Goddess Mindset |Awakening The Divine Feminine Within

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Goddess Mindset

Awakening the divine feminine within.

Quotes, self care tips, rituals, and more to connect you with your goddess energy, higher self, and twin flame.

goddess mindset

by ruth skyy

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Said the woman to her Inner Goddess... Come out, come out wherever you are

Hey girl heyyy...


I am a manifestation and mindset coach, that help women like you heal their traumas, push past their fears, and manifest their best life. All while showing them how to connect with the divine feminine goddess within them.

I am here to guide you as a:
Yes I have receipts!
5 star Intuitive Reader              Transformational Coach
(over 10,000 readings done since 2015                100+ 1:1 & Group Coaching Students

You always had the power my dear...

You just had to learn it for yourself

divine feminine sisterhood...

Looking for your tribe sis?

Skyy Tribe is my group coaching membership program intentionally created for women on their spiritual journey who are committed to healing, connecting with likeminded women, and manifesting their highest good. We are truly a sisterhood of good vibes!

skyy tribe registration begins August 21st

Ruth Is On YouTube!


Check Ruth out on YouTube where she post monthly tarot readings for each sign, and touches on astrology. She also talks about how to step into your goddess power and more. What are you waiting for? Go subscribe! :) 

Online Classes & Courses


Self Awareness is a SUPER POWER! 

Learn spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and truths from the comfort of your own home. With courses intentionally created to transform the lives of women like you on their divine feminine journey. Are you ready to heal and be empowered?

Book A Reading


Need some insights on what is going on around you? Are you trying to figure out how to get on track or if you are going in the right direction? Goddess Readings were intentionally created to help you find out what is blocking you from manifesting love, abundance, wealth, and any other desire you may have. Book this reading if you are feeling stuck and confused and would like a game plan on how to get things moving in your life.

Speak Life..Sis! 

Receive immediate access to powerful healing affirmations you can implement into your daily spiritual practice.




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