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January 2020 New Moon In Aquarius: Breaking Free and Unexpected Change

This month the New Moon will take place on January 24th at 4:42pm EST in the sign of Aquarius. The energy of this full moon could easily be mistaking for a full due to the moon aspecting Uranus, the planet of freedom and unexpected change. This energy can create sudden mood swings in yourself or in others.

There could be a strong desire to break free of a situation that you feel is restricting you and holding you back. If you have been hesitating on letting go of someone or something, you may find yourself finally doing so out of the blue. Usually this will happen with situations that have gone long past there expiration date.

During this time Venus is also aspecting Neptune, the planet of deception and illusion. There could be feelings of suspicion or jealousy that you feel or that is directed to you. Stay grounded. Things are very unclear at this time and the suspicion could be unfounded. Do not accuse anyone of anything unless you have hard facts. In a few days this energy should pass. If your suspicions are true, you may receive validation at the next full moon.

Partnerships Are Evolving

Aquarius is the sign of evolution and at the time of this new moon partnerships are being evolved. This is happening in different ways. For some, the time has come where you and another person are finally seeing things from each others point of view. Perspectives has changed, and an end will come to all the opposing viewpoints and not seeing things eye to eye.

For others, your relationship may be evolving into a new phase. Between now and the next 3 months there may be a proposal, wedding, or other commitment (moving in together, becoming exclusive) between you and a partner. For those who are single, you will be evolving to a new level of love for yourself that helps you attract in your ideal partner. This will be more so during the summer months.

Evolving in this scenario also refers to you evolving to a place of peace, where you are finally able to let go of a person who you have been separated from or who has caused you emotional hurt. Many will find mental freedom and emotional peace as it relates to a situation that caused heartbreak and sadness.

Inspired Ideas That Lead To Financial Gain

Around the time of the New Moon be sure to write down any idea that comes to you out of the blue. Any grand idea surrounding business or job opportunities, investment ideas, or lottery numbers may deem fruitful. This is a time to write it down and then take action. You will be disappointed in the future if you don't.

Also, if you have been sitting on a business idea or a creative project now is the time to move forward with it. Release any fears and self doubt that you may have surrounding this endeavor being a success. The energy is supporting all ideas that are original and acted upon in a consistent manner. During the new moon write out your plan on how you will get this idea off the ground and then go for it without hesitation.

For those looking to go back to school or learn a new skill, timing is favorable.

Healing Healer, Healed

Illness in all forms will be highlighted at this time. Be sure to get your regular check ups and look into any long term symptoms you may have been ignoring. There is a strong healing energy surrounding the collective right now that is aligning us with the right healers and remedies. These can be spiritual healers, therapists, medical doctors, or holistic healers.

Now is also a great time to explore second opinions and alternative medicine if you have not been seeing any improvement in your health. Herbal remedies and holistic care may be an option that will bring relief.

Chakra Work

The solar plexus is being highlighted now. Working with this chakra during this new moon will be very beneficial. If you have been lacking confidence or feeling powerless and out of control in your life working on your solar plexus can help. Try doing the following:

  • Examine the areas where you feel the must out of control and write down ways you can improve these areas.

  • Say affirmations related to the solar plexus

  • Chant the mantra "Om Ram" 108 times.

Full Moon Advice For Each Sign

Below you will find advice for each sign. I suggest reading your moon sign first. It is usually the most accurate for reading related to the full or new moon energy. Follow up by reading your sun sign and rising sign to paint the picture more clearly.


This new moon you have a strong desire to be free from all burdens, restrictions, and anything that is weighing you down. Now is the time to begin a new journey that leads you towards happiness and your purpose. The key is, you are being guided to pack light. It is time to let go of all that no longer serves you and go after your dreams fearlessly and



This new moon you may be feeling a sense of discontentment and boredom in an area of life or just life in general. It is important to not get distracted and stay focused. Don't get caught up in how things are not moving forward as fast as you may like. You may be hearing news or receiving an apology from someone within the next 4 days or the 4th of February.


This new moon you may receive communication from someone from your past, or you may be thinking about someone from the past that is no longer in your life. When hearing from or thinking of this person, try to remember things as how they really occurred. Try not to remember events that transpired between the two of you in a worse or better light to avoid making a decision you may regret.


This new moon you may be confused or stuck in your head from over-analyzing a certain situation. It is important to stay grounded at this time so you can see the situation clearly. You have power in this situation and your power comes from making a decision. No more procrastination.


This new moon your guard is up and you may feel the need to defend yourself and/or others. It is important right now to protect the fruits of your labor and stay alert for possible challenges that lie ahead. No worries... things will work out in your favor.


This new moon you are feeling passionate about your ideas. Many of you are taking action to get things done and in order. You may hear from someone you trusted who not only let you down but left you to pick up the pieces. This person may be a fire sign or someone with fire sign traits (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo). Be confident, stand your ground, and get the closure you need... then move on in the opposite direction.


This new moon you are magical! You can do anything and manifest anything right now. If you have been feeling powerless, now is the time to take your power back and take charge of your life. The energy of this new moon fully supports you stepping into your greatness. So set your intentions and watch things manifest over the next few weeks or months.


This new moon brings a chance to resolve problems and conflicts with someone you were once close too. Many of you have been feeling like giving up on this person and throwing in the towel. However, this relationship can be healed if both parties are willing to work on communication. If you have been doubting this persons true feelings, they care deeply but have a hard time expressing their emotions.


This new moon you are stepping into your Empress energy! You are glowing for all to see. Not only are you attracting attention at this time but you are also drawing to you abundance, and opportunities that will bring about success. Your time is now Sagittarius! Show up and show out.


This new moon your nose is in the books or to the grind. You are extremely focused on your long term goals and pursuing them with all your energy. Your well-thought out plans will go perfectly, allowing you to create financial security and stability. If you were irresponsible or distracted recently, I see you do things different in true Capricorn fashion. Try not to stress. You got this!


This new moon you may find yourself at odds with a person or a group of people. There is too much ego involved in this situation and if not checked can lead to an abrupt ending. This can be on your part or coming from others. Friendship energy is strongly coming up but this could also be related to a love partnership as well. Keep your cool and think before acting right now.


This new moon is bringing a situation into your life that requires immediate attention. This is a situation that you could have possibly been avoiding out of fear of what will follow. Just know that you can successfully manage this situation. Stand in your confidence and take action.This could be involving a relationship with a fire sign (Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo) or a person who is very charming, self confident, passionate, and somewhat scattered at times.

Do not forget to do your New Moon Ritual for this New Moon in Aquarius. New Moon Ritual For Manifesting Your Best Life is an easy yet effective ritual that will help you manifest your dreams into your reality.

Want to take things a step further? Take a Spiritual Self Love Bath or Spiritual Money Bath after you perform your New Moon Ritual.

Happy Manifesting :)

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