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January 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer: Divine Feminine Rise Up!

Artist Olivia Derivas aka taozipie

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will take place in the sign of Cancer on January 10th at 2:21 pm est. During this time, emotions are high. People are very sensitive, and can easily get offended. Be very mindful how you handle the emotions of others right now. Think before you speak and try to stay grounded in your approach. This is not a good time to act off of emotions or to go back and forth with someone who is emotionally charged. With this Full Moon in Cancer also being a lunar eclipse, relationships could end or be changed forever. Make sure that you are choosing your battles and your words wisely.

See the energy related to this full moon below. Scroll to the bottom for advice for each sign on how to navigate this energy in the best way.

Unnecessary Worry and Fear

There is a lot of worry, anxiety, and fear triggering people on a deep level. A lot of this is related to the home and family. For some, this could also be related to money and health. Just know that whatever you are worrying about, your brain is making the situation ten times bigger than it actually is. For the next three days, take it easy and try not to be superwoman. Shift your focus by doing activities that reduce stress. Get a massage or a mani pedi. Curl up and binge watch a Netflix show. Do something that distracts you from the world for at least 2 hours. Set the intention to be mentally at peace.

I am also seeing where some are worrying about news yet to come. You could be waiting for results, details, or information regarding a situation that has you a little (or a lot) uneasy. There is nothing to worry about. The result will either be in your favor or not as bad as you think. If these are results related to your health, return to vitality is coming through strongly. Timing in which you will receive this information is on the 10th (the day of the full moon), 10 days after the full moon, or one month after the full moon. Timing will vary for every one.

Feelings of Jealousy or Insecurity

Some will experience feelings of jealousy and insecurity. These feelings are coming to the surface to be healed and released. We are all human and we all have experienced lower vibrational emotions at some point. Do not beat yourself up. You are human. The best way to handle this energy is to acknowledge the feeling, and try to understand why you are feeling this way. The main reason jealousy of another person comes up, is if there is something that is admired about that person. Just know that anything that person has that is so admirable can also be obtained by you. Once you realize what it is, make a plan on how you can go about manifesting something even better in your life.

Heart Chakra

The color green, which also relates to the heart chakra, came through very strongly during the reading. Many of you have been overly extending yourselves by giving too much. Some may be to the point of burn out. This in return has caused your heart chakra to become over active. For others, you have shut down emotionally due to past hurts or heart break. It is now hard for you to trust and be vulnerable in your current or future connections. This has caused your heart chakra to become blocked.

Bringing your focus to the heart chakra for the next couple of days will be very beneficial. The heart chakra is our receiving chakra. We can not receive our manifestations or the love we desire when our heart chakra is imbalanced and not operating at its full potential. Focus on opening your heart by:

  • doing heart chakra meditations

  • doing forgiveness work

  • chant the mantra “Yum” 108 times

  • incorporate a green drink into your diet

  • eat green colored foods

Managing Resources Wisely

Around the time of the full moon, be mindful of how you use your resources. Your reserves may be running low. Now is not the time to over extend yourself when it comes to your time, energy, and finances. Do not give what you do not have. Do not use valuable time on meaningless situations. Do not put energy into anything or anyone that you will not receive reciprocation or a positive outcome. The word “NO” during this time is your best friend…. Use it!

Travel Plans

Some are traveling during this time or making plans for future travel. If this is you, traveling seems to be very beneficial to your healing and is strongly encouraged. For a select few, I see traveling to your home state or to see family. For another group I see traveling to see a friend or family member who is ill or sickly.

Full Moon Advice For Each Sign

Below you will find advice for each sign. I suggest reading your moon sign first. It is usually the most accurate for reading related to the full or new moon energy. Follow up by reading your sun sign and rising sign to paint the picture more clearly.


This full moon you are being asked to take everyone’s input into consideration. Come together to merge viewpoints and ideas and find common ground when it comes to disagreements or misunderstanding. Balance can be restored in the situation. Take your time and handle every detail and every ones feelings with care. Including your own.


This full moon is calling you into action. You have been in contemplation mode for too long. Now is the time to act on all those ideas you have and fearlessly pursue your dreams. There are amazing opportunities available to you that will lead to life changing new beginnings. You just have to go them!


This full moon is calling out to you to slow down and really pay attention to how you feel rather than what you think. You are being asked to balance your logic with your intuition in order to bring every frustrating situation going on in your life right now into balance. Living to much in your head will lead to slight depression and anxiety. Positive affirmations will be really powerful in shifting your energy and the energy of those connected to you at this time.


This full moon is in your sign and will effect you strongly. You are being asked to fully trust your intuition over that which can be proven. Reflect on everything around you before taking action during this time. Be careful not to make decisions while being overly emotional. Decision made at this time will have long lasting repercussions, good or bad. This is a great time to stay off the scene. Spend quality time alone enjoying your own company.


This full moon is bringing your attention to the partnerships in your life. This could be in love or in business. Partnerships have not been easy. However, around the time of this full moon the end to difficult times are near. Great progress is being made when it comes to communication and understanding each other. For singles, your patience is paying off. Many of you will be meeting a soul mate within the next two weeks to two months. This person is a team player and will inspire you to really step into your power. Long term connections are being sent your way.


This full moon is asking you to remain focused and to not get distracted by mundane thoughts that are not based in reality. You may find yourself overthinking or focusing on the less magical parts of life. The truth is, you have so much to be grateful for. Focus on the things that bring you joy and sets your soul on fire. Do not take your connections with other genuine souls for granted. Any discontentment you feel with life at this time is temporary. Stay grounded.


This full moon you are being asked to follow your passion. Especially when it comes to your career and hobbies. If you have been met with resistance in the workplace or in your business, that energy will be resolved within the next 3 days to 3 weeks. Really focus on using your creativity to enhance your skills and set you apart from others. People see you and are watching. You will be compensated for the effort you put in now in March through promotion or a raise.


This full moon brings you the strength you need to overcome any and all obstacles over the next few months. You are bringing your attention to healing any habits that are currently holding you back. I see you releasing low vibrational influences such as drinking, smoking, gambling, and toxic behaviors. There is also a healing coming into a relationship through kindness and forgiveness. This could be a relationship with a family member or lover. It can also very well be the relationship you have with yourself.


This full moon is lifting blocks for you. If you have been putting in the work, especially during Sagittarius season of 2019, you will be recognized and celebrated for your accomplishments other the next 7 weeks or so. Be mindful that this is only the beginning. Do not allow to much celebrating cause you to lose focus and get off track. Stick to your plan and stay dedicated to the course, and there will be more for you to celebrate in the summer.


This full moon is calling you to stand in your truth and do what you know is right. Do not let the opinions of others deter or distract you from implementing the new ideas you have. Take action immediately. It is also important to clearly communicate your needs at this time. Try not to become passive aggressive. Instead focus on being direct and straight forward when it comes to what you expect to receive from a person or situation.


This full moon will bring up feelings of nostalgia for you. You may find yourself thinking about the past. Your childhood may be playing a major role in how you are currently handling the situations in your life. This full moon is a perfect time to release past baggage and heal any childhood wound or trauma by bringing attention to it, accepting it for what it was, and releasing it with love.Over the next six days to six weeks, you may also be contacted by a past lover who feels that they were wronged by you in some way. Be gentle with this person and try to see things from their perspective. This is an opportunity for you to gain closure and release any karma associated with this connection. Use the opportunity wisely. You may not get the chance again.


This full moon is bringing a situation into your life that requires immediate attention. This is a situation that you could have possibly been avoiding out of fear of what will follow. Just know that you can successfully manage this situation. Stand in your confidence and take action.This could be involving a relationship with a fire sign (Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo) or a person who is very charming, self confident, passionate, and somewhat scattered at times.

Do not forget to do your Full Moon Ritual for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Full Moon Ritual: Let That Ish Go is an easy yet effective ritual that will help you release and clear up your energy.

Need to take it a step further and do a thorough cleansing? Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath after you perform your Full Moon Ritual.

Happy Manifesting :)

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