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How To Be More Productive: The Goddess Guide To Getting Ish Done

Being a woman of purpose is not an easy task. This is even more true if you work a 9 to 5, have your own business, are a mother and wife, and have social obligations. When you see a woman who is vibrant and radiant, always on the go making things happen, this is a woman who has learned how to be productive and manage her life effectively. These are the women who are CEO's of big companies or a proud owner of her own successful business. She is also the head of the PTA at her kids schools and the loudest mother cheering at their events. She finds time for her friends as well as herself and enjoys her me time. She is the woman you look at and say, "How in the world does she do it all?!" Matter of fact, she loves her busy lifestyle because it keeps her active and constantly making new connections.

So how is it that this woman is able to do it all when most are stressed out just thinking about everything they have to get done. In this post I am going to share with you some productivity tips that will help you master your life and your schedule easily and effortlessly in true goddess fashion.

Become The CEO

I always tell women that you are the CEO of your life. You must run your life as if it was a business. That is the main key to being productive. So what exactly do that mean? That means that you should have some sort of office space in your home where you go to plan

and organize your life. Even if it is just a desk in your bedroom or a table and chair used only as a work area in your kitchen. This tells your subconscious as well as the universe that you take your life seriously. You should be visiting this space regularly, at least weekly. When you are in this space, this is the time when you:

  • plan and go over your budget and what bills need to be paid and when

  • plan out your week and create your to-do lists

  • create weekly meal plans

  • schedule appointments, send emails, and make important calls

  • work on your business if self employed or do any "work from home" work from your job

  • write your new moon intentions, journal, etc

Becoming the CEO also means taking your life seriously. Planning out your days and creating boundaries for yourself and others as it pertains to the schedule you put in place. I will talk more about how to plan out your days below.

Busy Is Not Productive

Once I realized that being busy is not the same as being productive my entire life shifted. The truth is when you become more productive you realize that you are less busy. Of course you will have those busy days, but they will be planned busy days and they will not become your everyday reality. Once you have minimized your busy days to once or twice a week, you now have time to schedule in time for yourself and other things.

Give Each Day A Task

Giving each day a role and task helps make everything more manageable. The goal is to assign everything in your life to a certain day to get done. This means cleaning, laundry, dates, extracurricular activities, me time, meals, doctors appointments, girls night, EVERYTHING. Once you do this you plan your life around this schedule and stick to it no matter what. That means that if you chose Thursday evenings for your me time, you are not going to cook that night and need to budget for take out or have a freezer meal ready for your family. For me Thursdays are my self care days. On Thursday I do not work at all after a certain time and my family knows that I am unavailable.

I make my busy days Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Saturdays. During the day I am working on my business, and in the afternoon and evenings these are the days I schedule all doctors appointments for me and my family, run majority of my errands, and schedule the kids extracurricular activities. These are the days I know I will be busy, and therefore there is no anxiety because I intentionally planned it that way.

Tuesdays are the days where I focus majority of my day on my business, as well as scheduling any appointments, making important calls, sending emails, calling family and friends (yes I schedule in time to talk to family and friends.. it's that serious) and anything else that involves written or verbal communication. Thursdays as I mentioned are my self care days and the time when I am unavailable. I schedule my hair appointments, nail appointments, facials, etc on this day and this day ONLY.

Fridays I work on my business during the day, and Friday nights are date nights. Saturday's are family time and every other Saturday night ONLY I make myself available for my friends. Sundays are prep days, this means planning out the following week in my Happy Planner, Creating my weekly To-Do list, Meal Planning, Ordering Groceries, and anything else that makes sure my week goes as smoothly as possible. I have a family of 5 which consists of a husband and 3 kids. So my days may look different from someone who is single or who has one child, but I wanted to give an example of what assigning tasks to days looks like.

I will be talking more about this in the Goddess Mindset Club where I go more in depth on how to create a Daily Task Goddess Blueprint that works for you, which includes cleaning, laundry, meal planning, and self care tips to add to your plan.

Stay Focused On The Task

Let's face it, many of us have the attention span of a toddler. I'm an Aries so trust me I know the struggle. There is so much hustle and bustle going on in the world that it is hard to stay focused on one thing for too long. Especially with social media being a main focal point to distract us. if you really want to be not only productive, but efficient and build healthy bonds and relationships you must learn to only focus on that which is in front of you.

If it is Monday morning and this is the time you have scheduled to work on your business or from home, you should only be working on your business or from home. Not scrolling social media, or catching up on the latest episode of Power or the Handmaids Tale. Your undivided attention should be on completing your business To-Do List as efficiently as possible. Same goes for family time and date night. If you are having family time or spending time with your partner, you should not be focusing on work or social media. This is a time to bond and create memories with those who are important to you. Doing this tip alone can drastically improve your productivity as well as your relationships.

Make Time For Self Care

I preach so often about the importance of self care. It is vital for you to take routine scheduled time for yourself to refill your cup so you can refill the cups of others. Avoiding this will cause you to burn out and then nothing will get done. You should develop a self care routine and schedule it in as an appointment that you keep with yourself no matter what!This can be once a week, or once every two weeks. Pick a time of day every week or every other week and use this time to do something that brings you joy. Try to schedule your pamper session on these days if you can (nails, eyebrows, hair, etc). Also, self care days should be spent with YOURSELF. You and you only. This is not only a time to replenish your spirit, but to spend quality time knowing yourself. Try new activities and explore new places. So many women have a problem with doing things alone and feel uncomfortable in their own company. Learn to love being alone and in return others will love being around you.

To learn more about how to be more productive and additional Goddess Lifestyle tips join the Goddess Mindset Club

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