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Heart Chakra Shower: Open Up To Receive Your Blessings

Take this shower when needing to do forgiveness work, heal from loss, heal from heartbreak, release feelings of guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, heal high blood pressure, and/or to balance and heal the heart chakra.

Our heart chakra is our receiving center. When it is blocked or unbalanced it is hard for us to not only manifest love into our lives, but any blessing or desire. Making sure your heart chakra is open is so important on your spiritual journey. It will help you interact and understand others better, and it will allow you to manifest more easily and effortlessly.

In this post, I share with you one powerful heart chakra shower routine to keep the heart chakra open and balanced. This shower should be done for at least 3 consecutive days if you are really blocked. You may use any soap. However, I find that rose-scented soaps are in perfect alignment with the intention of this shower.

You will need:

- Lavender Essential Oil

- Diffuser (oil)

- Rose Quartz Crystal

Before entering the shower, make sure that the bathroom is steamy and start burning your lavender essential oil.

Set Rose quartz near the shower.

When you enter the shower, set the intention for this shower to open, strengthen, and balance your heart chakra so that you are able to receive all the abundance, love, and blessings you desire and deserve.

Before washing your body, take soap in your right hand and massage your heart area in a clockwise motion. Continue to do this until you complete all the below steps.

Close your eyes and visualize a beam of white light coming from the sky into the crown of your head, moving its way down into your chest cavity, and stopping right in the middle. Imagine this white light now turning left and stopping at the heart chakra.

Next, you will take 4 deep breaths, breathing in deep and pushing the air out as hard as you can. Each time you push the air out, visualize the air spinning the chakra, causing it to spin and get brighter with each breath. If you need to do more than 4 deep breathes that is fine.

Once the chakra is spinning and bright or is as bright as you can get it during this session, Open your eyes and start to wash up as normal. Speak gratitude by saying aloud everything you are grateful for… “I am so happy and so grateful….”

When you rinse, imagine all feelings of unforgiveness, resentment, guilt, and jealousy, leaving your body and going down the drain.

Are you confused as to where to start and how to stay consistent on your spiritual journey?

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