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June 2020 Monthly Forecast: Black Lives Matter, Black Businesses, and The Movement

This June forecast is a little late being posted. Truth is, with all that is going on in the world and astrologically, I just needed a minute. A minute to just be still, reflect, feel all of my emotions and connect with spirit. There are three eclipses this summer, and due to this alone, this will be an unforgettable year of change. It will cause us to feel a little scattered, which I am sure many are feeling right now.

I am writing this the day after the powerful full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. The energy of this full moon is very strong, fiery, and intense. It is a direct reflection of what the majority of the world is feeling right now. Sagittarius is also the sign of freedom and morality, and with this being an eclipse, you can expect the fight to continue in the months to come. This is just a beginning.


My hometown Washington, mayor Muriel Bowser had a street near the white house painted "Black Lives Matter".

Many of you do not know me personally but have come to know me somewhat through my delivery, the vibe you pick up from this blog, and by the content I share. My purpose is to help all women heal, but especially black women. If you notice, I use art displaying black women in all of my posts. This is because we rarely have platforms, especially spiritual platforms, dedicated to us and portraying us in positive ways. It is my mission to help heal as many women as I can because when women heal, our children heal, our men heal, our ancestors heal, our community heals. That is what the goddess path and this journey are all about.

As a black woman, a wife to a black man, and a mother to a black son, the death of George Floyd, just like the deaths of many others before him, definitely triggers emotions in me that make me feel very uncomfortable, angry, and sad. One emotion that it does not trigger in me is fear or defeat.

As a spiritual woman, I have learned many things on this journey. One of the main ones being that living in a state of fear, causes us to be paralyzed and less proactive. When we are fearful, we do not respond to life or show up for ourselves, our children, or our community the way we need to.

So I encourage all of you to feel your emotions, all of them... then let them go. Do not hold on to fear or any other low vibratory energy that will cause you to become mentally stuck and your vibration to drop. Your children need you, your partner needs you, and your community needs you.

What's To Come

As I posted on my Facebook page, we are still in Gemini season. Gemini is the sign of the twins. The murder of George Floyd took place in Minnesota, The twin cities. His last message, which is the message for the world is "I can't breathe." The mutable air sign of Gemini also rules the lungs, thoughts, and words. George Floyd was brutally silenced, but his message is being heard throughout the world.

With the nodes of fate in Sagittarius and Gemini, education and awareness is the goal. George Floyd's tragic loss will not be in vain. Education is the current focus with the Nodes of fate in Gemini and Sagittarius for the next year and a half. There are many conversations that will be had, and there is a lot that society will learn.

Over the next few months, with more eclipse energy and planets coming out of retrograde motion. Change will happen, but patience is needed. This is just the beginning.

Open Your Heart

The Goddess Venus has been getting hit hard lately. All of this is going on while she is retrograde, making our minds even more confused and out of whack, and our hearts more broken and closed. Traumatic events are one thing that can cause our heart chakra to become unbalanced. During this time, really work on keeping your heart chakra open. For when the heart chakra is blocked, we can no longer manifest peace or receive blessings. Do this by practicing gratitude every day. Write a gratitude list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Even if it is as simple as having the gift of life. Also, try to forgive. Forgive all those in your life that have hurt you and betrayed you. Forgive the killers of all the victims, and forgive yourself.

Venus Ends Her Retrograde Cycle

Speaking of Venus, she will officially turn direct on June 25th. During this retrograde, many have or will experience breakups, endings, and reevaluation of partnerships. Karmic relationships and people from the past may have resurfaced. Lies and deceptions may be brought to light with the help of the eclipse energy, and as the Sun, the great illuminator, and Neptune, clash on June 11th, more things will be revealed and come to the surface.

What You Can Do

Neptune energy is strong this month. She turns retrograde on the 22nd in the sign of Pisces. Neptune is known to be the higher, more spiritual version of Venus, representing unconditional love, selfless love, compassion, our dreams, and creativity. Focusing on loving yourself and others unconditionally, tapping into your creative energy, and working actively to bring your dreams into reality, will keep you aligned and clear-minded.

As for what you can do to help the #blacklivesmatter movement:

Support Black Businesses

During this time it is important to pour into and support our communities emotionally as well as financially. Here is a PDF List Of Black Businesses courtesy of @selah

Send Energy To The Victims

Light a candle with the intention to bring them peace and help with their transition. Those outside of the spiritual community are not thinking of this, and therefore it is our job. When souls face an unexpected death with lots of trauma, it is hard for them to accept death and transition peacefully.

Do Protection Rituals

Put protection around those on the front line. You can do a Fiery Wall Of Protection for the collective.

Call In Your Ancestors

They can not step in and help if they are not asked. This was their fight before it was ours, and spirit moves differently and in ways we cannot.


Money is energy. Send love, support, and send energy to the families of the victims by donating.

George Floyd’s Go Fund Me

Breonna Taylor’s Go Fund Me

Ahmaud Arbery Go Fund Me

This year is the beginning of a new decade. Which means new energy and changes that will shape the future of this world forever. We are all in this together.

Much love always...

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