Goddess Mindset was intentionally created to empower women and facilitate self-awareness and self-growth by helping them connect with the divine feminine energy within them, and stand in their goddess power. 

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Lori Nicole...


My earthly presence. The vessel that I use to navigate this 3D realm. My birth name given to me by two amazing parents named Joyce and William. My family and friends have known me by this name all my life.


As a young girl, I was the fiery outspoken child, who stood out in the family. As a teenager, I was an adventurous and fearless leader and a self-starter. As an adult, I am a healer and a coach filled with past lessons and experiences. I am a tarot and oracle card reader. I am an astrologer.

I am the Empress who embodies the 3 energy. Born on 3/30 with a life path number 3. Mother of 3. Married to my twin flame.

Ruth Skyy...

My higher self. She is my healer and my coach.

She is my guide and the guide of many others who are on their journey to connecting to their higher self and their inner goddess.


She is the intuitive voice that guides me when giving a reading to my clients and myself. She is whom I channel when writing. The one who provides me with my spark of creativity.


She is the one who helped me pick up my pieces and put them back together.


She is my direct connection to GOD.


I am an avid lover of tarot and astrology, and have used these tools as well as my intuiton and clairvoyance to help not only transform my life but the lives of others.

 In 2014 I started my company, "8th House Sun", and dedicated myself full time in 2015 guiding others towards happiness in all areas of life by helping them on their spiritual journey, as well as helping them find answers to everyday life concerns. 

In 2015, I joined, one of the largest networks for spiritual advisers. I quickly became a top 5-star adviser, and to date have given over 5,000 intuitive tarot readings. I have advised clients in all areas. However, my specialty and passion are in the areas of Love and Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flame Unions. Many have also experienced my strong gift in mediumship and was able to connect and find peace with loved ones on the other side. 

In 2017 I founded Goddess Mindset and launched "The Goddess Mindset Bootcamp", my first LIVE online group coaching program designed to transform the lives of women. With the use of spiritual knowledge, principles, and rituals... these women were taught how to connect with their divine feminine energy, stand in their goddess power, and create a JUICY and abundant life.