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February 2020 Goddess Horoscope: Twin Flame, Mercury Retrograde, and Coming Into Union

Welcome to February!

Finally we enter into the second month! Is it me or did it feel like January would never end? Last month we were faced with dealing with some residual energy from 2019 that followed us into 2020, especially around the time of the Aquarius New Moon, that hit a little different than your average New Moon energy.

As we enter into February, the month of love and partnership, we can expect the energy to play a little nice with us. This will be a month of resolutions, forgiveness, and coming or returning back together for second chances and healings.

Important Dates In February

  • February 1st Mercury enters Pre-Shadow Phase

  • February 7th Venus enters Aries

  • February 9th at 2:33am est. Full Moon In Leo

  • February 17th Mercury Officially Enters Retrograde Motion

  • February 18th Sun enters Pisces

  • February 23rd at 10:32am est. New Moon In Pisces

Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

On February 1st we enter into the pre-shadow period of what will be the first Mercury retrograde of 2020. This retrograde will take place in the sign of Pisces. During the shadow period, which will last until February 16th, pay attention to everything that goes on in your life. Especially in the areas of communication, return of past lovers, short distance travels, and vehicles. The things that surface during this time will be what resurfaces when Mercury officially goes into retrograde on February 18th.

During the shadow period, The 1st until the 16th, you may experience separations, distance, or breakups. To avoid this try to read between the lines and not jump to conclusions. If it is out of your control, just know this is probably not a complete ending. The relationship will come back up for review and possible reconciliation between February 17th - March 9th.

On the 17th Mercury will officially begin the retrograde journey and will be retrograde until March 9th. Mercury retrograde is a time of re-doing, re-thinking, and re-evaluating our lives rather than starting new projects. If you cannot avoid starting something new, expect things to change in some way when Mercury goes direct, and look for significant events to occur with the project on future retrogrades as well. This is not the time to buy high ticket items, get married or engaged, buy property or sign contracts if avoidable.

Mercury retrograde causes delays, unexpected changes, equipment breakdowns and can be generally irritating. This is however part of the natural cycle and it is the time to re-view and re-do as new information may come to light during this three weeks.

Check out the Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide for my tips on how to master Mercury retrograde and use the energy to your advantage.

Coming Into Union & Balance

What a great time to for reunions and reconciliations! This month the energy is helping resolve issues and misunderstandings that were causing separations and discord. This is not only pertaining to love relationships, but also friendships, familial relationships, and even the relationship you have with yourself.

As it pertains to others, you attracting to you soul mate connections as well as gaining more insight and clarity surrounding the connections in you life. There will be lots of re-evaluating and redefining the dynamics of important relationships in your life, past and present. Use this time to really be transparent and vulnerable with others when it comes to how you feel and what you expect, regardless of what you feel the outcome may be.

Twin Flame And Soul Mate Connections

As I mentioned earlier, the last few weeks has been a time where many were forced to evaluate themselves and their lives, which allowed for forward movement in areas which were once stuck. This includes your love life. This month there is a strong magnetic pull that is bringing those who are in alignment together with their soul mate or twin flame.

Some will meet this person this month, but for some this will be a time where you receive many synchronicities, signs, dreams, and messages regarding the future meeting, and of whats to come. I see many of you very positive and optimistic about the future.

For those currently in a soul mate relationship, there will be very honest communication between the two of you about the future. I see changes being made for the betterment of the union that brings the two of you together and the bond closer. If you have been feeling distance with a partner or as if the two of you are not on the same page, you will feel more connected and in sync towards the middle of the month.

Affirmation Of The Month

"I am so in love with myself and my life! Everything around me and everyone in my life is filled with love and understanding because that is what I am and what I attract into my life. I am in balance, in alignment, and in sync with all things that loving, peaceful, and for my highest good."

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