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August 2020 Goddess Predictions: Ego Deaths, Reunions, and Rebirths

It’s almost August y’all! Is it just me or does time seem to be speeding up now? After so much crazy and chaotic energy with the retrogrades and eclipses, August will be a somewhat calm month astrologically, but spiritually there will be a lot of internal shifts and transformations happening.

August is the eighth month. In numerology, the number eight is the number of abundance, but also the number of karma. In the month of August, especially Virgo season, there will be a balance of karma when it comes to financial matters. This is an excellent month to start changing your money mindset to one that is focused on abundance and prosperity rather than lack and poverty.

Affirmation: "I am attracting to me money, wealth, prosperity, and abundance from infinite sources and infinite means. I am wise with my money and therefore this money will stick with me and help me build wealth and clear any debts that are unpaid. This money will provide freedom and security to me, and will allow me access to all my needs and wants."

We will start the month of August off with Leo season being in full effect. Leo, which is ruled by the sun, represents our ego. Ego death transformations will begin with some who may be falling into codependent or arrogant ways, especially when it comes to the need for external validation. Be mindful of the attention you are seeking and why you are seeking it. In what ways can you validate yourself and show yourself more attention?

Important Dates

August 1 Mercury In Cancer Opposing Pluto In Capricorn

August 3 Full Moon In Aquarius

August 4 Mercury In Leo

August 18 New Moon In Leo

August 22 Sun In Virgo

No More Playing Small

At the beginning of August, we will be in Leo season… enough said! There is nothing small or quiet about Leo energy. The Sun shines just a little brighter during this time, and in your personal life, this is the time to get from behind the scenes and into the spotlight. This is the time to launch projects, businesses, and the new you for the world to see.

This is also a time to take back your power, stand in your power, and to realize just how powerful you are. Tap into your inner Queen and Empress energy. If you have a tough time being your authentic self unapologetically, doing solar plexus chakra work will be highly effective right now.

Reunions and Rebirths

In August, there will be some reunions centered around family and friendship circles. You may be reuniting with loved ones you have not connected with or seen in quite some time. Be open to communicating with those who reach out to you at this time. Doing forgiveness work and releasing all baggage and ill feelings is supported in the karmic month of August.

For some, well many of you, you will be reborn into the person you were always meant to be but never knew. You will be reuniting with your higher self and connecting with parts of you that you will grow to love. This month will begin a transformation process that will not only shift the energy around you but also timelines and the path you are traveling.

I talk about this more in my August 2020 Predictions video. These readings were extremely POWERFUL and LIT!

Coming Into Harmony

When tapping into the energy of the month, the number six was very prominent. Six energy is all about balance, harmony, and beauty. This month has great potential to be very harmonious and beautiful as long as you are doing what needs to be done to release the karmic patterns that are keeping you stuck and stagnant. For some, this is pertaining to a certain area of your life, and for others, it is pertaining to your entire life. Do the work and see almost instant results this month. Remember, your spiritual team is always there to help you, all you have to do is ask.

I hope you have an AMAZING and TRANSFORMATIVE August! Check out the pick a card reading for August for more guidance. Of course, I will be keeping you updated and informed throughout the month on my Facebook page and by email, so make sure you are following me and that you are on my mailing list. Love ya, Goddess!

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