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Let That Ish Go: POWERFUL Forgiveness Ritual To Shift Your Energy

black love and forgiveness

Forgiveness is one word that is so misunderstood when it comes to the power that it holds. Not only is forgiveness one of the most POWERFUL tools we have to change our lives, but it is also one thing you will always tap into on your spiritual journey to help you remove blocks, keep your chakras balanced, and heal past traumas. It is my secret and my one of my favorite ways to elevate my vibration and my manifestation powers.

Forgiveness is transmutation. When we forgive, we transform traumas into lessons, anger into peace, and blocks into freedom. We take our power back from anything or person that will feel victimized by the second we choose to forgive and let go of the story we tell ourselves regarding the experience.

“To forgive is to set the prisoner free and discover that the prisoner is you.”

One of the biggest misconceptions about forgiveness is that if we forgive it means we are accepting the actions or the unjust done to us. Many believe forgiving is turning a blind eye and letting the person off easily. The truth is, unforgiveness holds you back more than the other person. Usually, the other person will not be affected at all by you choosing to hold on to the hurts, traumas, and pain. It will create blocks in YOUR own life that prevents you from moving forward and manifest the life you deserve.

The moment we free ourselves by forgiving all those who betrayed, abandoned, and hurt us in any way… we open up the flood gates of our heart and welcome in all the joy and blessings we can stand. We then begin to realize karma will always have the last say when it comes to “payback” and balancing the scales. Whatever transgressions were done to you are already in the process of being handled, and this requires no work from you. Your only job is to heal and learn.

forgiveness is peace

Below I share my powerful 4 Step Forgiveness Ritual. This ritual, if done in order and to its entirety, will help to clear your energy field from unforgiveness and balance your heart chakra. It will also help raise your vibration and put you into alignment to receive the things you are trying to manifest.

4 Step Forgiveness Ritual

Forgiveness Letter

The first step in the Forgiveness Ritual is to write a Forgiveness Letter to the people you need to forgive that has hurt you in any way. I strongly advise starting with your parents and then moving to yourself. You can then move on to any friend, ex, etc.

Unforgiveness is energy. This energy is stored in the body and in your energy field. When we write Forgiveness Letters we are taking this energy from within and around us and purging it onto paper, grounding it into our physical reality. Once done we then release the energy by burning the paper. If you need help writing your Forgiveness Letter, you can download my FREE Forgiveness Letter format below.

Forgiveness Letter

Cord Cutting

The second step in the process is to do a cord cutting to free yourself energetically from the connection. Most of the energetic cords we form with people who come into our life are still there even when the person physically leaves out life. This can be draining and can cause blocks in the heart and solar plexus chakra. I have a cord cutting ritual video below that is powerful and WORKS!

Ho’ponopono Meditation

Is a Hawaiian Prayer and Mantra that shifts the energy of unforgiveness inside of you and around you. It is very healing and powerful and has created life-changing shifts in the lives of those who recite it. The chant focuses on 4 main components of any healing process, Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love. The prayer reads as follows… “I’m sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank you. I Love You.”

Below I have attached a powerful Ho’ponopono meditation by a woman named Sandra Rolus. I use this every time I do forgiveness work.

Spiritual Cleansing Bath

A cleansing bath is not to cleanse your physical body, but your aura and mind. This bath will help you to clear away all negative energy caused by negative thinking patterns, beliefs, and also energy sent to you by others. It will help you to think more clearly and see things from a new perspective. Using the spiritual cleansing bath when doing forgiveness work will help clear the energy of unforgiveness from your aura and finalizes the forgiveness ritual. Check out Spiritual Bath To Protect and Cleanse Your Aura for my go-to cleansing bath.

Hope this Forgiveness Ritual brings you peace and healing Goddess! Follow me on Instagram and let me know of your progress!

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