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by ruth skyy

How To Connect To Your Higher Self

higher self

"We have all a better guide in ourselves than any other person can be."

-Jane Austin

Our higher self is that part of us that knows all of our secrets and fears that we lock deep down in our subconscious mind. It is that niggling feeling you get when something just does not feel right. It is that little "voice" we hear in our head that our ego tries so hard to drown out. It is our source of inspiration and creativity. It is the God within us. When we are connected to our higher self, fear falls by the wayside. We know that we are divinely guided and all is taken care of. Building a relationship with your higher self is fundamental and life-changing.

"God is within her, she will not fail" - Psalms 46-5

Ruth Skyy, my higher self. She is my healer and my coach. She is my guide and the guide of many others who are on their journey to connecting to their higher self and their inner goddess. She is the intuitive voice that guides me when giving a reading to my clients and myself. She is who I channel when writing. The one who provides me with my spark of creativity. She is the one who helped me pick up my pieces and put them back together. She is my direct connection to GOD.

6 Ways To Connect With Your Higher Self

Name Your Higher Self

I found it easier to build a relationship and connect with my higher self once I gave her a name. Call me crazy, but I would talk to her every day by name, just like I was talking to a friend. Over time this became normal, and the relationship felt grounded in reality. I suggest creating a name if you have a hard time believing or connecting.

Set the intention that you are giving your higher self the name of _______, and that as you address this aspect of yourself by that particular name, you are building a relationship and strengthening the connection. Remember intention is powerful! You will start to notice more synchronicities, messages during meditation, and heightened intuition by staying consistent and talking to your higher self regularly.

Raise Your Vibration

Our higher self is just that... HIGHER. Higher than our 3D reality. In order to access this part of ourselves, we must raise our vibration to a higher frequency. We are spiritual beings living a human experience through a body that is dense, and an ego that helps us survive on this earth but also bounds us mentally.

Raising our vibration helps us transcend our ego and operate more from a place of unconditional love. Love is the highest vibration of all, and that is where our higher self resides. I like to paint the picture that the ego is the ceiling to our higher selves. Ceilings are limitations. Your spirit is limitless and infinite. Knockdown the ceiling by raising your vibration.

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As I mentioned before, your higher self operates out of 100% love. Therefore, the quickest and non-negotiable way to connect and integrate with your higher self is to forgive others as well as yourself. When people hurt us and when we hurt others, it is easy to fall into low vibrations such as guilt, shame, hate, and resentment. Hate is the opposite of love, and it is impossible to operate from both vibrations at the same time.

By practicing forgiveness and releasing all the past hurts, betrayals, guilt, and shame, you start to hear your higher self more clearly. The two of you are not only on the same frequency, but you are also speaking the same language... LOVE.

The absolute best way to start forgiveness work is by repeating the Hawaiian Prayer, Ho'oponopono. Simply repeat, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you" 108 times for 21 days. You will not only connect with your higher self, but you will also see tremendous shifts in your relationships. Including the one with yourself. Below is a POWERFUL Ho'oponopono meditation.

Get Creative

If only I had $100 for every time I was told, "But I'm not creative." The truth is every human being is creative. Creativity is bringing an idea or thought into physical form. This does not mean you have to be Picasso or dance like Beyonce. You can be horrible at painting, but the second that paintbrush paints something on the canvas, you have created. Many think that if their creation is not top-notch then they are not creative and that is a false belief.

Doing something creative helps you connect to your higher self, and what many finds is once that connection is made and strengthened, their creative projects become amazing. You will start to channel your higher self through your creative endeavors. Whether it be writing, speaking, cooking, art, music, etc. So if you want to write that book or improve your voice, connect with your higher self and watch your skills fly through the roof!


Our ego hates meditation. Ever tried to meditate but could not stick with it longer than two minutes? That is your ego fighting because it wants to be heard. It wants you to stay in your head constantly overthinking. When you develop a consistent meditation routine, you will notice over time that your thoughts transform. They are no longer fear-based and running out of control. Instead, you learn to control your thoughts and realize they are filled with guidance from your higher self.

Meditation is awesome, but it takes time and consistency. Those who put in the work and stick with it find great rewards. The best reward of all.... peace. The real bag that needs to be secured!

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Baby step your way into meditation. Start with guided meditations. They work amazing. Also, be realistic with yourself. If you know you are a person who can not sit still longer than 5 seconds, do not go into a meditation session with the intent to meditate for 30 minutes.

Start with 5 minutes and work your way up. You will come to realize that time is an illusion. After a while of meditating regularly, 30 minutes will feel like 30 seconds.

Automatic Writing

I love this method of connecting to my higher self. It is one of the ways I first started connecting on my journey and is a technique I still use to this day. All you need is a journal, a pen, and your intention. Before starting, set a timer for twenty minutes. You are going to write for the entire twenty minutes. Next, set the intention that you wish for your higher self to come through as you write with any messages or guidance that you need to at that moment.

Then, put your pen to the paper and start writing. Initially, it may feel like what you are writing is silly and coming from your own thoughts. Stick with it. By the end of the writing session, read what you wrote with an open mind. You may see words that you would never say or write. You may see a message that is clear as day, or one that makes no sense at all. That is okay. Keeping a journal of your sessions allows you to refer back to a message that did not make sense at the time but does two months later. This happens to me often.

I hope these six tips help you along your journey. If you found this post helpful do not forget to like and share!

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