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December 2019 Monthly Horoscope: Bossing Up and Securing The Bag!

We made it! We are officially at the end of 2019 and boy what a year it has been. This month the energies are very much in alignment with releasing the old and welcoming in the new. Many have not only experienced an awakening, but also a transformation on a deep level. If you have been experiencing darkness, there is a light leading to brighter days on the horizon.

Time To Boss Up

The time has come to take back control of our lives. It is time to start co-creating and intentionally designing our lives instead of letting life just happen to us. The energy is calling for us to set big goals for the upcoming year and put a plan into place as to how we will accomplish these goal. Jupiter the sign of good luck and expansion entered the goal oriented and hard working sign of Capricorn on December 2nd and will remain there all of 2020. It is time to HUSTLE and hustle hard! Jupiter is sure to expand any and everything you put your time and hard work into... good or bad. Putting your energy and focus on all things you do not want will only bring more of what you do not want. On the flip side, if you want to start a business, grow your bank account, create a legacy... this month is the time to set goals and create a road map on how to accomplish them. Stay consistent and put in the work in the upcoming months, and I guarantee you will see the money, security, and success. This is especially true for those with a Capricorn Sun, Rising, Moon, Mars, or Venus. Get in the drivers seat and steer your life in the direction you want to go.

Listen To Your Heart

I mentioned earlier how this month marks the time to boss up and intentionally design your life. However, some are confused and feel torn about which direction to go. This could look like having to make a choice that you have been putting off, but know that it must be done. For others it is pure confusion on how to get yourself out of your current situation. This month you are being guided to listen to your heart. Listening to your heart means getting out of your head space. When we are trapped by our thoughts we become paralyzed by fear and indecision, causing us to fall victim to life instead of standing in our goddess power and knowing we create our reality. Listening to your heart also means doing the things that feel good. You know you are on the right path and going in the right direction when you are no longer compromising your peace. So if you are torn, ask yourself "Which decision will bring me the most peace, joy, and happiness?"

Listen To The Criticism

Sometimes its hard to listen to the opinions and critiques of others especially if their delivery is too straight forward and blunt. This month many will encounter a person(s) who may seem very harsh in their delivery. For most this person is someone already in your life in the role of a father, husband, significant other, son, boss, etc. We are being asked to not pay too much attention to the delivery of the message, but to take the message for what it is worth. If this is done, you will experience an "aha" moment that can allow for great healing to take place not only in your relationship, but within yourself. Let go of the ego and be willing to grow through all misunderstandings this month.

Affirmation For The Month:

"I will manage my time and energy well. I will say no to the things that devalue, stress, or tire me out... and say yes to the things that will rejuvenate, fuel, and nourish me. My time and energy is valuable, so I will use them doing things that will yield me results and increase my worth. I am balanced and well rounded, and my life flows smoothly and freely."

If you are a member of the "Skyy Tribe" on Patreon, I have uploaded the monthly guidance for each zodiac sign here. Check it out for more guidance on how to navigate the month of December. You can also listen to the audio forecast below.

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