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by ruth skyy

July 2020 Divine Feminine Horoscope: Passion Ignited, Upcoming Changes, and Freedom

july 2020 horoscope goddess

Welcome to July Goddess!

Whew, 2020 has been a whirlwind so far, hasn’t it?!? Good news though. You are still here! As we enter July we have 5 planets retrograde, one of which is good ole Mercury. Mercury is currently retrograde in the sign of Cancer, where it is pushing us to share our feelings. The way we express and share our emotions with others will be the ultimate test of Mercury.

Cancer is a water sign, and while the Sun and Mercury are both transiting the sign, it will be easy for us to project our own feelings and emotions onto others, and vice versa. Be careful not to fall into the group who fails to see their own faults and projects them onto others. Instead, think before you respond, and use this time to do shadow work by letting your triggers guide you.

Important Dates

July 5th Full Moon In Cancer

July 12th Mercury Goes Direct

July 20th New Moon In Cancer

July 23rd Sun Enters Leo

Freedom Bells Are Ringing

This month freedom is gifted to those who have been doing the work! Whether you have been putting your energy into building a business, bank account, or just mentally letting go of limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, you will start to see some results from your actions. Financial and mental freedom is on the horizon, and this month gives a glimpse of hope as to what is to come. So keep pushing!

Change On The Horizon

Over the last few months, we have been seeing major shifts and changes in the world, which in return has also shifted and changed our perspective on our own reality. In July, many will start to see the changes they have been making internally start to manifest into physical form. This has definitely been a year of healing on so many levels. Your healing is leading you to soon make major life changes that are in alignment with the newer version of yourself.

Not all of these changes will be comfortable. Some will be hard, but they are necessary. Have faith and act on divine guidance that is leading you to your purpose and putting you back on the path. You have been praying and setting intentions for guidance, do not let the fear of change be the reason you miss your blessing.

It’s LIT!

Yesssss…. there is a fire that is igniting in July. Many are diving into passion projects that light them up. Others are renewing or experiencing a new romantic connection that is very passionate and filled with fire and temptation. With Mars now in its ruling sign of Aries, things are sure to be lit this month! Make sure you are using this energy constructively. When fire energy is not channeled into something positive, it can express itself through restlessness, impulsive actions, and aggression. So intentionally use this energy to create instead of destroy.

Have Empathy

It is sooooo important to remember that everyone will handle the energy of this month differently. Not everyone is aware of what is going on from a spiritual perspective. There is a need to be empathetic and understanding of those who may not conduct themselves the best. If someone projects their own issues, fears, and insecurities onto you, do not get upset. Just choose to not except their projections as your truth and keep it moving. No need to go back and forth or try to prove yourself this month, because it will go in one ear and out the other, Choose your battles wisely, have empathy, and continue healing and smiling :)

I hope you have an AMAZING July! Check out the monthly readings for your sign below for more guidance. Of course I will be keeping you updated and informed throughout the month on my Facebook page and by email, so make sure you are following me and that you are on my mailing list. Love ya Goddess!

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