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by ruth skyy

21 Money Affirmations To Attract Prosperity and Abundance

Many times we view money as something hard to obtain and keep. These thoughts and beliefs embed in our subconscious mind and start to create blocks around our ability to manifest wealth and abundance. The truth is money is abundant and infinite. There is enough for everyone to be prosperous. Saying affirmations is one way to reprogram your subconscious mind into believing money can flow to you easily and effortlessly. Try saying the below affirmations regularly to create a shift in your mindset of money.

1. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

2. I love money and money loves me!

3. Money is an unlimited resource and it continuously flows my way.

4. Money always finds its way too me.

5. The more money I spend the more money I have and receive.

6. I am so happy and so grateful that the universe keeps blessing with opportunities to increase my wealth.

7. Everyday in every way my finances get better and better!

8. My bank account never stops growing.

9. I am debt free and financially able!

10. I naturally attract good fortune and success.

11. I always have enough money to cover my needs and wants.

12. I am in alignment with the energy of wealth and abundance.

13. I am a money magnet!

14. I am open to receive money through infinite channels and possibilities.

15. It is my birthright to live a prosperous life free of struggle.

16. I am an unlimited being and therefore can attract an unlimited amount of resources.

17. I welcome abundance into my life everyday.

18. Money keeps coming to me because it likes to be around me and enjoy my company.

19. Money is infinite and so am I.

20. Money is my divine helper to help me support my purpose.

21. I frequently receive large sums of unexpected money.

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