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by ruth skyy

Fear vs Preparation: How To Stay Physically Healthy And Mentally Sound During COVID-19

I have been receiving lots of bookings and emails and wanted to share with you some much needed positivity and advice on how to navigate this Global Pandemic, COVID-19. As a spiritual coach and advisor, I often speak about how important it is to not live in a state of fear. Fear is debilitating and causes nothing but anxiety and worry.

On another note, you always want to view situations and circumstances from a realistic mindset and prepare for what is to come. I want to include some unconventional tips for you to better prepare yourself and your family.

Staying Healthy and Mentally Strong

Stay Hydrated and Take Your Vitamins

As a former healthcare professional right now is the time to make sure your life force is strong. Make sure you are drinking at least half your body weight in ounces in water every day. This will help you to flush any intense energy you are feeling within and keep you balanced. If you can not access bottled water, Boiling tap water for 20 minutes is a great alternative. I also strongly advise you to take immune-boosting vitamins such as Elderberry and Vitamin C.

Practice Self Care

Let’s face it. Right now there will be lots of demands on your time and energy. As a mother, kids are out of school and you will be hearing “Mommy” 100 times more than usual. Trying to ease anxiety and keep the household healthy, calm, and functioning is taxing. Make sure you are taking the time to fill your cup by taking time for self-care. Do mental check-ins with yourself. Take a long bathroom break just to breathe. Take longer showers. Stay up a little later when the kids are in bed to do something you enjoy.

Black Woman Self Care
Artist Sevelle @illustration315

Focus On What Lights You Up

Usually we do not have time in the day to do the things that bring us joy and excitement, Instead of worrying about the worse, take this downtime to do things that light you up. Your mood and vibe have a huge impact on your immune system. Stress less, laugh more.

When Going In Public

Set your intentions to be protected from anyone and anything that can cause harm to you in any way. Carry protection crystals. Imagine white light surrounding you as an extra layer of spiritual protection. Say Psalm 91 THREE times.

Guard Your Entry Points

Two of the main entry points you have are your eyes and ears. What we listen to and watch can have a profound effect on our subconscious mind, and can create low vibrational emotions within us that can decrease our vibration. This does not mean to not stay informed, but do be mindful of where you are getting your sources of information. Any information that creates a negative feeling within you, disengage.

Keep In Contact With Family and Friends

Make sure you are checking in with your tribe regularly. Right now the need for community will be higher than ever. As humans, we are designed to need social interaction. While many of us are practicing physical social distancing, however keeping lines of communication open is important right now. A phone call can make a ton of difference during these times.

Stay Grounded

If you are an empath or someone who picks up energy very strongly, you may be feeling the tension and heightened emotions of the collective right now. Now is a time to stay as grounded as possible. Do your meditations, take your spiritual baths, stay plugged into the source.

Create New Routines

As we prepare for life to be different over the next few weeks, we can also expect our regular routines to be altered drastically. In order to stay balanced and structured, create new routines to replace the old ones. This will help us feel in control of something in our lives at a time when we are being asked to respond to life differently.

Most importantly REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!

I will be posting more on how to keep your vibration high during this time. Make sure you are subscribed for updates!

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