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3 Glamour and Beauty Rituals To Increase Your Attraction Energy

When it comes to attraction, there are many things we can do to make ourselves more attractive. Usually, we focus on our external appearance, as I discussed in Goddess Glow Up: Your Personal Appearance and How You Show Up In The World. The thing with using our physical appearance to attract attention is that it is not always authentic and the attention is usually short-lived.

Being an intentional woman, we want to attract positive and beneficial attention to us that can help us manifest the things that we desire. There are several spiritual rituals and routines that I want to share with you that will make you feel good, vibrant, and beautiful. These rituals and practices will attract attention easily and effortlessly.

Glamour Foods

I want to start off by telling you the foods you can eat that will help you vibrate the energy of beauty and positivity. What we put in our bodies is way more important than what we put on our bodies when it comes to increasing and shifting our vibration. Every food has an energy and a vibration, and as we ingest these foods we are temporarily taking on the energy of that food. Incorporating these foods into your regular diet is a sure way to increase and maintain your attraction and magnetism.


For centuries, honey has been sacred and used in many beauty and attraction rituals. Honey is yin energy, therefore making it exceptionally beneficial for those looking to increase their attraction by embracing their divine feminine energy. Also, a typical honeycomb shape is related to number six. The number six is the number of Venus, the planet of love, beauty, value, and harmony.


Coconut carries strong feminine energy and can increase your energetic vibration and frequency, helping you to connect with your feminine essence. With water also being a yin element, drinking coconut water regularly is a good way to increase your level of attraction.

Papaya and Peaches

Both Papaya and Peaches directly correspond with the sacral chakra, also known as the womb space. Tapping into the sacral chakra energy unleashes the energy of sensuality that is fluid and natural.

Cinnamon and Ginger

The fiery element of cinnamon and ginger adds spice and desire to your energy. These two will make you more desirable and attract passionate circumstances and people into your life. Fire burns out quickly, so pairing this with something like honey will make this energy stick and last a lot longer.

Best Time To Perform Attraction Rituals

  • Friday- the day of Venus and love

  • Taurus and Libra Season- Signs ruled by the planet of love, Venus

  • New or Full Moon In Taurus or Libra

  • Anytime you are feeling like you need a boost in your attraction and confidence

Spiritual Bath

Water is a yin element that can bring balance and strength to any ritual or routine. When we bathe with the intention it is extremely powerful. Incorporating ingredients in your baths that help to raise your vibration to a frequency of love and beauty further amplifies the energy of the bath.

Milk and Honey Bath

Milk and honey have been a part of beauty rituals for centuries. Cleopatra was known to take baths in milk as part of her beauty regimen. I personally love using coconut milk and honey in a bath, along with roses or pink carnations. This bath is simple yet so effective.

You will need:

  • 2 cups of milk (I use coconut milk)

  • ½ cup of honey

  • Roses or Pink Carnations


  • Warm the milk and honey until honey is completely dissolved. Do not microwave!

  • Pour the milk and honey into warm bathwater. (Say intention as you are adding)

  • Add your roses or carnations (Say intention again as you are adding)

  • Say your intention for the third time as you enter the tub.

  • Bathe for 15 min (The number 15 vibrates at the 6 energy. The number of love, beauty, and harmony)

As you bathe, visualize your intention. Follow up by saying some quotes and affirmations. 30 Strong Women Inspirational Quotes To Remind You Of Who TF You Are! Would be a perfect place to start

When it comes to your intention, set the attention on what you would like to receive from the bath. A sample intention and another powerful self-love bath can be found in a previous post, Spiritual Bath To Increase Self Love and Attract Romance.

Glamour Tea

Tea is essential for me when it comes to manifestation. Tea can be really powerful when used with the right ingredients and the right intention. Taking water and adding certain ingredients that match the intention you are setting is highly effective. This glamour tea can easily be incorporated into a morning or nighttime routine. It is designed to raise your level of attraction to draw to you more love and abundance. The ingredients of this tea can also promote healthy glowy skin.

You will need:

  • Rose Hibiscus Tea- The absolute best version of this tea is the Yogi Rose Hibiscus Tea. Use TWO tea bags.

  • Three quarter-size pieces of fresh ginger

  • Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Fresh Lime Juice

  • Honey (add to liking)

As you are preparing your intention say your intention as each ingredient is added and then again right before you drink. Altogether you should have said your affirmation six times.

“As I drink this tea, my body and skin glow and my aura radiates for all to see. I exude confidence, beauty, an extreme sense of self-worth.. And my body vibrates at a frequency of love.”

Drink Rose Water

Drinking alkaline water infused with edible dried roses helps to balance your PH and raise your vibration. I also like to charge my rose water under the full moon and store it. EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Thank me later.

You will need:

Alkaline Water (I use Essentia)

Dried Edible Roses (I use Green Hill Organic Rose Petal)

Infuser (I use Fruzer)


Add dried roses to an infuser

Add infuser to water

Let sit for at least 1 hour before drinking

6 Day Attraction Ritual

Below is a 6 Day Attraction Ritual Using The Above Practices.

Day 1

- Take Milk and Honey Bath

- Drink Glamour Tea In The Morning And At Night

- Say Your Intention Throughout the day.

- Drink 8 ounces of Rose Water

Day 2-6

- Drink Glamour Tea In The Morning And At Night

- Say Your Intention Throughout the day.

- Drink 8 ounces of Rose Water

Until next time…..

Happy Manifesting!

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