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April 2020 New Moon In Taurus: Self Love, New Love, and Renewed Love

The April New Moon will take place tomorrow, April 22nd at 10:25 pm EST in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. The planet of love, money, and everything that we value.

The new moon phase is a time to plant seeds in the form of intentions. Performing a New Moon Ritual and intentionally choosing to set intentions that are associated with Taurus energy, adds strength to all your wishes and goals you wish to see manifest into your reality.

When the new moon is in Taurus, it is a great time to focus on manifesting things such as:

  • New Love or Renewed Commitment In A Current Relationship

  • Increased Self Love

  • Real Estate

  • Money

  • Material Desires (Cars, Jewelry, Etc.)

Since Taurus also rules the throat, neck, and ears, this is also an ideal time to do healing rituals for these areas. Throat chakra work is also ideal at this time.

Make Intentional Choices

Artist @blvckvenuse

If you are reading this, you were divinely guided here to receive this message.

This New Moon is an amazing opportunity to make informed and intentional choices and do things differently moving forward. The beauty of life is that we are given the power to make free will choices and beautiful changes. At this moment, make the choice to become more creative, empowered, and to live life not just existing but living.

Memories live in the cells of our body and sometimes they trigger fear in us. However, we can always make a choice to move past the fear and beyond our past and step into new territory. When we do this, we free ourselves and reprogram our cells to tell our minds a different story. A story that fully supports the life we wish to create. It helps us to attract relationships that are loving and filled with potential and shift current relationships to fall into alignment with what is for the highest good of all.

Sample Intentions

I choose to receive a love relationship that is in alignment with my highest good. One that is stable and grounded in loyalty, commitment, and trust.

I choose to receive unwavering love for myself that exudes from the inside out for all to see and for me to feel on a daily basis.

I choose to receive a 4 bedroom single family home that lights me up and provides peace and stability for my family and myself.

I choose to receive $10,000 a month in passive income that helps me provide security and stability for myself.

New Moon Advice

Below you will find the new moon advice for each life path number.To find your life path, add all the numbers in the birth date together to get the life path number.

For example, a person born on 12/21/1985:

1+2+2+1+1+9+8+6= 30

Next, reduce to a single-digit


This person will be a life path number 3

Life Path 1

This New Moon is about healing for you. This can be focused on physical healing, emotional healing or both. This healing energy is also surrounding your relationships. If there has been any conflict or disagreements that have caused some tension or discord, this is a perfect time to let bygones be bygones. If you were the one at fault, choose love instead of ego. If you are issued an apology or receive communication around, choose to forgive even if you decide to not keep the relationship or the person in your life.

“I am healed of all physical and emotional illnesses, traumas, and limitations and all of my relationships are restored to a healthy and balanced state.”

Life Path 2

This New Moon you are making the choice to shift gears and move in a new direction. This may mean choosing to change residences, move on from a relationship, or pursue new career opportunities. There are some emotions attached to this change that leads to a new beginning but do not second guess your decision. You are being supported every step of the way.

“I am fearlessly walking into my new beginning and destiny with the protection and support divine right beside me”

Life Path 3

This New Moon you are optimistic and positive. There is powerful manifestation energy around you at this time so set intentions with a strong belief that your wish will come true. You are also feeling emotionally fulfilled and as if things are finally going in the right direction. Try not to get caught up in the “too good to be true” thoughts they may surface. Good things are allowed to happen to you. Enjoy!

"I am worthy and more than deserving to receive all the things my heart desires."

Life Path 4

This New Moon you are learning new ways to deal with your emotions and how to show up for yourself and your relationships. This can be a time of growth and the beginning of doing things in new ways that put you in harmonious flow with yourself and others. You must be open to receiving guidance and pay attention to messages that may come to you through meditation, synchronicities, or other people.

“I am open to receiving all guidance for my highest good that helps me connect and bring peace and harmony to my relationships with others and with myself”

Life Path 5

This New Moon is focused around the balance of giving and receiving. Focusing on becoming the receiver and learning to accept all compliments and gifts with gratitude opens your heart chakra and allows all of your manifestations to flow to you. Doing heart chakra work during this time is very beneficial.

“I open my heart to receive easily and effortlessly all the things I desire and all the things the Universe wants me to have.

Life Path 6

This New Moon you are being called to pour into yourself and love up on yourself. Performing a Self Love Ritual or taking a Self Love Bath To Increase Self Love and Attract Romance will help you reconnect with yourself. There is also a strong need to nurture your inner child. Do something that you use to do as a child. Something that lights you up and brings you joy. Spending quality time with your children will also be very beneficial.

“I deserve to feel joy and will do things that fill me up and connect me with the innocent and childish parts of myself without fear of judgment or shame.”

Life Path 7

This New Moon you are being asked to be gentle with yourself. Be less critical and more understanding when it comes to your perceived failures or short-comings. Instead of unfairly judging yourself, focus on solutions and new directions, and start taking small steps in that direction.

“I am not my failures and disappointments. I am allowed to make mistakes, fail, and not be perfect. Today I am choosing to learn the lesson and move forward with no regrets.”

Life Path 8

This New Moon your intuition is speaking to you loud and clear. You may receive divinely inspired ideas that can open new doors for you. For some, you may receive a gut feeling that something or someone may not be in alignment with your values and what you stand for. Regardless of what messages you receive….LISTEN and act accordingly.

“I fully trust the guidance of my intuition and will honor it. For honoring my intuition is me honoring myself.”

Life Path 9

This New Moon you are being asked to focus on your feelings of security and stability. Focus on ways to make yourself more secure emotionally, financially, and mentally. Examine the things in your life that are standing on shaky foundations and rebuild them on firm foundations. This is also a time to focus your attention on your root chakra.

“I am making the necessary changed in order to feel safe, rooted, and secure within myself, my relationships, and my physical environment.”

Do not forget to do your New Moon Ritual for this New Moon in Taurus. New Moon Ritual For Manifesting Your Best Life is an easy yet effective ritual that will help you manifest your dreams into your reality.

Want to take things a step further? Take a Spiritual Self Love Bath or Spiritual Money Bath after you perform your New Moon Ritual.

Happy Manifesting :)

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