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Where To Start On Your Divine Feminine Journey

Living in such a patriarchal society, many women have lost or have yet to identify their feminine power. We are too busy trying to survive and provide, that we have disconnected from the side of us that needs to be nurtured through stillness, patience, and self-care.

The divine feminine spiritual path is a path of deep healing, not only of self, but also of the ancestors, and those who will continue your lineage after you are gone. On this path, you are reconnected with your goddess energy and learn to reclaim your true feminine power. It is a path of self-knowledge, self-awareness, and feminine empowerment.

“Who is She? She is your power, your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her. Or pretend not to hear. As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.

But when she calls you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer.”

There are many spiritual paths. I always say that a person is called by spirit to embark on their spiritual journey. Some will ignore the call and some will answer. Once they answer the call, they will be led to their path. If you are reading this, you are more than likely being called to the spiritual path of the goddess. As with all spiritual paths, it is a journey, not a destination. You will constantly be in a phase of learning. Learning yourself, others, and the unseen. You will go from being in a state of healing, to being healed, and for some to being a healer in some capacity.

Many of us know those people who are so excited to embark on their spiritual journey for the sole purpose of growing their psychic gifts. Even though that is definitely part of the journey, it usually comes after you have DONE THE WORK. The inner work, the letting go of all that no longer serves you, the changes in diet and lifestyle, the deep psychological work that makes you uncomfortable.

Are you confused as to where to start and how to stay consistent on your spiritual journey?

Goddess Mindset Academy is an Online Mystery School intentionally created to transform the lives of women by empowering them, teaching them, and supporting them on their spiritual divine feminine journey. ​

As a beginner on this journey, it can be very confusing without guidance on what exactly to do and where to start. I have provided a breakdown of what to focus on in semi order. This is the exact format I use to teach my one on one goddess coaching students, as well as my membership group. Spending time and putting the focus on doing the things listed below, will get you started on your journey. From there, be open to letting spirit guide you. For those looking for more support and guidance, Check out the Goddess Mindset Academy, an online mystery school for women.

Where To Start On Your Divine Feminine Journey

Artist Ashley Straker @ashleystraker

Create A Daily Spiritual Routine

When you start your journey, creating a daily spiritual routine will help you stay consistent and grow spiritually. When creating your routine, keep it simple. Pick three or four activities that help you plug in, ground yourself, and quiet your mind. Three highly beneficial practices to include in your routine are...

  • Meditation

  • Saying Affirmations

  • Speaking or Writing Gratitude

Check out How To Meditate: Simple Yet Effective Tips To Help You Stay Consistent and See Results as well as The Power Of Affirmations

Mastering Your Mind

This journey is all about unlearning all that you know or have been taught about life up until the point you started your journey. Then, you must relearn how to live life intentionally and free from social and religious programming. To do this, you will need to really take some time to do the following activities before trying to manifest or connect to spirits and deities.

Get Real- get real with yourself about what it is you have created in your life thus far. Really examine the four main areas of your life... finances, relationships, health, and personal growth. Get 100% honest about where you are in each area of your life, and think about what decisions got you there.

Get Intentional- Before embarking on your journey, you more than likely let life happen to you. The divine feminine journey will make you an intentional woman. A woman who takes back her life and co-creates using intentions and prayers. Goddess Glow Up: Becoming Mentally Attractive and Intriguing goes more in detail about how to be an intentional woman.

Belief Systems- Examine ALL of your belief systems. What beliefs are holding you back or keeping you small-minded? Our belief systems shape who we are and who we believe we can become. Our fundamental beliefs are developed in childhood by what we see, hear, and are taught. Over the course of our lives, we allow people and circumstances to also shape or reshape our beliefs.

Shadow Work- Shadow work is sooooo important on this journey. It is the number one way to heal yourself, raise your vibration, and heal personal and ancestral karma. Shadow work is all about going deep down into the depth of your subconscious mind and bring to light all those uncomfortable low vibratory thoughts, feelings, and habits. Pay attention to your triggers to see what your shadow is trying to tell you to heal.

Learn The Spiritual Fundamentals

Knowing the foundation of what this journey is all about will help you understand alot of the information that will be presented to you through synchronicity or through spiritual teachers. When you have a basic understanding on how the divine feminine spiritual journey is different from other journeys, such as religion, will help you open your mind and expand your consciousness. The following topics are topics you can research to learn the fundamentals. Each one of these is taught in my Online Mystery School for Women, Goddess Mindset Academy.

  • Soul Contracts

  • Chakras

  • Karma

  • Past Lives

  • Synchronicities

  • 7 Universal Laws

Self Knowledge

I always say Self Knowledge is a superpower. Knowing yourself from a spiritual perspective will explain so much about why things have happened in your life, why you are the person that you are, and what you need to do in order to evolve and embrace the divine feminine goddess within you. Investing in the following will help you learn who you are at a soul level.

Astrology Birth (Natal) Chart Reading- A birth chart reading helps you to understand the blueprint of your soul's course in this lifetime. Make sure your astrologer discusses, all your placements and your karmic lessons and gifts that lie deep within you. I do offer Birth Chart Readings as well.

Numerology- Numbers are the language of the universe. Get a reading or research your numbers. Some to focus on are Life Path, Destiny, Expression, and Karmic Lessons.

Ancestor Reading- ancestor readings will help you discover more about your ancestors and also any ancestral karma, trauma, and curses that may be affecting your life. I do offer Ancestor Chart Readings as well.

Raise Your Vibration

One important part of life you will learn on this journey is raising your vibration and keeping it high. Your vibration determines your tribe and the people you attract to you, the spirits you attract to you, your level of financial success, the strength of your immune system, and your level of manifestation. Focusing on doing the following activities regularly will help to keep your vibration high and in return will keep you in alignment with your soul.

Connecting With Higher Realms

As I mentioned in the beginning, so many people get on this journey to only connect with their ancestors, deities, and to manifest. However, notice this is the last topic I am touching on. You will have a harder time connecting with spirit and manifesting your desires if you do not first have your mind under control, you do not know the fundamentals of how it all works, your vibration is low, or if you are not consistent with plugging in by doing your daily rituals.

Once you have completed the other steps, Connecting with spirit and manifesting will become easy and effortless. Below are some things to start incorporating into your spiritual practice once you are ready.

  • Connect With Your Higher Self

  • Connect With Your Ancestors

  • Connect With Other Deities (always connect with ancestors first!)

  • Moon Rituals

  • Candle Work

  • Love Rituals

  • Money (Abundance) Ritual

I have provided a simple step by step guide in this post. If you need more help on your divine feminine spiritual journey, check out Goddess Mindset Academy, an Online Mystery School with over 30 online Master Classes and a LIVE Master Class every month. There is also a private online community where you can connect with like-minded women.


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