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Group Coaching Options

Connect with small intimate groups of women who are all on the journey to awakening the goddess within. These programs are powerful and transformative, and also allows women to connect with others on the goddess path. Many times creating life long friendships. 


Skyy Tribe


Interested in taking your life to the next level?

Skyy Tribe is a group coaching program with weekly LIVE classes designed to help women gain practical knowledge and learn spiritual concepts and rituals to help them stand in their goddess power and manifest the life of their dreams. 

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Becoming The Empress

90 Day Program

An Empress is an archetype of the divine feminine energy. She is the goddess persona of many who choose her, or most importantly those whom she has chosen. This course will teach you how to own your power and take rulership over your life by connecting you with your inner goddess and aligning you with your birthright... to be abundant!


Becoming The Priestess

90 Day Program

The High Priestess is the Primal archetype of the divine feminine energy. She is highly intuitive, filled with wisdom, and has a strong connection to the spirit world. This course will teach you how to enhance your intuition, connect with your spiritual team, and unlock your spiritual gifts! 

*Must have completed a coaching program*


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