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How To Increase Your Divine Feminine Energy and Raise Your Vibration

When you raise your vibration you are also increasing your divine feminine energy. By raising your vibration energy, you can attract all of your needs and desires easily and effortlessly. When our vibration is low, our outside world will reflect it in one way or another. Physically we may feel drained and depleted with no motivation to get anything done. Spiritually we may feel disconnected from source and fearful about life. Mentally we may become confused, lacking focus and direction. And financially money seems to leave us at the very same moment we received it. Leaving us feeling stressed and financially insecure. When we are not embracing our divine feminine energy and raising our vibration, it takes us out of alignment and we create blocks that make it hard for our blessings to reach us.

Lucky for us, there are ways that we can become more aware of our divine feminine energy. By doing so, we reignite that spark inside us, and get back into alignment so we can attract all the blessings that are waiting to be bestowed upon to us.

Stay Hydrated

Divine feminine energy is fluid and intuitive. In order to stay in alignment and be able to tune into our intuition for proper guidance, we must keep ourselves hydrated. The human body is naturally made up of 80% water, and it is a vital part of maintaining a strong and healthy life force. Spirit can not move freely in a body that is dehydrated. If spirit can not move and becomes stagnant, our external life mirrors that same energy. We will start to notice that everything around us becomes DRY. Our lives become dry and boring, our energy level becomes dry, and as women our bodily secretions down there dry up.... and nobody has time for that! Staying hydrated is key to living a juicy life and maintaining our goddess energy.

Spending Quality Time With Yourself

Take at least 20 minutes out of your day and spend time alone with yourself. No television, phone, internet, or social media. Just you with your own thoughts. We crave the attention of other people and wonder why it is so hard getting others to spend time with us. I'll let you in on a little secret. The reason no one spends quality time with you is because you never spend quality time with yourself. We attract to us what we are and what we do. If I do not spend time with myself, I am sending the vibration out that I enjoy when I am neglected, because I neglect myself. If I don't know myself on a deep level, I will attract people who will not take the time to get to know me on a deep level. See how that works. Spending QUALITY time with yourself is not sitting home alone watching television and scrolling through Instagram. It is sitting in silence, either through meditation, journaling, taking a bath, etc... and being left alone with only your thoughts. During this time focus on only you. Make lists of all the things you like. What is it that you are good at? What are your goals and why do you want to accomplish them? What are the values and morals that you live by? What does your ideal life look like? Answering these questions on paper helps you to get to know yourself on a deep level and helps to build self assurance and confidence. This in return raises your Goddess Energy.

Saying Positive Affirmations & Reading Positive Quotes

Face it we are only human. It is hard and impossible to remain positive and filled with light 24/7. At some point, our dark side likes to show itself and cause us to think negative thoughts and do and say some negative things. This is ok and completely normal. However, you do not want to stay in this energy for long. The quicker you identify that you are being or thinking negative, the faster you can shift your energy before things get to far out of control. Our thoughts create our actions. When you see your mind leading you down a road that will cause you to act and do something you will later regret, you must fill your mind up with positivity to counteract the negativity. Saying affirmations and reading positive quotes is the fastest way to get yourself out of any negative mental state. Follow that up with a positive action that brings you joy, and I guarantee you will not only shift your mood but also raise your energy. Saying the below affirmation followed by Psalm 23 will shift your energy immediately. Right it down and try it the next time you find yourself feeling negative.

"Today I will operate out of 100% love in everything I do. Jealousy, hate, envy, and fear cannot exist in a body that is filled with love. If it is not love, it is nothing. I will see the God in everyone and expect them for who they are. Love is patient, kind, and understanding... and today, in this moment, I will be that and so much more!"

Release Negative Energy

As humans we are sponges. We walk around absorbing information into our subconscious unknowingly, picking up the emotions of others, and accumulating dust, germs, and debris, onto our physical bodies. Over time if we do not properly cleanse our mind and body, we will start to feel weighed down, stressed, confused, and drained. Have you ever felt this way and could not put your finger on why? Or maybe this is how you feel everyday. When was the last time you cleansed yourself. I'm not speaking on taking a shower or a bath. I mean a real deep cleansing. We can vacuum our carpets every day, but every once in a while we need to pull out the carpet cleaner and really get everything the vacuum can not reach. This is equivalent to taking a shower everyday and saying affirmations. Its definitely necessary to do those things daily, but every once in awhile you need to take it a step further and FAST. A total body and mind fast from certain foods (fried, processed, sugar, dairy, starches), unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking, drugs), and social media. I suggest doing this for one week every month. I personally choose the week of the new moon, but you can do whatever time works best for you.

"As within, So without"

Your internal environment will eventually be a reflection of your outside environment. Your outside environment and its condition can also effect your mood and your vibration. It is important to make sure you clean your home thoroughly on a regular basis. Paying close attention to wiping down your doorways and window sills with ammonia. Negative energy loves to linger there as well as in the corners of rooms. Get you some Sage and Palo Santo and go to town saging each room in your house. I like to do this once a week on Sunday and then do a brief sage session everyday.

Show Gratitude

Want to raise your Goddess Energy fast, SHOW GRATITUDE! When you show you are grateful and appreciative for all the good things taking place in your life and all the blessings you have all ready received, you start to attract more of the same to you... good things and blessings! Saying thank you shifts energy immediately. I like to say thank you aloud for everything. If I get a good parking space I say... "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" When someone holds the door or gives me a compliment I say "Thank you", when I eat a good meal I say "Thank you". That is a simple and easy thing to incorporate in your daily life to raise your energy and shift vibes. Also, starting a gratitude journal and beginning your day by writing three things you are grateful for that happened the previous day is POWERFUL. After you write those three things read them aloud three times. The power behind writing and verbalizing your gratitude is insurmountable, and you will be surprised at how blessings start to pour into you life.

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