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What Is Divine Feminine Energy and Why Should You Awaken It?

More and more women are starting their goddess journey with the intention to awaken their divine feminine energy. So what exactly is divine feminine energy and why do you want to awaken it?

As humans, we possess both masculine and feminine energy within us. Our divine masculine energy is logical, action-focused, and goal-oriented. It is the part of us that wants and craves success. It is also the ego part of us that needs validation and recognition from others. When we are operating from our masculine side, we like to be in control and lead.

"We all have a better guide in ourselves, if we attend to it, than any other person can be."

The divine feminine energy within us is intuitive. When we are connecting with this energy we take action that is less logical and more from divine guidance. These actions may not make sense right away, but prove to be more rewarding. This energy is the part of us that appreciates stillness, silence, and just flowing through life. Those who are connected with their divine feminine know how to be patient, nurturing, vulnerable, and creative.

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As women, many of us have been disconnected from our divine feminine energy, which means we have been disconnected from our true power. We have been conditioned to feel we are weak if we show any signs of vulnerability or ask for help. We unknowingly disconnect from our emotions so that we are not labeled as "too emotional".

We live in a patriarchal society, a man's world filled with masculine energy. Many of us were conditioned to be in the rat race from birth. Putting all of our attention and energy on becoming accomplished and achieving success. We start craving attention and validation in early childhood, and as adults, we now let what others think of us and the number of likes we receive on a social media posts, determine our value and worth. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting success, but there must be a balance. When success comes at the expense of self-neglect and lack of self-awareness, that is where the issue comes in. That is what keeps women feeling unfulfilled emotionally, lost, and lonely.

Women for decades have been living 95% in their masculine energy every day. We feel that if we dress in nice feminine clothing, wear heels and makeup, and get our hair done then we are connected to our feminine energy. However, feminine energy is internal. It consists of certain personality traits and habits. When you are truly connected to your feminine energy, you are able to be still and patient. You know that being vulnerable is a way to open the hearts of others. You know how to not always be the giver, but the receiver. Accepting help, gifts, and compliments with gratitude. Your peace of mind becomes more important than anything else, and you learn to validate and love yourself.

When we step in our goddess power, we are stepping into our divine feminine. This is also our manifestation energy. The energy that we tap into when we meditate, do rituals, pray, and connect to spirit. As we learn to be still and plug into source, we in return learn to flow with life and things become so much easier. We trust that everything happens for our highest good in the perfect timing, and then we no longer feel the need to control. In that moment of surrender, all of our desires come to us with little to no effort.

Divine feminine energy is healing energy. When we awaken and nurture this side of us, we put an end to codependency because we learn how to love and validate ourselves through self-knowledge. We learn extreme self-care and no longer crave the attention of others. We stop being people pleasers and instead become receivers attracting others who wish to give and pour into us.

The journey of awakening the divine feminine goddess within us requires deprogramming of beliefs and habits that have been with us all our life. It is definitely not an easy journey, but it is truly rewarding if you do the work and commit to being the best woman you can be.

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