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The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury Retrograde has been affecting our planet and our energy as humans since the beginning of time. However, within the last few years it seems more and more people have become aware of the influence and more familiarized with the term.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is a time when the planet Mercury slows down its orbit around the Sun. The movement gives the illusion that the planet is moving backwards, this is considered the retrograde motion. This astrological occurrence takes place 3-4 times a year and lasts for about 7 weeks. There are three phases to the retrograde process. The pre shadow phase, the retrograde phase, and the post shadow phase. All of these phases have different effects on the earth and all that resides here... including you and me.

What is Mercury's role?

In astrology Mercury is the planet that rules communication, short distance travel, vehicles, the mind, thoughts, the nervous system, siblings, and your immediate environment. When Mercury goes retrograde you can expect delays and misunderstandings in these areas of your life. There may be a lot of miscommunication in your relationships, your thinking and judgement may become cloudy, there could be misunderstandings with your siblings or neighbors, and that person you have been waiting for to reach out.... it may take them longer than usual to do so.

The Common Advice

If you have been doing your research then this is probably not the first blog post you have read and you probably already know that the most common advice that people give on how to survive Mercury's nap time.

  • Avoid making travel plans

  • If you are traveling expect delays and prepare for anything

  • Do not sign any important papers if you can. If this is impossible to avoid make sure you READ before signing. This includes the fine print.

  • Absolutely DO NOT GET MARRIED! During any of the retrograde phases.

  • Be prepared for people and things from your past to resurface. Yes this includes your ex *insert eye roll*

  • Expect delays when it comes to communication of all types. Hearing back from job interviews, the person you went on a date with 3 days ago, the person who owes you money... they all fall in this category.

  • Make sure you double check any written communication you send via email, text, what app, DM, etc... but most importantly make sure you are sending the message to the right person!

Now that we covered the basic but need to know information, I am going to take it a step further and actually tell you all the things that will keep you mentally sane, emotionally strong, and out of jail so that you survive every Mercury retrograde with your dignity and pride still intact :).

Remember Why You Left

Remember earlier I mentioned things and people from your past returning. That ex that you never got closure with may very well be sending you that "Hey big head" or "Hey, it's been a long time" text. Mercury is known to bring back everything and everyone we have not let go of or healed from on a subconscious or conscious level. The best thing for you to do during this time is REMEMBER WHY YOU LEFT. When Mercury is retrograde your thinking and judgement can be cloudy and overly optimistic. This will cause you to only focus on the good times. Like when this person held your hair back while you were throwing up that time you were sick, and at the same time make you forget that they cheated on you twice and left you feeling like something was wrong with you. Usually when Mercury goes direct after a few weeks the ex will disappear just as fast as they appeared and you will be left feeling empty and confused. So when you get that ex text remember why you left, ignore, and go on about your business.

Reconnect With Purpose

Sooo maybe you are the person thinking about reaching out to that ex lover you dated a few months or years ago because your good friend Mercury is moving backwards and drudging up all those wonderful past memories. Before you actually pick up the phone or push the send button, re-evaluate your decision for a few minutes. Why do you want to really reach out to this person and is this something you would do on a normal non Mercury retrograde day? What is the purpose of reconnecting with this person and opening that door back up? If your answer is not an EXTREMELY good answer.... PUT THE PHONE DOWN!

Avoid Mercury Related Things

This includes all the things I mentioned that Mercury rules including Virgo's and Gemini's. No I'm joking... but not really. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Gemini, so when the planet goes retrograde these people will seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed everyday until their ruler goes direct. It's best to be direct when communicating with them and to also stay on their good side. If you are a Virgo or Gemini or have this energy strong in your chart, try to stay as grounded as possible and resist overthinking every word and action of your fellow humans.... including me while you are reading this. I'm a Virgo Rising so I get it :).

Practice Self Care

When Mercury goes retrograde it can do a number on you mentally. You may become very stressed and out of balance if you are not taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. If there is any perfect time to go within, this is the time. Retrograde energy is all about REevaluating, RElaxing, REleasing, and REcentering. Reevaluating your goals and creating an action plan to achieve them once Mercury goes direct is a perfect way to spend your time. Relaxing at home binge watching Netflix or going to a spa will rejuvenate you. Doing a cleanse or a juice fast during this time is also great. Bottom line LOVE ON YOURSELF!

Detach From Drama

This ties in to the the previous tip in so many ways, During the retrograde, it is important to keep your vibration high so that you do not attract drama filled people and situations. I also find it best to stay in your own lane and mind your own business. The second you try to offer help or advice on why your best friend should leave her cheating boyfriend, you may no longer have a best friend. Why Ruth? Well because everyone is super sensitive right now, and also because there is a 99% chance that your advice that was filled with good intention can be taken as you being jealous and overly critical. So to dodge that drama, stay in your own lane and work on loving on you.... oh yea and avoid giving advice.

Learn, Heal, Release

Whatever is presented to you during the time Mercury is retrograde is being presented to you for a reason. I like to joke to lighten the tone on this topic since it does somewhat carry a negative connotation and even some fear. However, if you use the retrograde to benefit you instead of becoming a victim to the energy, it can be the perfect time to heal and liberate yourself from all that no longer serves you. Most of the the people, things, and situations that return or happen to you either have lessons attached to them that you have not learned yet, energy still lingering that you have not healed (unfinished business), or baggage attached that you have not released. Use this retrograde energy to shed a few pounds and release the weight of your past. You will find that you start to navigate life a lot more easier and confident.

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