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How To Meditate: Simple Yet Effective Tips To Help You Stay Consistent and See Results

The spiritual journey is a journey of healing, transformation, and coming into union with self. Meditation is a powerful exercise and tool, that overtime helps you to master your mind, improve physical health, and build a relationship with your higher self and your spiritual team

The Effects Of Meditation

Meditation has been proven to have profound effects on us as humans. It is believed to lessen feelings of anxiety, overthinking, and negative thoughts. Consistently engaging in an activity that puts you in a meditative state can improve the overall health of the mind, body, and soul. The keyword in that last statement was "consistent". Meditation is not a fast cure, and many will not see the amazing perks and benefits for weeks. However, if you dedicate time regularly, you can really transform your inner and outer world. Lets look at this a little deeper.


Our mind houses all of our thoughts, fears, and beliefs. It is primarily responsible for how we perceive life and what we manifest into our physical reality. When you master your mind and learn to control your thoughts, you master your life.

A consistent meditation practice will teach you how to observe your thoughts and quiet your mind. It will help you focus and not overthink. Over time, negative thinking will become less and then nonexistent. Your stress and anxiety levels will drop significantly, and you will notice you are thinking more clearly and making better decisions. This will lead to a peaceful mind and a peaceful life


The mind and body are connected. The body can not do anything that the mind does not instruct it to do. If your mind has limitations, it will also put those limitations on your body. If your mind is stressed, your energy levels will be affected making your body lethargic and lazy.

When meditation transforms our minds, it also transforms our body and the actions we take. Once your mind becomes more peaceful, you will notice you move through life differently. The pace of your walking may slow down and become more fluid and graceful. You will notice that you are not quick to physically act on impulse and do things you may regret later.


Connecting to spirit is one of the main reasons people start this journey. When you want to connect with your ancestors and spirit guides, meditation is important. When we have a relationship with our spiritual team, they help us by sending opportunities our way, protecting us, helping us to tap into our gifts. This is a relationship that has to be cultivated and nurtured, and you do this through meditation.

When you meditate, it is showing that you are willing to take time out of your busy life here in the physical realm and spend time with them. This must be done consistently and not sporadically. I always tell people that if you met someone and that person took you on a date one time and became very inconsistent with the phone calls and texts after, you may start to question their intentions and eventually shut down. That is the same with spirit. Those who connect with them regularly, experience more results, and faster growth on their journey. Meditation is the best way to build and nurture that relationship.

Meditation Tips

We live in a very busy, fast-paced society that does not encourage us to be still unless we are sleeping. Mental anxiety and overactive thinking are also common in most people. These two factors play a big role in an individual's ability to stick to a meditation practice. Below I list some tips that helped my overthinking Virgo Rising mind stay consistent and see amazing results with meditation.


K.I.S.S stands for Keep It Simple and Short. So many people jump into meditation believing that they must do 30 minutes or longer sessions in order to see fast results. However, keeping your meditations short in the beginning encourages you to keep going. Consistency is key when meditating. Someone who mediates 10 minutes every day, will experience better results and benefits than someone who meditates for an hour here and there. Start with shorter time intervals during your meditation sessions, and naturally work yourself up to longer intervals. I advise starting off with no more than 10-minute sessions when first starting out. Remember slow and steady is always better on this journey… key word journey.

Breathing Exercises

There are so many benefits of deep breathing. As it pertains to meditation, taking deep breaths helps calm the mind and nervous system and helps put you in a state of relaxation. I always start my meditations with a deep breathing exercise that helps put me in a meditative trance easily and effortlessly. It is very simple.

Deep Breathing Exercise

  1. Breathe in for three seconds

  2. Hold that breath for 3 seconds

  3. Release for 3 seconds

Repeat this until you feel somewhat spacey and relaxed.

Water Mediation

Water is divine feminine energy and is naturally calming to the mind and body. Meditating in the shower or tub can help you easily get into a deep meditative state. In the shower, stand to let the water hit your body. Close your eyes and keep focusing on the feeling of the water hitting your body. This keeps your mind focused, not allowing it to drift off.

In the tub, immerse as much of your body in the water as you can. Do the breathing exercise I mentioned above, and then focus on your breaths. Keep your attention focused on each time you inhale and exhale.

Binaural Beats

Studies have shown that binaural beats create the same brainwave states as meditation. If you use binaural beats during your meditation, you will go into a meditative state faster. Binaural beats are based on frequencies. When using for meditation, it is best to use ones that helps you enter into an Alpha meditative state, and then eases you into a Theta brainwave state.

When we are in an alpha state of mind, we are clear-headed, present and fully in the moment. We feel at peace. We are in a theta state of mind when we are sleeping, and also when we are in a deep meditative state. Being in a theta mind state allows us to easily learn, recall memories, and tap into our intuition.

When meditating, listen to binaural beats with headphones for better results. There are different binaural beats for different intentions, I have provided a binaural beat video below that is intended to remove mental blocks and subconscious negativity.

These are the main ways I have learned to get into a meditative state. Remember not to feel discouraged if you do not see results from your meditation for a few weeks when first starting. Stay consistent and the door will open.

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