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by ruth skyy

The Fire Sign Woman: Fiery Sirens (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo) Goddess Energy

Keywords to describe the Fiery Siren: Bold, Daring, Intuitive, Vibrant, Energetic, Outgoing, Confident, Protective, Charming, Enterprising, Ambitious, Powerful, and Independent

Rihanna Moon in aries venus in aries goddess energy
Rihanna Aries Moon and Venus

This description applies to those women who have a fire sign sun, moon, venus, rising, or stellium. The fire signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. The description below is how you express yourself and how you are viewed by others if you are standing in your power and owning your Goddess Energy.

When the fire sign woman is standing in her Goddess Energy, she is the woman that demands attention without having to say much. Her energy and the way she carries herself turns heads and causes men and women to want to know more about her. She has charm and grace and exudes confidence. She is very self-aware, optimistic, and full of ideas that she wastes no time taking action on. This woman has a vision and knows the direction she wants to go in life.

One day she discovered that she was fierce, strong, and full of fire. That not even she could hold herself back... because her passion burned brighter than her fears."

Uplifting Multitasker

Jennifer Lopez Leo Sun Goddess Energy
Jennifer Lopez Leo Sun

This easy-going goddess has no problem making friends and attracting lovers. Her personality is addictive and people crave to be in her space. She has a way of uplifting others and making them feel as though they can take on the world. Her life is an example to all of what is possible if they just believe in themselves and take action.

She is the vibrant and radiant woman you see always on the go making things happen. She is the CEO of big companies or she is the proud owner of her own business. She is also the head of the PTA at her kid's schools and the loudest mother cheering at their events. She is the woman you look at and say, "How in the world does she do it all?!" The fire in her keeps her going and she had no choice but to learn how to multitask and get things done. Matter of fact, she loves her busy lifestyle because it keeps her active and constantly making new connections.

Not Afraid Of The Dark

Angela Bassett Leo Sun Goddess Energy
Angela Basset Leo Sun

Fire sign women are in tune with their dark side more than any other zodiac element. This is due to her fearless nature wanting to confront anything that may hold her back or make her weak. It is this why she is so comfortable being her authentic self. There is nothing anyone can say about her that is true that she has not already embraced and accepted. This makes her powerful and unshakable. She needs no outside validation or approval and she will always march to the beat of her own drum. Always a leader and never a follower. These women are the risk-takers of the zodiac who pave the way and open doors for others to go through.

Free and Independent

She is content spending time alone enjoying her own company. At times she actually prefers it and will voice her need for "me time". If this woman is married or in a relationship, she is not the type to be clingy and attached to her partner. She has her own interest, her own circle of friends, and her own goals she tends to regularly. She knows the importance of maintaining her independence and not losing herself in her relationship. This keeps her partner in awe and on their toes. Any man would be lucky to have her on his team. She inspires her partner by sharing her intuitive thoughts and creative ideas helping him accomplish his goals. This is the goddess you usually see in a "power couple" relationship.

Teyana Taylor Sagittarius Sun Goddess Energy Family
Teyana Taylor Sagittarius Sun

This woman loves her freedom and independence. Being confined to a space or suffocating relationship is draining to her and can lead to depression. She loves to travel and see the world. You may find that these women move a lot and must change their surroundings and environment often. They will be constantly remodeling their homes and changing their looks. They live for and embrace change, and because of this they always land on their feet and bounce back after difficulties.

Do you resonate with the fire sign woman?

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