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February 2020 Full Moon In Leo: Glow Up and Shine.. Now Is Your Time!

Happy Full Moon In Leo! This full moon is in the fire sign of Leo. Leo is the sign ruled by the sun, and is represented as the energy of our solar plexus chakra. It is where we get our confidence as well as give away or stand in our power. It is where we get our energy aka INNER-G.

Call Back Your Power

At the time of the full moon and for the rest of this week, we want to focus on calling back our power from all those we gave it away to knowingly and unknowingly. This is easily done by writing down the following intention and saying it aloud with conviction.

Shine Your Light

During this time, the focus should be on you being a light that shines for all to see. Now is the time to ask God and the universe to reveal to you all of your hidden talents. This can include you learning about gifts that lie dormant inside of you that you have yet to discover, or the gifts you keep secret and tucked away due to you being shy, embarrassed, worried about how they will be perceived, or just being too humble.

Bringing these talents and gifts to the forefront now, and really cultivating them, can bring about positive recognition and monetary gain. If you have been thinking of releasing a new product or service... now is the time. If you have been waiting to share news with others, or share your truth... now is the time. It will be positively received by those who support you, and it will bring into your awareness those who may not feel comfortable with your light shining brighter than theirs, or you receiving "too much" well deserved attention.

Like A Diamond

The full moon will also shed light on all things hidden, and with the moon being in Leo, we are being asked to show the confident, self aware, self assured and powerful side of us. To show the world who we are.... talents, skills, abilities, and personality. We should aspire to be light and be a light. Do this by supporting others who may also choose to step out and stand in their power during this time. Lead by example, and show those who may not feel so comfortable shining their light that it is ok. Trust me people are watching you and now it is your time to inspire them.

Be a light by also being lighthearted. Do not take life soooo seriously at this time. Remember nothing has meaning but the meaning we give it. Choose to focus on the positives of ALL situations, good or bad. Most importantly make the choice to focus on all things good about YOURSELF. You got this goddess!

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Full Moon In Leo Affirmations

I am graceful and classy. I walk, talk, and move like a lioness. When I walk into a room, people pay attention because my powerful energy calls for it. I exude confidence, beauty, and a sense of self worth that can not only be seen but felt by all those who come into contact with my energy. I am a light and I light up my life and the lives of others. I.... AM.... POWERFUL!"

"I am clothed in strength and dignity and I laugh without fear of the future. When I speak, my words are wise, and I give instructions with kindness. There are many virtuous and capable women in the world but I surpass them all because I AM EXTRAORDINARY.. and there will and can ever be ONLY ONE ME!

Full Moon Advice For Each Sign


This Full Moon you are being asked to be confident in who you are. Stop worrying about all that can go wrong and be confident that all will go right. Your spiritual team is working behind the scenes to make sure everything works out for your highest good. Just trust!


This Full Moon is asking you to review your core values and know your worth. You are a diamond. Even though you have been through a lot, you are supported. Always have been and always will be. Realize how valuable you are and cut out anything and anyone who does not add value to your life, or who tries to dim your light.


This Full Moon is asking you to clear away all negativity around you and within you.This could involve something going on in your present that somehow relates to your past. You are having difficulty forgiving and letting go. Stop analyzing all the negatives about the situation, and begin to visualize a positive outcome.


This Full Moon is shifting your focus to self care. You have been overly busy taking care of others and getting things done, that you have put your own needs on the back burner. To avoid burnout, make sure you are getting more rest and filling up your own cup. Do things that replenish and rejuvenate you.


This Full Moon is in your sign and is calling for you to start exploring new connections. You may have been feeling lonely and disconnected from your current friendships and family members. This is a sign that you are expanding and growing outside of your current circle. You need to allow your light to shine and be your true authentic self.... unapologetically. This will attract to you those who are like minded and who share your same beliefs.


This full moon you are asked to find a balance in how you take action and how you receive. You may be doing so much that you have forgotten to stop and smell the roses. Now is time to enjoy the present moment. On the flip side, this could be that you are stagnate and not acting on your ideas and goals. Now is the time to put in some effort to bring your ideas into reality. Whichever it may be for you, now is the time to incorporate the latter.


This Full Moon is asking you to take a gentle approach in how you handle things in your life and in your work. You have been pushing yourself past your limits when it comes to deadlines, multitasking, and being everything to everyone. Stop and breathe. Now is the time to focus on one thing at a time, and not allow others to push you further than your spirit is telling you to go.


This Full Moon you can expect divine intervention with a problem you have been concerned about. This will come in the form of an inspired thought or idea, so now it is important to keep your mind clear and sober. Make sure you are operating from your higher self rather than your ego regarding this situation and your results will be positive.


This Full Moon you are being asked to release all the toxic and unhealthy things in your space. This pertains to your physical environment as well as your body. Now will be a perfect time to get rid of anything that triggers a negative response in you. It is also a great time to fast and detox your body.


This Full Moon you are being triggered by a recent or past breakup, heartbreak, sadness, or disagreement that you have not fully healed from. Sometimes the Full Moon can shed light on things that we pushed deep down inside because it is too painful to face. Since this Full Moon is in Leo, this could be something related to your childhood or to a child currently in your life. It is time to face whatever comes up that makes you uncomfortable. Take your power back so that it can no longer trigger you in the future.


This Full Moon your mind is more powerful than ever. You are being asked to trust your thoughts and you inner guidance over anyone and anything else. Now is not the time to be overly aggressive with yourself or others, or you will face backfire now or in the future. Use your power for good instead of bad. To build instead of destroy.


This Full Moon you are being asked to be bold and let your true self shine. You may have been dimming your light and hiding your talents, voice, or personality, out of fear of being "too much" or unjustly judged. Now is the time to say screw what anyone thinks and just DO YOU. Rise Up and show the world who you are.

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