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by ruth skyy

December 2019 Full Moon In Gemini: A Ten Year Purge and Release

Full Moon In Gemini
Artwork by Laura Menna

On December 12 at 12:12am EST we will not only experience the last full moon of the year, but also the last full moon of the decade! This is the time to release all that no longer serves you and walk into the new decade transformed and renewed.

Many have found themselves going through major transformation as we shift into a new ten year cycle. There may have been endings that have felt VERY uncomfortable. Just know that as you embark on this new journey, new doors will be open. Are you ready mentally to walk through him? That is what this full moon in the mental sign of Gemini is asking us.

What Is Gemini Energy?

Gemini is all about receiving information, our thought process, and the way we communicate. This full moon is asking us to reflect and be honest about what has transpired this year in those areas of life. How has your communication skills created or destroyed relationships or opportunities? Our thoughts create our reality. What negative thinking patterns do you need to release?

One of Gemini's skills is to receive information from all directions and mentally organize that information, retaining that which is valuable and releasing anything that is fluff. What are you doing with the information you receive? Are you using your discernment to guide you on what to do with the information you receive.... retain it or release it? Are you sharing information given to you in confidence with others? Have you been gossiping about others or speaking life into them?

What should be released?

-all habits of gossip, miscommunication, confused thinking, the and inability to act on divinely guided ideas.

-all pain, frustrations, and resentments from this year and the past years

Action Steps To Take:


With Chiron, the asteroid of healing, going direct right after this full moon and right before the new year, This is a time for not only self healing on a mental level, but also to check on your physical health. Schedule all routine checkups for the upcoming year as well check up on any symptoms or health concerns you may have.

Wise Communication

Stay grounded and avoid harsh communication, especially in relationships. Always present you best self. Even if that requires you being the bigger person.

Show Gratitude

Write a gratitude list listing all the blessings you are grateful for. Start each saying "I am so happy and so grateful for....."


Write forgiveness letters to all those you need to forgive and/or ask for forgiveness. You are not required to send these letters. I suggest burning them or burying them once finished. Follow this up with the Ho'ponopono meditation found below.

Full Moon In Gemini Affirmation:

"I will communicate with clarity, understanding, and openness. I will express myself in a manner that others are able to comprehend and understand me. Yelling, shouting, screaming, cursing, and speaking out of anger is not an option for me. I will listen, process, and respond powerfully and discerningly, so that my lines of communication create instead of destroy."

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