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by ruth skyy

Children of The Zodiac: What Your Childs Sun Sign Says About You

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At the time I am posting this, Mother's Day is in two days. I thought this would be a great way for my blog to highlight this day. Happy Mother's Day to all the goddess moms :)

Our kids are manifestations of us. You are also a manifestation of your parents. By looking at the sun sign of your child you can easily see where you were emotionally and mentally when they were conceived. If you have multiple children of different signs, each child will reflect traits of who you were at their time of birth.

My oldest daughter Amari is an Aquarius sun. I had her early in life and at that time in my adolescence, I was definitely trying to push for more freedom and fewer restrictions. My second daughter Ava is a Leo sun. She is 13 years younger than her sister. At the time she was born, my business had taken a turn for the better and I was receiving a lot of recognition for the spiritual work I was doing in the community and with my clients. The Sun (Leo's ruler) was definitely shining on me when she was born.

As for me, I am an Aries Sun who was raised by TWO Aries parents. I had no sisters and brothers and had a lot of independence and freedom as the only child. My paternal grandfather was also an Aries and was a mean alcoholic. My maternal great grandfather had the exact same characteristics. Those who have Aries children usually witnessed some sort of drugs or alcohol abuse by a parent.

What does your child's sun sign say about your character at the time they were born? Want to know what your parents were going through when you were born? Let's take a look.


An Aries child

As the parent of an Aries child, you valued and desired independence. You may have watched a family member deal with power struggles. A parent may have been too submissive or addicted to drugs/alcohol. As a result, you never wanted to feel stuck by a relationship or habit. Even through the toughest times, you make sure you maintain your independence. You have a love for traveling with loved ones.

A Taurus child

As the parent of a Taurus child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired stability. What you wanted most out of life is stability. A home of your own with the white picket fence, the loyal and faithful spouse, and a consistent income. All you need is the security of your career and family and to be grounded living a practical life.

A Gemini Child

As the parent of a Gemini child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired intelligence. You may have witnessed a parent make bad choices over and over and also feel guilty for some bad choices you’ve made. You feel intelligence is the key to beating the puzzle of life. Your also a natural hustler with a guilty pleasure of gossiping. Your Gemini child manifestation encompasses that intelligence, go-getter nature, and wit you strive for.

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A Cancer Child

As the parent of a Cancer child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired strong family ties and strong relationships with women. You could have come from a broken, toxic, and/or large family. You may have felt as if you did not belong in your own family. Your cancer child is a way of helping you to break the cycle and continue a legacy of tight-knit relationships. Cancers are usually born to people who just want to feel loved. this child probably came to you at a time you felt down and lonely.

A Leo Child

As the parent of a Leo child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired to be and feel important. Maybe you were never the first or only priority growing up. You probably witnessed many people take advantage of others and never appreciated it. You wanted to be a star secretly, or maybe you just wanted your name to be respected. You had strong loyalty to those around you and want people to be just as loyal to you. Having this Leo child for you means creating an indestructible bond with them and always having their back no matter what.

A Virgo Child

As the parent of a Virgo child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired good health and perfection. You may have seen a close family member get terribly sick or was working with the sickly at the time your Virgo child was conceived. You yourself may have been sick or may have had a rough pregnancy with this child. Your reputation could have almost been ruined around the time this Virgo child entered your life. You want things to go smoothly as a result of you living a healthy life and planning things correctly, but somehow things never seem to go through as planned. You feel like logical actions will pave the way for the life you want, and sometimes you can overthink to the point of mental paralysis. You have a deep longing for respect for the choices you’ve made to get where you are.

A Libra Child

As the parent of a Libra child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired to be popular and loved by the masses. All you wanted at the time this child was born was love from everybody around you, especially the father of your Libra child. You probably had a lot of gossip about you when you were young and it affects you deeply. You were/are probably a charismatic person. You have a thing for beautiful things and people. You were probably a popular and social person and your Libra child was most likely in lots of social activities.

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A Scorpio Child

As the parent of a Scorpio child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired spiritual depth, power, and/or intense sex life. There’s no getting around this. The Scorpio life energy that you’ve manifested is a reflection of a deep craving you have. Life to you at the time this Scorpio child as born was probably dark. You needed to feel powerful and may have been involved with people who took away your power by manipulating you through lies and secrecy. You could have also been the one manipulating others in order to feel powerful. Your Scorpio child may have been a secret or there are secrets surrounding their birth.

A Sagittarius Child

As the parent of a Sagittarius child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired acceptance, freedom, travel, and higher knowledge. At the time your Sagittarius child was born you may have been living your best life with no restrictions, or you had the desire to do so. You may have been a little irresponsible at that time in your life. Your baby may be a love child, a half-sibling, or come from a multicultural background. You want to be accepted for who you are. You don’t deal with judgment and people who still have an old way of thinking. You seek higher knowledge whenever you get the chance and may have been pursuing a degree at the time you got the news of your pregnancy.

A Capricorn Child

As the parent of a Capricorn child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired power and success by any means necessary. At the time your Capricorn child was born, you probably encountered situations and people that made you feel powerless. You work really hard to be in a state of control over things. People probably can’t get as close as they want because of this wall you’ve built to block out vulnerability. It is hard for you to express your emotions due to some childhood experience that left you a little cold and guarded. You seek self-power and defined yourself through money and career status.

An Aquarius Child

As the parent of an Aquarius child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired freedom and going against the status quo. You either grew up with too many restrictions or grew up under some unique circumstances. At the time your little Aquarian was born you were looking for ways to express your individuality and uniqueness. If you have an Aquarius child your secret in this life is seeking spiritual fulfillment at some point.

A Pisces Child

As the parent of a Pisces child, at the time this child was born you valued and desired love and happiness in life. You would risk it all to run away with your lover if no one could judge you and you didn’t have responsibilities. You may have viewed the father of the Pisces child through rose-colored glasses, not seeing him for who he truly was until later. He may have deceived you in some way or something about your relationship with him was hidden, or vice versa. Your Pisces child incorporates all the traits of free love, creativity, and adaptability that you naturally already have but due to life circumstances may have had trouble expressing.

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