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Becoming The Empress

Its more than just being physically beautiful. It is a lifestyle dedicated to having a beautiful mind and spirit, which in return radiates outwardly to create a life filled with beauty and love.

When you look up the meaning of Empress you will read "a woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire." An Empress knows her power. She knows that her life her is hers and hers only to rule, and she lives her life making decisions that are in alignment with her purpose.... building an empire and leaving a legacy.

In the tarot the Empress is all the Queens in the deck. She is the ultimate woman. A multifaceted being who embodies every element and characteristic of each Queen. The Queen of Wands, who represents the element of fire and is known to be confident and magnetic. The Queen of Pentacles, who represents earth energy and is known to be grounded in who she is and easily attracts abundance and prosperity. The Queen of Swords who represents the air energy and knows that the right words can unlock any lock and open any door. The Queen of Cups, who represents the water energy is known to be in control of her emotions and lets her intuition lead her.

A true Empress knows where her power lies.... Self Knowledge. A woman who knows herself and embraces every ounce of who she is, is a force to be reckoned with. When you have true knowledge of self, you possess a light that nothing or no one can dim. You are so self assured and self confident because you have already shed light on your dark qualities (weakness) and have accepted them. You have taken or are taking the steps to turn these characteristics into more positive traits or to rid them all together. No one is perfect and we all have physical characteristics that we are not comfortable with. A goddess fixes those things that can be fixed and learns to love the things that can't. She know that being perfectly imperfect is a part of this human experience and does not deem her unworthy in obtaining any of her hearts desires. This is the reason why her flame can not be put out by those who try to extinguish it..... Self Acceptance.

"You've always had the power my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself." - the wizard of oz

Speaking of appearance. An Empress knows the power her physical body has. She takes time to ensure her vessel is well nourished, hydrated, and cleansed. She embraces her natural beauty, but also enhances it using products and rituals as needed. She is sensual and in tune with her sexuality. She is comfortable in her own skin, and it shows for all to see without a single word having to leave her lips.

Knowing that taking care of self first must be her first priority, she makes sure she finds time daily to do the things that bring her joy and happiness. She also finds peace in solitude and knows that a woman who takes time getting to know herself, will in return attract people who will take time out to really get to know her. She makes it a priority to practice self care, self love, establish boundaries, and stand in alignment with her values. She understands this is the key to attracting valuable, loving, relationships into her life.

After making sure her cup is filled, she is now ready to pour into the lives of others. An Empress knows the importance of nurturing those she holds dear her heart. She pours into her children by spending quality time with them. She pours her knowledge into them which in return builds their character. She speaks life into her partner encouraging him to be the best version of himself. She makes sure her family is well nourished and healthy, by feeding them nutritious meals and scheduling and keeping important checkups and medical visits. She realizes that her family is a blessing and gives thanks daily for them.

A true Empress will attract many to her due to her light being so bright. However, she is very discerning and uses her intuition and discernment to guide her on who to let close. She understands that her energy is her life force and she must protect it. Therefore, she only allows those who add value and positivity to her life into her space. She loves all, but understands that some she must love from afar. For those who do have the pleasure of basking in her light, she also is thankful for having the opportunity to bask in theirs. She schedules time with these people and calls to check in on them often. She nurtures these relationships and cherishes them.

Balance is so important to the Empress and the lifestyle she lives. This includes the balance of give and take. Not only does she ensure her relationships are balanced and not one sided, she also makes sure she gives back and is a blessing to those in need the same way the universe and God has blessed her. She volunteers her time and resources regularly and is fulfilled by the acts she provides. She realizes that by being a blessing to others is the real way to secure the bag of universal blessings.

Spending time with self, family, friends, and her community are very important, but so is spending time with spirit. An is ALWAYS spiritually plugged in. She has a personal one on one connection with God, her ancestors, her guides, and her angels. She connects with the regularly for they are her team in the spirit world guiding her through synchronicities and by using nature. She is constantly getting signs that she is on track (11:11, 222, 333, etc). Oh yes... the Empress regularly connects with nature by spending time outdoors, following the moon cycles, and nurturing plants and animals. This is how she not only stays grounded, but also receives messages from spirit. Her spiritual team opens doors of opportunities, protects her, and keeps her in check. She knows that this relationship is the most important relationship of all, because without them she would be nothing and have nothing.

An Empress is a woman who is:

  • FREE from all self limiting beliefs, self defeating habits.

  • PLUGGED IN to her source, nature, and her spiritual team.

  • FAITH-FUL ... in other words full of faith. She knows she is divinely guided and protected. Therefore fear does not reside inside of her.

  • SECURE in herself and therefore secure in her relationships.

  • HEALTHY and VIBRANT and radiates beauty from the inside out.

  • POWERFUL and knows it, and uses her powers to co-create (with her spiritual team) and manifest her best life.

  • FERTILE with opportunity. Whether it is giving birth to children, businesses, or creative projects, she attracts and welcomes in new energy,life, and abundance regularly.

  • FLOWS and does not control situations or people but instead attracts them to her easily and effortlessly.

  • CREATIVE, knowing that expressing herself through a creative outlet such as journaling,dancing, drawing, cooking, meditating, visualization, yoga, etc is key in helping her manifest all her desires.

There is an Empress within you waiting to be unleashed! Will you set her free?

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