essence, therefore their power lies dormant and is never utilized.

You see the world has made it so that women are soooo busy chasing their dreams and being successful, that she has forgotten to actually be the goddess that she truly is. Do not get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with striving for success. However, everything is about BALANCE.

Have you heard of Yin and Yang? The goal is to have a balance of both of these energies but that is rarely the case. Yang energy is masculine. This is the energy that men naturally have more of. This energy makes men competitive and driven. It is what makes them go after the woman they desire, work hard at success, and naturally want to compete with other men, usually for our attention.

Men crave Yin energy unknowingly because they have so little of it. As humans we naturally crave that which we are lacking. If you are lacking calcium in your body you will start to crave dairy foods. It’s just how we're built. So with that being said, men are highly attracted to a woman connected with her divine feminine (yin) energy. Yep they find this more attractive than a woman who makes 6 figures, drives a foreign car, has 4 degrees, even one that is drop dead gorgeous. Why do you think there are so many successful and beautiful SINGLE women?

See men are visual creatures and beauty will usually capture their attention. However, it will not KEEP his attention. That is where divine feminine energy comes into play. So when you question why you can't attract or keep a man because you have so much to offer and bring so much to the table, CHECK YOUR YIN ENERGY!

Most women are not connected to their divine feminine and lack yin energy. This happen when there is no balance in chasing their dreams (yang energy) with NURTURING themselves and others (yin energy). Women today have very high levels of yang energy and for a man who is already yang driven, this does nothing for his craving for YIN. This is usually why you will see men cheat or even view their partners more as competition than a teammate. The woman that gets a man so excited that he will eat out of the palm of her hand, or sadly even destroy his current relationship for her, is usually a woman that has very high or balanced yin energy.

In the past women knew this. This is when women were not weighed down by society to run their households AND bring home the bacon. They actually had time to focus on nurturing themselves, taking care of their children, being creative, and doing things they enjoy WITH VERY LITTLE STRESS. These are all things that connect you with your divine feminine and increases your yin energy.

When you master your divine feminine energy and find balance, your options in love will expand.... and who doesn't like options?

Find some simple ways you can raise your energy by checking out this previous blog post. If you are interested in really taking your life to the next level check out the Goddess Mindset Club.

Until Next Time.....

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